Divorce Parties: How the Newly Single Start Fresh

After the pain of divorce, some divorcees head to Vegas to celebrate the next chapter in life.
7:56 | 06/29/14

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Transcript for Divorce Parties: How the Newly Single Start Fresh
Las Vegas. Parties, poker and quickie weddings, right? Well, tonight, we're taking you to a blowout bash in sin city that might surprise you. Celebrating something that usually doesn't get celebrated. This is divorce 2.0. Kenny is about to do the one thing that terrifies him most. Why did I sign up for this? ? Vanessa is tapping into something she's kept bottled up for years. They're both summoning up the courage to launch the next chapter. They're among the growing ranks of divorcees finding a way to celebrate. We're have divorce party. 15,000 feet in the air, and holding his breath. Really tested my nerves, for sure. For Kenny, this plunge isn't just about overcoming his fear of heights. But his fear of being single. Ready to sky dive? Let's do it! Woo! You know, your heart's beating, oh, my, god, oh, my god. This is youawesome! Oh, my god. That was incredible, man. Thank you, brother. What do you say to your ex-wife? Hey, I did it without you and I'm going continue to do things without you. Yeah, selfie! This is just the kickoff for a day-long extravaganza. Both Vanessa and Kenny hired party planners Linda rose and Mary Renee to orchestrate the events. For Kenny, after sky diving, they planned bowling, then drinks with a view. So, what made you come up with the idea of divorce parties? I was going through my own divorce and someone came up, said, do you do parties for weddings? And I was like, weddings? I'm like, oh, no. I can't think about a wedding right now, but I'll plan your divorce party. Both women understand the pain and loss divorce leaves in its wake. You form your life together and when it's over, you nope, you're kind of sitting there, like, who am I? While Vegas may be the marriage capital of the world, the party planners have stumbled upon an exploding market, given that so many marriages end in divorce. So hard to leave you. Vanessa, a mother of four was married for 15 years. Pole dancing here we come. Along for the ride, her two close friends, Amanda and Kelly. Hi! Welcome! She says she pulled the plug on her marriage after they grew apart. So, how was your marriage? Was very happily married for a long time. And I think over time, maybe we wanted different things. Swing your left leg around, pick up Europe feet and sexy on the way up. It's an exotic way for the divorce party planners to get her dancing again. Congratulations, sexy! You guys are so hot. I feel sexy! Vanessa's party warms up with pole dancing, segue's to pampering and will finish one a risque show. We want to make sure you're happy what are some of your aspirations, what did you give up in your marriage? I got your favorite smoin sticks. Kenny, a father of two from a previous marriage, is readjusting to the single life. Be nice to your sister. My wife leaving and moving into her own place was really a shock. I went through the depression phase, the heartache, the what IFS. He's been down sometimes, because he, like, really truly loved her. He thought he was going to be with her forever. Even his own kids see the need for their dad to have a night out. I think him having this party is really, like, helping him get out and just have fun and enjoy himself. How does that make you feel? It meant the world to me, because didn't want them to feel bitter. Love you. Love you. After the sky dive, he's heading to the next stage of his party. Bowling. I love you, man! I'm excited. We're here to celebrate Kenny's newly single, getting divorced party. I love to bowl. Bowling is fun, it's in my blood. Oh! Bowling is a good warmup for something the newly single dad is not as comfortable with. Meeting the ladies. All this stuff is kind of new to me. I'm like a born again virgin, you know? You're my boy. You're supposed to make me look good. Are you ready for the next part of your adventure? We are ready! As a salon owner, Vanessa's spent the last 13 years pampering others. Now, it's her turn. It's funny how I can be so happy and excited for today and it brings tears to my eyes that I'm just so thankful to be where I'm at. What type of look are you going for tonight? A little bit more on the eye shadow. This is such a treat. I think the last time I had my makeup done was for my wedding. Oh, you're kidding me! Really ironic that I'm getting it at my divorce party. In sin city, even at a hair salon, there's booze. Served with a little skin showing. Mandy and Kelly were divorced before I was and so they were able to help me through some tough times. Sometimes you stumble and fall a little bit and then you pick yourself up. I think she's doing great. All this doesn't come free of charge. The party planners take 10% off the top and costs can add up. Anywhere from 1,000 bucks to, just like a wedding, some serious cash. You can see people saying, well, you're just taking advantage of somebody. It's not like they just call us, say, let's go out tonight. It takes planning. You're celebrating divorce which is the breakdown of the American family. That's not what we're celebrating. We're not celebrating a divorce. We're celebrating a new chapter in someone's life. Oh, my gosh. You look so sexy. Look at this hair! Wow. Even after jumping out of a plane, there's one view Kenny has yet to see. Take you guys up right now and get you on board. This is crazy. This is beautiful. Look at how pretty it is. All right. Congratulations on your divorce. I feel refreshed. I feel release. Ready? Yes! 100% Australian. And the final nudge from the party planners, to remind her that there's a lot throughout to look forward to. Is there anybody getting divorced here tonight? Turns out they're not alone. Live and direct from the Sydney harbor, firefighter time! We love the firefighters! When he got all wet, are you kidding me? So nice to see men on stage for once. It's a firefighter! Sorry about that. How are you doing? Did you have a good time? We like you! What's the message you want to send people out there who are going through a divorce? Even though you're divorced, it's not the end of the world. You still have another chapter in your life to live. You may fall in love again. And you'll live. You may not -- There is life after divorce, yes. For Vanessa and Kenny, it begins now.

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{"id":24352389,"title":"Divorce Parties: How the Newly Single Start Fresh ","duration":"7:56","description":"After the pain of divorce, some divorcees head to Vegas to celebrate the next chapter in life.","url":"/Nightline/video/divorce-parties-newly-single-start-fresh-24352389","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}