Couple accused of keeping GoFundMe donations intended for homeless man

GoFundMe announced it would make sure John Bobbitt receives the full amount of money that was raised on his behalf.
7:44 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Couple accused of keeping GoFundMe donations intended for homeless man
the cash, and why the couple behind the campaign inveation. Here's a's linsey da Hurricane florenceting stronger -- State of GHT -- Reporter: As the east coast pr another tentially devas hurricane, the aftermath will to lend a handter T catastrophic destation left bricane rvey, more T $65 million raised on the cro funding website gofundm rebuil THA Thanku!eporter: Powered by kindness, only fd-raising campaigns can be -changing. But also Comee potential R taking. I hate that it came this Reporter: Joh Jr. S a riches and then rags sry that' captured the nation. Ontributio now nearing $400,000. Now the Ms the coue back ling on the street marine living on the streets neariladelphiand came T T rescue of the tn 27-year-old Kate mcclur wank and wallet were both pty. Driving down 95, and -- ran out of G. So I pulled over on the side of the ro. She needed the help, ok the help.I was glad oer it, you know, help wheneb need it. Reporter: Bobbitt gav her his last $20 for gas. Moved theomeless vet's sity, Mcclure aer boyfriend mark d'amico went toisit Bobbi where he was living under bride. WHE you got someone that's coming back T hel you,t makes you feel good, ye. Th S's actually showing interest in you. Reporter: Mcclure told news she and her boyiend wanted to do more forbobbitt. We thinking,hat if stated a gofundme for Y, just to get you -- to get him off thestreets,ve forweekend? Reporter: With the title "Paying it forward" the story of bobbt's seless went viral.coup's original goaf $10,000 ballooned to over $400,000. Lik lotter Rorter: When the money started pouring , Mcclure and d'amic stiputed the funds would go T buy bbitt a new hich Johnny will own and th dreamruck he's wanted. The couple promised the M would be put into two trusts, one foring expenses, the otheror his retirement. Clure told ABCNEWS' Adrienne Bankert they were ensurinhe money would be Han sibility. Meengs are set up with and a financial adviser a lawyer obviously because it's gotten T point. We're gng to go off of them andt they a take the guidance. Reporter: But bbitts Mcclure and d'amico ended up controlling the have ask them for everything. It was kind of in the Benning it was a joke. Funny aw. Eplleging th bought him a camper they pard only G 00ngple spent the rest on themselves. And that around that same they began flaunting a S extravagant lifestyle on sl mea. ING to veg. Visiting the grand cann on a private helicopter. Mcclure seen here withmbling. We're here today asking the defendan W theey went. Reporter: Bobbitt has LE civil suit against Clure and mind a criminal investigation is under stling money from this pool of dollars thaupposed to be going to hi then they could be charge fraud obe eventer: Lastweek exuted a search warrant on the coup's ho, towing away thibming out of evident as dmiod in his yarding a golf club. But the couple C spent the O money andenied mismanagement of the S, the sug with drugs. In August the couplessed the controversy with NBC's Megan Ken. Yidn't spi comfortable givinghe $400,00 Yes, because the tterneveloping. THA suggest to you? That hs going too so foolish up rit here he wa hat specifally? Us and eouched was used fordrugs. Eporter: Bobbitt tabc's philadel station that H D spend some of the money on drugs. That 39-year-old d'amicoas his demons too. E's a self-described gambling addict. Th pretty hypocritical for you to Telle I can't age M money because I might SPD it on drugs. Reporter: According our ABC affiliate in philadelph mcure mak$43,00 a secry forepartmentf transportation, D'a carpenter. The attorney sai court they promised to account themoney. I would urgerybodyo withhold judgment until that's been made publ Rorter: When the judge ordered the couple retn any remaining money into esow THR attorney said there was nothing left.records,n au 27th, d'amico allegedly textedtt saying part, I say get ridf my lawyers, you gef yours, kat and I will write you a seriy. The uple's attorney told ABC news they cement. This is not the first time a crowd sourcg campaign has come under scrutiny. Rlier this week authorities annound an investigation into a south californ woman, hand and scamming people into doting $11,000 worth of supplies and money. Rdearch warrant, beamis pd in a local Facebook group asking for donas former husband, Shane good a California fire departmentsquad, saying they ren't gng the supplies they need F lines of the fire. Have it all be fraudulent is just heartbreak epr: Authorities say Shane goodn never andhat those donated items were resold online. ABC news reautor comment om beamis and has not heard back.tritiesut W can't vet indiduals so they ca take advantage of people's generoty, parlarly during times when emotions are running high. What needed was money, what I received was ve. Thank you! Thank Repter: Despi these stories of people allegedly scammingheem, cro sourcing websiteseaised billions of dollars for good. Thank you! Thank you! Reporter: There are steps you can take to sure that money is going to the right place betterusiness beau recommends youearnll you can AUT the invi do aer image search on any photn the campaign. And cau thatmmersften put up multiple campaigns across several platfo The goods is, except for T are paid to gofund a waanty that says, you're Na thisause, we're going to back it up Repten a stement T ABC news today, gofdmd assist with the gog law enforcement inveigation and Wil provi an update at then of thtigation and legal oceedings,nd after the authoritiesave taken a detailed accounting. The cpany alsoed, campai withmisuse M up less than one-tenth of one peen all caai Bobbitt is reportedly in rehab, and gofun has agreed to reimburse any misspent by T couple if proveue. R "Nightline" I'm linsey Davis in New York.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"GoFundMe announced it would make sure John Bobbitt receives the full amount of money that was raised on his behalf.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57791498","title":"Couple accused of keeping GoFundMe donations intended for homeless man","url":"/Nightline/video/couple-accused-keeping-gofundme-donations-intended-homeless-man-57791498"}