Instead of going to the doctor, a new app brings the doctor to you

The Heal app, which helps people request home doctor's visits, currently operates in California, Virginia and Washington D.C.
3:00 | 02/07/18

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Transcript for Instead of going to the doctor, a new app brings the doctor to you
Flu cases are on the rise according to the CDC. The worst flu season in a decade to could last into may. They're concerned how this flu effects most vulnerable, the children. 46 states reporting widespread activity. Mother of two died outside of Boston. More than halftime hospitals offering some level of phone or online consultation and services like heal cutting down the need for emergency room visits. Not having others sneeze all over your children in the waiting room. Yeah which is always growth. Her son just bumped his head but instead of going to the doctor, the doctor comes to him. He so many er somersalted off the toilet. He's eating okay? Yeah he's eating okay. Good old little house on the prairie visit like this one costs $99 less if you have insurance. You're doing such a great job. I use apps for most things in my life, food delivery, rides, medical attention at this point now. Last year in January heal doctors had 380 flu cases this year 3,040 here's their promise. A licensed medical doctor comes to your house any time 365 days a year. A tech entrepreneur and wife created heal in 2015 after an er experience of their own. We had an experience with our seven month old son. Took him to UCLA emergency room on Friday afternoon. Sat for twelve hours and at 11:00 at night driving home she said there has to be a better what I for families to see doctors and we hooked this up. Uber and tinder changing the way we drive and find life and heal want to change the way we see our doctor. They have raised millions in funding even Lionel Ritchie. Hello. Investing in it. He's been supportive investor since day one of this company. This is not designed to be an exclusive service. Affluent celebrities who want privacy to very low income family who's need health care and can't get time off from their jobs to see a doctor. More than 40 million Americans wrought insurance is one of the most charged political debates of our time. People I really want the to deliver care to are those who cannot access care. Forbes magazine named Nick one of the ten CEOs changing health care in America. On a Sunday evening if I I have my kid has men begin ITIs you will come see me for $99. Or less. If you have insurance it's even cheaper. Your cost would be the same if you go to doctor's office James Koh pay between $15 and $30, except you get a house call, a doctor who comes on any day of the year. And there's other numerous online medical services springing up. Pager in New York City. And then the heal nerve center in Beverly hills. See where the doctors and patients are on the screen. Software will assign this visit to a specific doctor. The doctor sees the details of the patient. The address. Previous visit information. What the symptoms are. He's a 40-year-old man. The nurse drives. The doctor works on an iPad in the passenger seat. I do my charting after I see the patients. And by the time we are at the next patient I'm done with my charting. Sleeping normally, just not feeling right. If it starts being to the point you're having a hard time swallowing please let us know. 40 something it's going to be okay. You have the flu don't want to get in the car. Our pediatrician moved from his practice to heal. Oh, okay. So that's how we got to know the company. It's very competitive pay it to other places believe it or not. If it wasn't I don't think I'd be working for them right now. We'll see you. Around 90 physicians are currently on heal's book staff and contractors. When you see different areas of Los Angeles and try new restaurants. Heal claims they see fewer patients every day. His lungs are perfect. Sound great. And I don't hear any wheezing. The appointments are longer around 25 minutes compared to the 9 minutes average in conventional office and getting into a house gives them a holistic view of the patient. Any significant reason you're taking iron. We walk in your door and no so much already about you. You kwoent have that in avenue er. Heal operates in southern California San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. They want legislatures to take note. We want to make it so we matter and that's how we think we can do it is by making this proof of concept. Our health care delivery needs a massive shake up. Any time you see business invasi innovation coming together to shake it up will result in better health care delivery to patients that's great thing. How's it possibly make sense to charge only $99. Because we cut out 65 to 70% of the cost. They point to no doctor office, no receptionist, a stream lined online accounting system. The integration to get rid of the bureaucracy of insurance company is what we spent our first year doing. Whether any medical system is able to be extrapolated to rural areas, variety of socioeconomic groups is the holy grail, more of a financial and business question. 90% of Americans live in markets we plan to share. They visit homes and offices for annual checkups for busy business member. Like this executive. No issues or problems. We get a massage therapist why shouldn't be get a doctor delivered to our doorstep. Heal can't be all thing to all. If I had a gunshot wound would you Dale with that? No if you put in gunshot or heart attack we have a key word filter that would pop up recommend calling 9-1-1. Are you making money yet? No but we are gross margin profitable in Los Angeles which means our margin works. And kid is also going to be just fine. I'm not worried about his head. For "Nightline," Los Angeles.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Heal app, which helps people request home doctor's visits, currently operates in California, Virginia and Washington D.C.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"52896520","title":"Instead of going to the doctor, a new app brings the doctor to you","url":"/Nightline/video/doctor-app-brings-doctor-52896520"}