Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson on why 'Skyscraper' and its family focus was special to him

The cast of "Skyscraper" discuss the experience of filming the thrilling story set in Hong Kong with ABC News' "Nightline."
5:55 | 07/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson on why 'Skyscraper' and its family focus was special to him
Reporter: High above Hong Kong on a knife's edge. It "The rock" in mos precarious, vertigo-inducing, soul-rocking predicament yet. Dwayne Johnson defiesvity I one of this summer'sst . Scary. Thriller heavenly. Heartfelt. Suspenseful. Powl woman. Two words! Repor imagery, heartstopping. Johnson not only plays a former FBI agent, but a an amputee whose family bes trapped betw fe and sky. Inside world's tallest building, the pearl. And he will stopothing to save them. Y kn, our movie is big. It's Fu it's summer. But it'slsoery suspenseful, very emotional and at T very dramatic. Repor Johnson has become one ofhollywoo highest-paid leading men, specializinn high-voltage, gh-budgetovies like "The fast and thefurious," "San Andreas," "Juman his latest movie hits ters is Friday 30 years after "Die hard" premiered W Bruce Willis famously rescue his wife from similarly nail-biting cistances. For writer/director Rossen THR, there was no better woman play Johnson's on-screen wife than they've Campbell you're going to put one namen a vision ar should beneve Campbell. You D se pretty intense scenes. Not only carrngf your children over this fiery pit on your back. Hhe H heavy. We shot for hours and hours durs, days and days and days, she carrying him and carrying him carrying him.so didn't say a .L fine. Movie's done. She has to have backsurgery. What? Yes. Yeah, I ad loves who? Me, me! As the couple's twins. Whereo you go as a child where you're running for life, you don't know if your dais Goin be able to save you? We're filmihose scenes and a lot ofm I was crying. Getting tot ion, and also like thinking that my S not G to be ere, but not losing hopeha he's not. Sot was just unbelievable. Reporr: That father-daughteric is something Johnson doesn't hav to reach for. You hit so manyon heart strings. Hav three daughters. So the idea Thate're in that kind of danger and I can't save her? Was just heartbreaking. Repor T vie, set in Hong kongnd universal pictures brought there for a whirlwind tr with the cast starting at this world-renowned dumpling shop. Crispy on the outside, salt on the inside. World-renowned. Liky personality. This food I to taste likeyne Johnson. Delicious. Delicious, tasty. Reporter: Johnson shares the move is as much about being on the O your seat as it is about family. I felt like "Skyscraper" was special use it's rooted in husband and , father and mother D everything they can to protect their little . And to keep our family together. And so theily element was our anchor Reporter: Johnson's a hands-on father to three daughter often celebrating the women in his life on instag Relationship that I have with my daughters is really the most imptant Thi that I have in myfe. When I have my daughters is when realize what love meant. And not only what love meant, also unconditional love is. And a true, authentic, se love Reporter: Hissest, Tianna, was born a the end of April. We found out wee having baby tia while W shooting the beginning of themovie. In these sceh little Noah and Mckenna and saying, daddy S who? I ha and I'm a luckyma because I live it day. Reporter: Campbell agrees that love is the secret to their on-screen chemistry. What do you attribute T that movie M you guys created? W areoth parents, we both love our children. I think for any parent if Y thof your children being danger, Y get that Mam bear, papa bear T coming on. Reporter: Campbelfamily allowing. With a ye so she and partnerj. Fieldsust adopted a baby boy which they proud announced on instm. That's beautiful. A the emotions O bng a mommy again. Yeah. Ou already had your son caspia Yeah, he's elated to be big brot just the most beautiful thing. Reporter: From theinsula hotel landing pad we hop a licopter. S crazy. Who'd have GHT? Didou everell yourself your lifetime, I will be flyin in a helicopter above Hong KO at some point my life? And get paito do it? Ai to Doi never thought. I wouldn'teting next to nevebell, if you want to change seats, I B more than happy. Stay W you are, please! I don't I could pilot this. Orter: Back safely on the ground, I head out to sea wit Mckenna and no. Bo celebrated their 10th rthdays during filming.ismo B stars. H, every day. It's crazy Like why am I re? Is this a dream? Reporter: The duo mad their red carpet debut a theew York premiere of ky scaper" earlier this W where all eyes are on X oe titan Johnson, flashiha megawatt smile wihe career that keeps cooking. Nederestimate the rock. For "Niine," I'm Adrienne Bankert in Hong Kong.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"The cast of \"Skyscraper\" discuss the experience of filming the thrilling story set in Hong Kong with ABC News' \"Nightline.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56531318","title":"Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson on why 'Skyscraper' and its family focus was special to him","url":"/Nightline/video/dwayne-rock-johnson-skyscraper-family-focus-special-56531318"}