Cutest Animal Odd-Couples

New Nat Geo series takes a look at some animals making seemingly bizarre friends.
3:29 | 11/24/12

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Transcript for Cutest Animal Odd-Couples
There are few click magnets like online videos of dogs and kittens and name molten -- pile. But that's just one example of the cross species teamwork and affection that exists out there fact there -- enough bizarre examples to fill an entire show. By our friends at Nat geo wild and tonight ABC's tiny Rivero. Texas State. -- -- -- -- -- -- This dog don't sit on adult. It seems we all need a body and animals are no different. -- these fascinating creatures go outside their species for companionship. The focus of a new series on Nat geo wild all bull -- This black leopard is extremely rare but even more unique is his French ship went up -- It's a modern twist on the biblical lion lying with the lamb zoo keepers introduced them on the run cub was forced out by his sibling. They said they could see that cats died he didn't want to hurt her he had he only needed to raise his park take one -- and the bunny would have been gone. This series explores the deep emotional life of animals something scientists have been weighing in on more and more. It does show intelligence -- -- show emotion shows these characteristics that I think we just. Don't give animals enough for more. Host -- Anderson says this behavior usually happens when animals are rejected by their own kind. Then reach out to others for something as essential to them as food and water. You'll see two animals that you know come from unfortunate circumstances but find each other -- step up each -- does -- little bit. But then they -- at the rhythm that -- to their and learning that dance is so worth it to these. These individuals. It's -- -- -- when you have these predator -- friendships with you realize. They're both of them are going against instinct to come together. I think what it proves is that maybe that need that companionship actually trumps. All those other instinctual needs and that's the kind of wonderful. It's a kind of wonderful Anderson has personally experienced. In what may be the unlikeliest friendship -- -- So this is brass and he's been with me -- is that big meet Anderson's EFF. Brutus a 900. Pound grizzly bear the -- area that I came this close. -- -- -- and his -- Anderson rescued Brutus as a cub from an overpopulated wildlife park ten years ago. The very emotional animal that formed as a very strong -- And he needed me as a relationship developed I realized I needed him as much. Buddy yeah. He stays -- by paying close attention I -- grizzly -- behavior and I don't push it with him. Not to treat the net and because of deep mutual respect. Part of the way he shows me that he likely is he doesn't hurt their respect for him a 900 -- -- stand next to a man the most unlikely thing. And that to work is. His biggest appreciation you can get nearly. It seems to survive any animal kingdom hinges not only on -- the fittest but also on being a friend. I'm -- ribeiro for Nightline in New York. Unlikely animal friends airs tomorrow Saturday November 24 on -- -- while.

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{"id":17797941,"title":"Cutest Animal Odd-Couples","duration":"3:29","description":"New Nat Geo series takes a look at some animals making seemingly bizarre friends.","url":"/Nightline/video/cutest-animal-odd-couples-17797941","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}