The debate around Kylie Jenner 'self-made' billionaire Forbes title

Forbes dubbed the 21-year-old cosmetics mogul as the youngest "self-made" billionaire, ever. But it launched a flurry of reaction around what it really means to make your own fortune.
6:44 | 03/07/19

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Transcript for The debate around Kylie Jenner 'self-made' billionaire Forbes title
He thinks I'm wearing too much eye makeup, so I have to take it off. Reporter: She was the annoying little sister, keeping up with the Kardashians. Who morphed into the budding businesswoman. Now she's a working mom and makeup mogul. I have been dreaming of this moment for way too long. Reporter: Kylie Jenner is best known for being reality royalty as part of the kardashian-jenner clan, but she's the break out breadwinner. It's the baby of the family, kylie, who's making the biggest bucks. This eye shadow palette is literally my baby. Reporter: The 21 year old listed on Forbes' list of billionaires, ousting mark Zuckerberg at youngest one to make the list. We're calling it the beauty of her business, pun intended, is basically selling beauty products, via her Instagram and social media account. Reporter: She's created an empire, amassing 175 million followers on social media, launching a cosmetics company worth $900 million, with endorsements, a clothing line and TV royalties, pushing her into billionaire status. Forbes' decision to dub kylie self-made created a billionaire backlash. With tweets like, ah, kylie, those days getting up at 5:00 A.M. To deliver the paper in the snow, saving up every nickel, and another one saying can someone explain to me how kylie Jenner is self-made? Hardworking sure, but certainly not self-made. Even weighing in on the debate saying haven't we gone over this, self-made having succeeded in life unaid. I'm surprised at how visceral the reaction has been. We have a sliding scale of one to ten, one being the least self-made and ten being the most self-made. So you inherit that money and you do absolutely nothing with it, you're a one. You come from absolutely nothing, you're a ten. And Oprah Winfrey in our book is a ten. Kylie is a seven. She obviously came from wealth, but she put up the money for that business. Did she have help? Sure, but a lot of people in our billionaire ranks have had help in some way or another. Reporter: Kylie is almost triple that of her big sister Kim Kardashian who ultimately ushered the family into fame and fashion. I think kylie honed in on selling products to her young, social savvy audience. Reporter: She kicked off kylie cosmetics in 2015. In the midst of a plump controversy over whether she did or didn't use lip fillers. I have temporary lip fillers. It's an insecurity of mine. It's what I wanted to do. Reporter: Everyone had wanted lips like kylie. What did I do? If you care about my lips, then I'm going to sell you people buy their product because they love her. She doesn't care. A sale's a sale. Reporter: With millions following her every move along with her boyfriend Travis Scott and their baby, stormy Webster on Instagram. Kylie cosmetics. This is malibu. Reporter: The $29 lip kits swept the internet selling online and in pop-up shops. You can use the same setting powder and recreate a look she's made right down to all the details. So this is how people can really immerse themselves in her world. And I don't think we will be seeing less of it. We'll definitely be seeing more. I'm waiting for kylie furniture, kylie lunch boxes. If she can put her name on it, she probably will. Her audience will keep buying it. We have this liquid lipstick. And this is in the shade charm. Charm. Charm is one of our favorite colors. A lot of her colors are nice and very different. If you don't have kylie's products, if you are at school and you don't have it, you're like, who are you? Reporter: Teens are obsessed with everything that has her name on it. It's the talk in hallways. Everyone's always talking about it, like the new colors and the new products that are coming It's like a big variety of colors to choose from. So you can really get the perfect one that you want. And also I love that it's cruelty free 6789. Reporter: Business is last year it launched in Ulta stores and sold $55 million in cosmetics in six weeks. Really what pushed her into the billionaire ranks is she signed a deal with Ulta, the largest cosmetics retailer in the U.S. Hi, sexy. Reporter: Comedian Heather McDonald who knows the family has even been featured on the show herself. She says kylie's earned it. I think kylie Jenner definitely deserves to be on the Forbes list, and I think it's inspirational. I don't know why people are hating on it. She's American, a female and young. The product she came up with doesn't hurt anybody. Reporter: Some have wondered if the backlash against kylie is I don't think she would be getting this kind of criticism if she was a man and if the guy was her age and he created something that was more technical or a video game or something that made him a billion dollars. I think everyone would think oh, that's so amazing. He's such a little genius. Is it because she's a female or because she's tied to this clan that's been in the media so and it's kind of like the family people love to hate or hate to love. Reporter: Controversy or not, kylie's capitalizing on all of it. She'll release a new powder tomorrow, teasing it on her Instagram. My powders, I'm actually baking with them right now. Launch on Thursday. Not only is she like laughing all the way to the bank. There are hundreds of millions of people who tell her how much they love her every day. So she is doin' just fine. I don't think we need to worry at all about kylie Jenner. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm juju Chang in New York.

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{"duration":"6:44","description":"Forbes dubbed the 21-year-old cosmetics mogul as the youngest \"self-made\" billionaire, ever. But it launched a flurry of reaction around what it really means to make your own fortune.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"61525569","title":"The debate around Kylie Jenner 'self-made' billionaire Forbes title","url":"/Nightline/video/debate-kylie-jenner-made-billionaire-forbes-title-61525569"}