Defying Death to Hunt for Gold

"Nightline" follows miners on Animal Planet's "Ice Cold Gold" who risk their lives to strike it rich
3:00 | 05/15/13

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Transcript for Defying Death to Hunt for Gold
It's an adventure ripped from the pages of a storybook tall tale a group of fearless explorers traveling to the ends of the earth. On a deadly search for riches. But for the miners on TV's ice cold gold. Risking it all to bravely go where few men have gone before the fantasy is anything but make -- ABC's Lindsey Davis. Really be careful and groups that could take. To what -- would you be willing to go live dot. Wow he's there were a remote possibility. You could strike it rich. Emphasis on remote offices who placed third gold. It's a good place and I feel. Eluding death is part of the challenge but the thrill for these eight Americans is that here in Greenland but it's rugged terrain and frigid temperatures. They could just under project cost. -- oh yeah. Some believe earth shattering deposits of gold in -- line somewhere in this pristine majestic yet -- -- landscape. But is the Earth's temperature increases -- to await the arms of glacial activity. Newly exposed rock creates new prospects for prospector. Planet's ice cold -- of the spotlight team of miners at escalators drillers and geologists. Their big characters big personalities. There certainly was -- conflict between us. Josh Feldman and his brother Jesse left their families and the familiarity of Arizona behind to risk their lives is an entirely new landscape. At the top of the world. It was bigger than we could've imagined. You can look at it on paper -- savings -- that you know we're strong we're tough we're men and you get out there and you realize stuff doesn't work. Mining is -- time consuming process anywhere especially here. And with winter fast approaching they have only six weeks -- painter. Or face the prospect of going home empty handed. There's no -- Spain and the clocks ticking facts. Very fast Perino what you're done their -- on -- roll right there that's the reality. -- creeks he crevice is in caves. Pretty solid. They test -- and painstakingly. Panned for gold again I didn't really bagged samples and again often. No avail there was no gold but there are occasional glimmers of hope. A friendly and -- yet. Saudi -- little piece of gold but it's huge piece I hope proof. They're not here in -- Let us three Lorraine it it'll take much more than that for this trip to pay off -- I don't -- being handed this would be devastating. But this is far from the California gold rush you can't go to green going to be -- it just it doesn't work. -- is just bad acts is certainly risky. Then again no risk they'll reward that's what they're banking on -- in the end it will all pan out. For Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis in New York.

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{"id":19190228,"title":"Defying Death to Hunt for Gold","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Nightline\" follows miners on Animal Planet's \"Ice Cold Gold\" who risk their lives to strike it rich","url":"/Nightline/video/defying-death-hunt-gold-19190228","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}