Dolly Parton Gets Frank About Love Life, Makeovers

The country music titan talks about her life, from humble beginnings in Tennessee to Dollywood.
3:00 | 11/27/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dolly Parton Gets Frank About Love Life, Makeovers
27 years later Dolly would -- two and a half million visitors every year. Dolly is always been -- from her large -- -- look -- -- big personality. And tonight she dishes about her love life and how she created her brand with ABC's juju Chang. I guess I was about they said when -- song that'll corn come -- -- some. And -- some time she's country's premier superstar. But it all started this humble little -- Intends to hold. Up -- bachelor's -- five year old can barely put two sentences together. Sixty years and countless songs later. Dolly Parton -- -- entertainment empire worth an estimated half a billion dollars this isn't replica hill house although this was cleaner than Arafat was. We met up with her at her Dolly with theme park and museum takes those boots and -- and Katie Rodgers that -- really don't. Added a two do she told us about her new motivational memoir about growing up dirt poor and a cabin with eleven siblings. And how she created that signature Dolly look. -- kitchen matches you know which distract them they -- it charcoal and income income. You marks you know how latter what and you really modeling yourself after the -- That is an absolute truth there was this woman we won't call names she was beautiful. I've never seen anybody. You know with yellow -- piled up in the immediate stake in the illusion that high heeled shoes and patents one album. She's refreshingly honest about things most entertainers guard ferociously. People. Really admire the fact that use talks so openly about the plastic surgery I think if there's something that you need to do want to you can afford it and governor -- I think he should do -- -- Filbeck -- like -- -- -- our along that was short legs I want I -- how -- is aging with implants. I don't I don't think they change the my girls are -- for and over the top looks are so intertwined with her legend that even Dolly herself face stiff competition when she entered a drag -- celebrity lookalike contest they had a bunch schneerson Dolly that year and so I just over exaggerated. -- -- that -- -- eyes bigger hair bigger everything you know they -- was you know they didn't that's what was funny because. All of these other beautiful drag queens had worked for months and weeks get their clothes now -- and they weren't restaurant. Let me. I think it's gotten a lot and not just -- cock -- And I just thought -- -- -- and a and at least. Out. And in fact I say to that I was a girl -- -- banquet. They're even -- false rumors about her being day it's something she laughs about with another powerful woman who rose from poverty in the south her friend. We -- talk about that -- her ranging -- -- and they just think that you just KP. That close to somebody -- didn't have been best friends is -- in the third and fourth grade and now love her. As much talent and about in the whole world what we're not romantic thought behind that -- boom exterior. Is that businesswoman. Who started hits like nine to sign. And I'm gonna change you from -- to -- it -- -- shocked. And sold a hundred million records. Thanks to smash hits like I'm always love you. Later immortalized by Whitney Houston in the bodyguard. When they play in her hand when -- lifted her call and then it just like so nice to have me in the heart with a -- to. -- -- -- -- -- Her songs are her legacy but so too -- her imagination library -- literacy program she dedicated to her father who couldn't read or write. We've given -- boarding the books. Disinterest which is a lot of -- at 66 Dolly has no plans to slow down anytime soon you retire some Allen never attack that I -- I had to. As long as I'm able to get up -- -- -- get that make opponent high heels on. And even if -- can't let and I hails from not able to where armed robbery indictment -- solicit wheelchair with my high -- well you have somebody really. We're not -- and TV -- in pigeon forge Tennessee.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The country music titan talks about her life, from humble beginnings in Tennessee to Dollywood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"17815323","title":"Dolly Parton Gets Frank About Love Life, Makeovers","url":"/Nightline/video/dolly-parton-frank-love-life-makeovers-17815323"}