First look at Disney World's Pandora -- The World of Avatar

Filmmaker James Cameron and others describe how the "Avatar" movie came to life in this new Magic Kingdom attraction.
6:16 | 03/10/17

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Transcript for First look at Disney World's Pandora -- The World of Avatar
??? With when the movie avatar first debuted in theaters, there were reports of fans exhibiting depression over their inability to visit the planet. Now seven years later, there's a cure for the avatar blues. Here's ABC's Paula Faris. You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora. Reporter: The other worldly land of Pandora. From the sci-fi blockbuster "Artar" is now becoming a reality. This newest expansion to Disney's animal kingdom, Pandora, doesn't open to the public until may 27th. You can see the mountains. The floating mountains. That's spectacular. You can go right under that one central floating mountain there and feel its mass above you. That's when you really know you're on an alien world. Reporter: But we got an early look from avatar's creator James Cameron. This is all of the rainforest of Pandora all around us now. Reporter: Like the film, this park is his brain child. Did you ever think this was going to be possible? No. I think I knew it was going to be an amazing world. But I was thinking movie. You can walk around and smell it and touch it. I wander around with a sense of wonder. How excited are you? Very. After titanic and avatar, I can do anything, paint my toe nails by the pool or get a yacht and sail around the world. I like working. In the same way that I work with my design artists on the films, I had an amazing time working with the imagine earring artists. Reporter: The match with Disney was a natural one. Animal kingdom was founded on this idea that we're going to be fascinated by and be curious about nature, and we're going to have this conservation or stewardship role. When you see the amazing animals in the rest of animal kingdom, it really just reminds you how amazing our own world is, Earth. So Pandora nested within animal kingdom, I think, was genius. Reporter: Creating this world has been a true team effort. How did you guys do this? We're never going to tell you. Reporter: Imagine working for years to make a world created by cgi. Oh, my, god. Reporter: Into something concrete. We're heading into this ceremonial forest. Reporter: I got a tour of the navi river journey. They're called a viper wall. Comparable to a coyote. Reporter: How do they feel about us invading their world? We've been welcomed in to the culture because of our motives. We're here to learn, we're here to educate ourselves. We're here to become better stewards of our planet. Reporter: That's right. Any animosity between the humans and navi in avatar has now faded away, because the park is set generations after the film takes place, when peace prevails. The world in which the navi live is in order because they care about it, they care for it. It's not enough to care about the world. You have to care for it. You have to do things, take action. Reporter: That environmental message was one of the driving forces behind Cameron's decision to make the film. When you first tried to sell this socially conscious message to the studio, I would imagine it had to be a tough sell, but why was that message really important to you? Because I think we're at a point in human history where we haven't been able to dominate nature until now, nature used to take care of us, now we have to take care of nature. So the child has become the parent in a way. Reporter: What was seen as a risk for the studio, paid off. Avatar becoming the highest grossing film of all time. I just recently completed the script for movie five. So we know where the whole story is going across these sequel films. A and we're pretty excited to be embarking on that journey. I've got my cast. Reporter: Do you? I've got my key principals. Reporter: Is there any foreshadowing that we'll see? Maybe some things. You'll say, I saw that at Pandora and now I'm seeing in avatar 2, or avatar 3. Reporter: The release dates haven't been announced. In addition to the sights, Pandora has its own cuisine. So these are your creations? Yes, this is a navi blueberry cheesecake. What about the going drinks? Totally fun. What you see here is basically the nectar of pongo pongo and on top, beautiful passion fruit. Well done. Reporter: But for those craving a more immersive experience. You cannot wait! Reporter: The flight of passage ride allows visitors to take a heart of had pounding ride on a banshee. And this is where people will be able to link with a banshee and actually fly across Pandora. Reporter: The film's co-producer was my personal guide. I'm doing my best Mr. Roboto. This is all going to match me to my own personal avatar? That's right. We'll sync you up, find your match and get you flying. So these are the link chairs that will connect us to the banshees and let us fly across Pandora. Put on your riding goggles. All right, it's go time, but you can't watch, because it's still top secret. We can't show you yet, but take my word for it, the ride is even more exhilarating than those epic movie scenes. By night, Pandora has yet another dazzling surprise in store as the sun sets, the world is awash in a bioluminescent glow. You say it's a trance formative adventure. Has it transformed you in some ways? It's transformed my perception of what is possible in the real world. If you had asked me, I would have said this is not possible, what they've created here. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Paula Faris in Orlando. ???

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Filmmaker James Cameron and others describe how the \"Avatar\" movie came to life in this new Magic Kingdom attraction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"46035870","title":"First look at Disney World's Pandora -- The World of Avatar","url":"/Nightline/video/disney-worlds-pandora-world-avatar-46035870"}