Effort to rescue Thai soccer teammates and coach trapped in cave continues

Two teammates, Queu and Kaan, said they don't blame their soccer coach after he and 12 of their teammates were trapped in a cave after a hike on June 23.
8:07 | 07/07/18

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Transcript for Effort to rescue Thai soccer teammates and coach trapped in cave continues
Reporter: For the boys inside isca, time has S still. Are consumed darkness and waiting tbe saved. That a monsoon season looms.the rescue grows more urgent more perilous than ever fore. Tonight we're ling that operation to extract the boys could begin this weekend. We're trying to set a plan, the best plan is we can bring them out. And we'll try. Reporte internal government report says the boys could start coming out in the next few hours. Taking advantagef the team's relatively good health each of thenow-weakened boy being brought out in a buddy dive, shepherded through T knee-high passages by experienced cave divers.divers and rescuers H amassed hundreds of air tanksng T route. British divers haven teaching the boys how T dive and some of the basics of swing. Thai authorities say the boys have to shimmy the way O they got in.butrnight the treacheress of THA tortured route became Emore present. That massive rescue effort suffered fst loss. A formerhai Navy S.E.A.L., ear-old samangunan died we'll wor to deli supplies to those in the cave. His dive partner found him unconscis in the water along the one swim from where the boys are sanded back to the operat base in cave three. He pos this video before he for his volunteer mission here. Ayd luck be on your side to B the boys home," he said. Accordin to a statement posted by they S.E.A.L.S, nnan, a triathlete, had rejoined the S.E.A.L.S just to help rescue boys. The S.E.A.L.S wr his determination and good intention W be in T heart of all S.E.A.L. Brot. Today get some good re will complete theission for you. The boys are almosthree miles from the caveence, a cherous mazet includes chambers filled to the ceiling with water. Inhis video you can seehat diver emerging from the water, the currento strong, he can ly grab the help line. Who arereing cuts on legs and feet,roviding food and thermal blankets. They can be seesmiling, and one even flashes a " victory sign. R their families waiting outside, victory seems far away. This mother saying, "I am dying to see him, M my son." But the Bo the youngest only years old, haven arduous journey ahead. I was told the current there is so strong that expert divers had their masks ripped off their faces. You can Sether soldiers taking I lengths of pipe trying to pump water out. Shows you what a massive logisticroblem this. Clause rasmuss is a certified caveer assisting with gistics. We're talking kilometer of transport under the water, zero visibility. It's a cave. It's very difficult. Reporter: But so much is stacked against the young athletes. If you don't know how to swim and you're in a bla environment, inside a cave, I a good environment to learn in. So nobody will tea anybody full cave protocol but keeping them comfortable, in an environment they cat away, that's fusible. Reporter: A deld begin soon, ag 5 to 8 inches he alreadysubmergecavern. It's going be hard for the Navy S.E.A.L.S to try T take a kid out. Reporter: Myeague, James Longman, S to a rescue worker. Maybe one or two days the storm is coming. A big pem with the flood in the cave Will they move them before the storm? Es. Ditely? Yes. Reporter: Inside the cave, the dire I of oxygen. There's about 400 rescuers at anyiven time. Airupply is diminishing rapidly. We have to to set the plan and find which is the best for the front line. Reporter: Now they are racing against time clearing obstacles,in WATE in the cave to give the boys a fightin chance to es. They're laying pipes, bing a dam. This areaen the second and third chamber nasble on foot. And they're even drilling through rock. Cues from the 2010 rescue of the Chilean miners. At rescue tovemonth to complete. Thk one of those who was rescued, Mario Sepulveda K as S Mario, sent well wishes to the team. Reporter: At thischool where six of the boysstudied, morning meditation for a saf rescue. Whou're see right now is arayer being said for the boys the cave. Every day the 2,800 sntt this school, six of theirellow students are at the cave right now. Every day they here, and they say prar hoping for the recovery the rescue ofse boys. These boys W members of the ill-fated wildboar soccer team tell me going intohe C was an adventure and rite of passage for many in the . Is it scary at all? You'reking four five kilometers,ee miles in, were you afraisi ow I would be. Co on. No. Rep they would bring snacks and flashlights F the trips, travelingomes for hours in and of the gave. They saithey werepoo be on that T but they missed practice THA day. One ofhem up late watching the world cup. What is like did know you cohave been in that cave? Still, twoks later? He says I he were in that cave, he would haven scared. So this is actice fieldha the team used T play on. In fact, it's T place they set ouom to go to that cave now it's a military mpment. Can see right there it's also a landing pad for rescue helicopters.I spoke with T head coach of at soccer team. He told meha he's always taught the boys be brave and strong, just like T team's name, the W boar how did you learn they disappeared?he says he started receiving calls from theents after their kids dt return home fromctice. How did you learn T the K had actually gone to that cave? He says he wentut searching himself, C upon theicycles and backs of the boys. He days passed, coach says they did their best to remain hopeful. Disconnectingm thes and social media, speg all of their Tim in front of the ca entrance,ing and praying that told be found. W coming. Many people are coming. Many, many people. We are the first.ny people coming. Repor day Ni. Ey're found. What wt L in that camp when the rescuers announced that ey had found them? He tells me,t was the happiestda his life. For now he says he can't wait for the team to come out safely, finally able hug them and know that 're okay. And theoys inside T cave sending ages to their family letting them know that are well.now we hearrom THA assistant coach trapped with them who apologizing to the families Ying, I promise I will C for the kids as best as poss. I want to agi to the rents." For "Nightline" I Matt Gutman in Thailand. Our thanks to Matt. And the team in land, of course. We'll have the lates update osgoodning America tomorrow.

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"Two teammates, Queu and Kaan, said they don't blame their soccer coach after he and 12 of their teammates were trapped in a cave after a hike on June 23.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56423190","title":"Effort to rescue Thai soccer teammates and coach trapped in cave continues","url":"/Nightline/video/effort-rescue-thai-soccer-teammates-coach-trapped-cave-56423190"}