The debate over when and where comedy crosses the line

Samantha Bee's calling Ivanka Trump the "c word" on her show "Full Frontal" fueled a fierce debate in the wake of Roseanne Barr's sitcom being canceled after her controversial tweet.
7:24 | 06/02/18

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Transcript for The debate over when and where comedy crosses the line
to another. Something about your dad's immiation practices, you feckle bleep ]. He listens to U. Reporter: It's that fourter word. Igniting a firestorm of very. Comedian Samantha bee under fire for her vicious and vuook on Ivanka Trump. How about we don't make a ton moinors unaccompanied and don't treat kids criminals? Orter: Itay have started as anmpassioned monologue about kids bei separated from parents on the br -- Put on something tight and low-cut and tell your mother, it. Reporter: Samantha bee facing backlash for calling ivanka Trump the ,ueling fierce debate a when and where comedy cro the . I think the joke was inappropriate. I do think -- I dt it was Fu it wasn't right for me. It's outrageous. It is unacceptable and should be called out. To me,e is hate. And I think she sho be condemned for it too. Reporter: Samantha bee asking forgivenes citing, I would like sincerely apologize T Ivanka Trump and my viewers for using an expletive O my show to rib her last GHT. It was inappropriate andinexcusable and I deeply regret it. Sorry wasn't enough for some sponsors. State farm anduto traders suspending their ads. White house press secretary Sarah ers calling the languailndvicious. The president ting,hy aren't they firin no talent Samantha bor the horrible language used on her tings show? Double standard. The double stand a reference to ABC canceling Roseanne Barr's show ear tweek.after the comedian tweeted a racist insult comparing Valerie Jarrett, an afrmerican Obama official, with an ape I'mot surprised people have asked for bee to be fired, T days after Roseanne Barr was D, trying to make it out to polarity B liberal and conservative.but to equate the racism with herudeness, to equate the target ofoseanne Barr's racist ck, African-Americans, with Ivanka Trump, who comes from a posi of power, is dien Reporr: Still, many are drawing compans and drawing the conclusionhat Barr was punished and proud because of their politics, pointing to another primate joke Bill Maher previously about esident trump as further evidence of bias. I made a joke about his father being an orangutan once. Hearched into court with his H certifind sued me. Reporter: Critics say politics aside, it' the painful legacyd Barr's tweet that ma it so harmful. Comparing a B woman to an E plays intoong history of sm. What Samantha bee said, she used a bad word, a W se findoffens but there's no history of upper-class white womng the c-word to dehumanize and oppress other ass white women. Rter: Rosea ae on Twitter but taking time from the spotlight. Thomedianeduled to appear on Joe Rogan's podcast but she says shecanceled, in part because she is not Doi well. Thaou.m feeling very ke Middleton. Reporteomedian Heather McDonald cut her teeth on "Chelsea lately" known for ry humor. Body Barr and bee made Ami I think they're both wrong. Racism definitelyrosses the line. We still have this as a problem. Anything that S encouraging it isery bing to people. I think the bigger thing about thetha bee I women treatingen aertain way. If we're supposed to all be empowering each other and feminists, they are you going at people like that? But the question, in the era of "Me " a women no longer allowed to insult other women? We all don't loveach other. We all areot going to go to camp together. You coulike someone. It's impossible for allom to love each other- To love each other and hold hands across America. Reporter: At least forow TBS seems to be sticking by the Coan tweg in part, those words should have B rewas our mistake too. Maoes Samantha bee lose fans or gain them? From what I can tell, the people that liked her and watched her show areotally down and love theeo that are hating on her prob didn't even know that she had a show. Repr: Just lasig the television academy honor "Full frontal" for its social impact highlightingues like health care, sexual harassment. Skipped the red carpet but appe to address the incident in her acceptance sh saying, every week I strive to show the world a I see it, unltered. Sometimes I shoulrobably H a filter, I accept that. I think what Samantha bee dids wrong, I think she was trying Traw attention to an issue S feels passionately about anis was aay of turning up the temture on that, getting people to pay attention. But they're paying attention to wrong thing. Reporter: Of course bee and rr are not the first comedia accused of going too far. Kathy griffin fired from her CNN ING gig after posing with a bloodied trump mask. And Michael Richards of "Seinfeld" tanked his standup career with a racist rant during a show. He's like !he's like [ bleep ! Reporter: But many more hav pushed the envelope in the name cedy without consequences in the past. Some of stuff weak then, where we didn'tn get one N tweetback, was unbelievable. Like the climate has cha so much. In what way? Just the lines that we could cross. I mean -- You coue raunchier? I don't want S some the bits that we, did it's so politically incorrect Y. An now I think it's definitely -- you really need to H what you say. Reporter: Earlier thisyear, Michelle wolf's comet the E correspondents' dinner drew ire from both S of the aisle. Ually really like Sarah. I think she's very resourceful. Like she burnsts and then she thatsh to create a perfect smoky ey Reporter: Manyointing out the president himself I no stranger to highly controversial comments. When you're a star they let you do you can D anything. Grab them by the bleep ]. Comedy has alwayeen political. But has it always B this polarizing? I mean I THIT's a scary time to B a comedian. Because people are soolatile about it. And if they even think THA might think differently from them they' like, W I thought I liked Is political correctness to kill comedy? No, I don't tt is. I think comedians have T wor little harder. You have think about, this is joke worthit? Is this tweet word it? Don't jus put it outthere. Reporter: Whether an edgy punch Lin is considered repugnant may morph with the times, but ultimately what matters most is audien reaction If euro fended, don't go to the me club. If you don't likeamantha bee, don't watch her . A lot of people mig be WATC it that never knew S existed, let alone Samantha. Make lemonade out of lemons. It's important people not only have visceral reactions but pull it Apa and figure out where we're Goins a country, a culture. E comedy reflect that.

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{"id":55603440,"title":"The debate over when and where comedy crosses the line","duration":"7:24","description":"Samantha Bee's calling Ivanka Trump the \"c word\" on her show \"Full Frontal\" fueled a fierce debate in the wake of Roseanne Barr's sitcom being canceled after her controversial tweet.","url":"/Nightline/video/debate-comedy-crosses-line-55603440","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}