The debate over arming teachers in the wake of Parkland shooting

Kasey Hansen, a special education teacher from Utah, and Columbine survivor Patrick Neville believe teachers should be armed in classrooms.
7:20 | 02/23/18

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Transcript for The debate over arming teachers in the wake of Parkland shooting
This is my Glock 26. Also known as a baby Glock. This is middle school teacher Casey Hanson. That Glock is the gun she takes to school with her to protect herself and her students. I didn't grow up around guns. It all started when sandy hook happened. I was in my second year of teaching and broke my heart to think all the teachers could do was huddle their kids in the corner, stand in front of them and pray that nothing was going to come through that classroom door. In this sim lapgs sulation set in a school auditorium she's learning what to do. Show me your hands now, everybody show me your hands. It is intense. I'm kind of shaken a little bit. Hanson says she never mentioned her gun at school few even know she has it. Hands up. What would you say to a parent would says to you look I don't want you having a gun in a classroom with my kid. I would say that's your opinion and that I would like to not only protect myself but your child and other children if I can. Why stop me from protecting the innocent. Hanson is on the front line of a fierce debate whether students would be safer putting guns in the hands of the teachers. Over the past two days president trump has repeatedly endorsed the tactics of teachers like Hanson who are willing to take their school security into their own hands. We have to harden our schools not soften them up. A gun-free zone to a killer or somebody that wants to be a killer, that's like going in for the ice cream. These people are cowherds. They're not going to walk into a school. If 20% of the teachers have guns. This after attack on Florida high school that left 14 students and 3 faculty dead. Fe I S was brought home by the lord. I can tell you this, the lord starred feis in the face and had two words to say to him, well done. Well done. Coach was very brave, saved a lot of lives, I suspect, if he had a firearm he would have shot and that would have been the end of it. According to ABC Washington post pole 42% surveyed say the parkland shooting could have been prevented if teachers carried guns but 58% said stricter gun laws could have stopped the killings. Some Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school teachers say more guns are not the answer. Arming us could create an entirely new problem especially if something does happen like this and authorities rush it might be shooting a teacher who is trying to protect kids. Guard was in a building 50 yards away he locked the door and protected the kids in his classroom. Closed the door. Is it real? Within ten minutes we knew it was serious. He said even though he has a concealed carry permit he would retire if he had to be arm in his classroom. This is not prison it's a high school, middle school, these are not prisons, these are not an encampment where we need armed guards that's crazy. For others, arming teachers is not crazy it's the solution. Right now kids are just sitting ducks. Patrick was a sophomore in 1999 at columbine. Some other things like assault weapons ban wasn't in place at the time. Now would be in place today. And an idea that's been pushed for the last four years to no avail. We have to find a way to let good people defend our students. I think the president has latched on to my idea to end gun free Zones and allow good people to defend our students in classrooms the current policy invites criminals to commit heinous acts and we need to end it. He supports it as a school shooting survivor and a father. I never want my kids to have to go through what I and others have gone through. Eight states have legislation that specifically allow for teachers to bring guns on to school grounds but teacher's union representing 4.5 million educator soundly reject the idea accusing the president putting gun lobby ahead of student safety saying teachers and staff need to ensure schools are safe and not armed for the rests. Teachers are qualify called to educate our kids why are we trying to redirect their calling to something they're not built for. Former Dallas police chief argues more guns at schools means more opportunities for someone to get shot. As students are running for their lives and there's complete chaos, we're asking our teachers to act as calmly as we expect our cops to with little or no experience. When you add more guns to an already chaotic scene you should expect more tragedies. When it comes to preparing for the worse, president trump said active shooter drills are a very negative thing. If I'm a child and I'm ten-year-old and they say we're going to have an active shooter drill, I say what's that, well people may come in and shoot you. I think that's a very negative thing to be talking about to be honest. I don't like. It. Although some survivors of parkland say those drills save lives. There's a lot of issues to help eradicate this issue one was all of the drills and protocol teachers have to go through. Many schools scrambling to put protections in place of any time type. Some outfitting doors and classroom windows with safety glass can slow down bullets. Others hosting hyper realistic training like this in 2016 in a I Colorado high school. Preparing first responders to face down a lethal threat. This is what you call a contact team. Three or four officers all working together moving right to the threat fast as they can. It angers me that there is no clear solution to this. Hanson says teachers should never be forced to carry a gun but for her the reality is in 2018 learning comes with being locked and loaded. Our job is to teach and care and get our kids ready for society. Yes I didn't go into teaching I am going to carry a gun and protect everyone but it's so sad that we have to consider it now. For "Nightline," in south Jordan, YouTube.

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{"id":53297283,"title":"The debate over arming teachers in the wake of Parkland shooting","duration":"7:20","description":"Kasey Hansen, a special education teacher from Utah, and Columbine survivor Patrick Neville believe teachers should be armed in classrooms.","url":"/Nightline/video/debate-arming-teachers-wake-parkland-shooting-53297283","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}