'Duck Dynasty' Wives Open Up About Controversy, Handling Fame

Women discuss Phil Robertson's homosexuality and race comments and how the show changed their lives.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for 'Duck Dynasty' Wives Open Up About Controversy, Handling Fame
If you've ever watched "Duck dynasty" you know the guys with the beards aren't the only stars. Their wives play huge roles on the show as well. But tonight you're going to hear these women open up about their lives in ways that may surprise you. From intimate moments to infidelity to that uproar touched off by those comments about race and homosexuality made by the family's patriarch, Phil. Here's ABC's Diana golodryga. Reporter: They are one of the most famous and controversial families in America. Bearded Louisiana duck hunters who took the country by storm with their reality show "Duck dynasty," now one of the most successful shows in cable history. Beloved and belittled for their proudly redneck ways. Ooh! Now, that is how you carve a pumpkin. Reporter: The extremely profitable "Duck dynasty" franchise almost came krark down late last year when patriarch Phil Robertson, a born-again Christian, told "Gq magazine, "Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman." Do yes Phil regret those comments in retrospect? Reporter: And now for the first time we're hearing from the women who stood by their bearded man. Matriarch Kay and they are daughters-in-law, Cory, Missy, Jessica, and Lisa Robertson. Looking back did you think there would ever be a period where you would be back on the show if he wasn't going to be part of it? No. No, it was never a question in my mind. It wasn't a question. If one of your grandkids came home and said I'm gay, how would you respond to that? As far as Phil with the gay thing, love everybody that is gay. But yes, because he pointed to scripture that said that, he would do that again because that's just who he is. He's honest. But he loves people. He really does. Reporter: A&E, which is partially owned by ABC's parent company Disney, briefly suspended Robertson, only to reinstate him after the family threatened to walk away. And I think the question people at home, especially those that don't know you that well, may get the sense that this is a racist family or this is a homophobic family. Not true. That's the farthest thing from the truth. And Phil said it. And you know, throughout his time with the interviewer and he'll say it with anybody he talks to. You know, his number one goal is love. The first commandment is love god and love your neighbor. And that's how he lives. Reporter: The family just wrapped its fifth season. Their most controversial and high-profile to date. The Robertson men have been wrestling for generations. I picked him up and then slammed him on the can of flour. Reporter: The season finale pulled in almost 6 million viewers. The show has made the family celebrities. Walking the red carpet at the country music awards and the white house correspondents dinner. As well as exceedingly rich thanks to their lucrative merchandising deal. Selling like hotcakes. Reporter: In their new book "The women of duck commander qus they share the most detailed and intimate look inside the family the country can't get enough of. Why write it now? Why not? People want to know about us. People say why do you like us? I ask people all the time. They say because you're real. If anyone has any reason why these two -- Reporter: The strong marriages in the family are the centerpiece of the show. Phil and Kay even renewed their vows. You may kiss your bride. Yee-ha. Reporter: But their marriage wasn't always so easy. The two had a shotgun wedding. Kay admits in the book she was pregnant with their oldest son Alan before she was married. It is so easy for me to be honest now. And I feel like god loves me, my fans love me, my family loves me, so I tell it all. Reporter: Kay was only 16 when they got married. Phil was unfaithful and drank too much. He kicked you out of the house, you reveal in this book. Yeah. Wasn't he a jerk? Wasn't he terrible to do that? But you know, my -- I think he knew I wasn't going anywhere. I had stayed with him for ten years and him behaving so badly. So why he decide all of a sudden right then that we were running his life, I said, well, you've been messing my life up for ten years, buddy. Reporter: But all that changed once he found god. Amen. Reporter: Today the robertsons say their family is stronger and larger than ever. Kay is now a great grandmother. Let me just say you're the best-looking great grandmother I've seen. Reporter: And when it comes to bringing the expanding Robertson clan together, there's no better lure than Kay's cooking. Always changing my recipe. Reporter: And when the Robertson men aren't out on duck calls. Cut him off there. Well, I got that one. Reporter: You can find them at the Locke food mart. Thanks. Nice. Reporter: Missy's husband jay crashed our interview carrying in grocery bags. Thanks for joining us. There's a lot of estrogen in this room now. Reporter: Speaking of estrogen, those beards have attracted a lot of it. Last year a lady asked for a picture with Jeff. And her husband was like let me take a picture of y'all. And during the picture he said she grabbed her rear end. And I'm like who does that? The husband's take the picture and she grabs your behind. I wish I was there. I would have told her you better step away. Reporter: But for the women of duck commander their fame and fortune are not what matters most. I said if I had to go back and live in the little old places we lived to start with we would have each other. We'd have our faith. We'd have our family. And I'd rather do that and give up anything I've got in the bank or anything before we'd lose the most important thing and change our family. Reporter: I'm Diana golodryga for "Nightline" in west Monroe, Louisiana. And their tell-all book "The women of duck commander" comes out tomorrow.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Women discuss Phil Robertson's homosexuality and race comments and how the show changed their lives.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23138509","title":"'Duck Dynasty' Wives Open Up About Controversy, Handling Fame","url":"/Nightline/video/duck-dynasty-wives-open-controversy-handling-fame-23138509"}