Eating Like a Super Model

Some models are gathering followers with social media posts about food cravings and recipes.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Eating Like a Super Model
If you're a believer in the saying never trust a skinny chef, fashion model and food bloggers will raise an eyebrow. Tonight we'll take you inside a surprisingly wildly new popular phenomenon, models going public with their diet secrets. Reporter: It's one of the fashion industry's enduring questions. What do super models eat to stay so impossibly slim. Now some of the hottest names are sharing their secrets. Blogs like models like to eat are dedicated to super model food porn, a trend taking social media by storm. Top models are dishing all, sharing their food cravings and concoctions with millions of followers. Why are we seeing supermodels feeling the need to tell us about what they're eating these days? Sharing what you eat and what you're eating on instagram is natural. It just so happens the general public is way more interested in what the super models eat. Dinners on instra gram to the whole food cookies. They walk the walk. Now some of them are talking the talk about even healthy. Should we be taking nutrition advice in a super model size 0? The truth is models out there that are telling you what they're eating and giving you some nutrition advice, they're doing everyone in the world is doing. They're eating. And just because they're eating healthy food did you not make them a health expert. We should be taking advice from real experts. Reporter: Victorias secrets angel host hosts her own show call the "Well done" where she serves up her favorite recipes. And there we have it. More than a million fans can't stopwatching. Even famous swimsuit models are getting in on the trend, like Chrissy Teagan. She's about to launch a new cooking show called of course, what else, hungry. Is. What did you think I was doing? We assume for so long they don't eat. When I think about supermodels sharing what they're eating, what's important is that they are honest about it. I think it's actually great when someone tells "The daily news" I work out twice a day and I drink a gallon of water because that's real. That's what she is doing to look the way that she looks. Danielle is a model on a mission, not just a cat walk star, but a certified nutritionist who shares her all natural recipes, like this quinoa granola in her popular food blog. I sort of realized I was some sort of pressure on looking good and staying in shape. She's cut processed foods, gluten and refined sugars out of her diet. There's a stigma around being unhealthy anticipate being sickingly thin. I think a lot of models nowadays are more like role models. And they want to show people that, like, they're not starving themselves. Reporter: While many women would like to look like a model, is it really a good idea to eat like one? Be inspired by recipes. Be inspired by new foods to maybe add into your diet, but don't be inspired to take real health advice. And don't necessarily change your entire diet because of what works for that individual. For supermodels it's their job to be thin. So is it natural to think of them as weight loss expert. Everyone is trying to lose weight all the time. These women more than anyone. And if they are doing it in a nutritious guided, responsible way and speaking honestly about it, that's good information for young women in this country to have. And in some cases, making a few exceptions. And if you can't fit into supermodel clothes, now you can try eating like one. For "Nightline," ABC news, new

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Some models are gathering followers with social media posts about food cravings and recipes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"23000241","title":"Eating Like a Super Model","url":"/Nightline/video/eating-super-model-23000241"}