Dollar Store, INC.

Family Dollar CEO Howard Levine defends being cheap and selling merchandise that's made in China.
3:17 | 12/11/12

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Transcript for Dollar Store, INC.
Fame -- dollar was founded in 1959. Right here in Charlotte, North Carolina and we've changed quite a bit over -- 53 years that us dollars source of grown tremendously in that appeared time I think you know -- continues to. My dad started the business in 1959. Not too far from corporate office today everything you see has been grown from that point that started with one store to you know over semi 500 stores today. Believe it or not we can still open a lot of stores even where -- -- all these pins and -- you move out west particularly California which we just opened in a year ago got about fifty stores tons of growth here this probably thousands more state and -- mean there're some metropolitan areas here where you basically run out of room for -- ebitda. Well literally run -- -- for stories we've run out of room for -- but yes sometimes you might see a goal and because we just been gaining more of the pins and -- how many employees you have here. There's about 15100 herself in about 4500 were in our distribution. And how many total employees and -- -- and averaging just -- -- -- openings but it's about 5055000. Total bullies. What percentage would you -- and your products are coming from overseas. About a third about there -- what are the things that people say is okay -- -- -- junkets jumped from overseas you know and there's a stigma attached to that. What about that all of this stuff just comes from China and it must be could have solicit Wear this -- -- -- and Reuters estimates I don't look at that so. Unfortunately. A lot of manufacturing has -- overseas. -- and bad because they have a great need to they have a great way to do with it in the consumer it's except there's no backlash -- so. You -- that we can get the value and you gotta go where they have -- -- -- workmanship -- the factories to do it and you know that's the nature of the business -- and I can apologize. I mean it if it -- our customer. In our customer wasn't accepting of it yet -- we'd have to react but you know our customers understand the reality of the world that. So this stuff traveling I had all that yes you'll love this stuff off on trucks and off again and off they go. That's going to -- 6163. Days. Going to be read up there in the go down -- the shipping line a good retailer after taxes that he can make five cents on every dollar yourself. So yet the police are important. It's amazing. Men don't you think about how about working only make him that much suffering -- 78 cents is pretty and so for -- that means make sure the trucks are packed. Make sure all of this is running as smoothly as again -- exactly because any glitch -- -- cost good. You could avoid in as -- said we want to be the low cost provider we've got to be efficient and very good at what we do here. Are you sensitive to the charge that you know you're this you're the CEO of -- that that one of the -- stores you know that that it cheap is -- No I practiced yesterday we were talking about she passes somebody called me -- I think that's complement. No I'm very proud of what I have to offer and I know there's probably more people bitter envious and jealous of our success and saying you worked for the -- store.

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{"id":17936035,"title":"Dollar Store, INC.","duration":"3:17","description":"Family Dollar CEO Howard Levine defends being cheap and selling merchandise that's made in China.","url":"/Nightline/video/dollar-store-17936035","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}