Double Panda-monium! Zoo Atlanta's New Twins

Meet the only surviving baby panda twins in the United States.
7:09 | 08/24/13

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Transcript for Double Panda-monium! Zoo Atlanta's New Twins
It was a high profile beautiful birth in our nation's capital today that -- be a giant panda. -- -- -- And yet these -- may just be the least adaptable animals still on the planet a species coming back from the brink of extinction with a little human help. And a lot of human law. Last month -- two Atlanta panda twins were born for the first time in the United States. -- BC's Matt -- has exclusive access. As he takes us through the trials tribulations. And dangers of being the world's most adorable. And rarest spare. It's warming and squeaking to four months virtually the size of -- football. Knows -- each other impossibly cute. Brotherly love -- that. But also dangerously fragile ABC news got exclusive access to the nursery. Of the only panda twins in the country that should be -- that cuteness -- to Atlanta and -- their routine in which a team of vets. And by doctor Haley Murphy like I -- -- over three pounds. Measure and examine these still tiny giant pandas it doesn't even have any -- and Australia which for now they're calling cub -- and guested -- beat base's history. -- -- usual Barea initial reason they only panda twins ever survive in the United States. Ever ever. So very unusual and now that there -- a couple months old. There at 37 days old today that mean that have a pretty good chance of surviving we are very hopeful yes cast the first week that we get more more optimistic. Mendez are undeniably cute but evolutionary -- -- Biological carnivores who legally bamboo. And they're picky about. Then it's -- we'll tell was what variety of -- moving like that day and now time find that variety but they'll also cut extras to -- -- -- -- safety net. So yeah they need a lot of -- They are animals that can only breed once a year during a tiny two day window. When 14100 exist in the wild in China coming back from near extinction this every Thursday with a lot of human -- And here in the US -- seems to be a mini panda baby boom right. Now at 336 while relaxing now we're talking about it we thought her water break -- -- -- And definitely you have people being in the -- -- night and how we continue to -- and that I think. 99. And again. At the Smithsonian's national zoo in DC the Pandit -- John seen here in the zoo's panda camp. Was in labor this afternoon giving birth earlier tonight. Two -- squat little. -- -- noises feeling alive and nations is again being. Child birth -- in the months he's holding the -- at this point everything. Yes. She July vicious -- Atlanta do their fifteen year old panda who -- with Craig. But they only knew half the story so how it was surprising -- the second. Well we didn't believe that first one came out and we -- all happy and she was showing only appropriate maternal behavior. And then another -- came out and we just -- -- pretty shocked and the room went silent. And then we went and right away -- the -- about she didn't know what to do she doesn't know what to do it. What ensued was a breakneck full scale mission to save -- -- It had never been done anywhere. All pandas are technically owned by the Chinese and leased to American Jews to a Chinese -- run for the birth and up sleeping in the nursery -- humans to fur balls on the planet. Behind. Panda cubs emerges helpless -- the size and shape of a stick of butter. No functioning eyes or ears no -- -- ability to move on their -- These images from -- Atlantic shoulder maturation. The winery first -- -- buddy taking shape and eventually they become cuter. Cycle me and now 38 DC and really cute. The micro environment the humidity the temperature. Everything has been -- we have to stimulate -- -- -- defecated. They can't do anything -- now. But the -- here are so -- about their baby pandas bio security. There's a strict sanitary regime. We're gonna have you Wear special Scruggs took a shower and to watch our any germs up every time -- -- -- not -- shower yes and we're trying to keep them as safe -- -- doctors around. -- -- I was told. Yeah I'm impressed I'm totally refreshed and then the whole ABC news team had to -- on -- it would be better for the crew that it did for me. They're -- -- not sit there and over rolling on this. Inside the nursery rubbing alcohol flows freely for hygiene -- And the only -- last not to. Don't know when it ends we. -- -- -- on our hands almost constantly hear. Because it's really strong and -- most things. Each cut gets a few hours with mom blue moon before he swapped out in -- -- into the incubator. It is undeniable. They are irresistibly cute. -- -- -- -- -- I even got to lend -- hand. They're not soft they're -- now chancellor -- are not still in a timely and human complement the measurements. Can help if you can -- I'm not running out of hand and it's excellence -- on this field and down vote. Was not gonna jump -- just like that to make sure doesn't go off the table the other thing we need to do before we put in that in this -- -- temperature. -- -- -- at the same way take a baby's temperature now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you're one of the wrong people in the world -- -- has to do you think it's an amazing thing. Is it hard not to become attached to them. -- -- -- At any time is someone I have we haven't had a lot of things up. That when we do get he really -- seminary changed everything for our county Sonoma so when you -- -- Totally different. What Murphy says she doesn't think about is -- -- and according to Chinese tradition pandas are only named when they're 100 days old. Guys have a favorite name AMD. To -- act Abraham. To Murphy isn't going there. For Nightline I'm that got -- in Atlanta. Cubs -- won't make their public debut for a couple of months bill here's hoping that there healthy and thriving if not Ross. And for our kids.

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{"id":20055153,"title":"Double Panda-monium! Zoo Atlanta's New Twins","duration":"7:09","description":"Meet the only surviving baby panda twins in the United States.","url":"/Nightline/video/double-panda-monium-zoo-atlantas-twins-20055153","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}