Egypt: Nation on the Brink

Another day of crisis and crackdowns in Cairo, as Egypt braces for more massive protests.
3:06 | 07/05/13

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Transcript for Egypt: Nation on the Brink
-- are amazing days in Egypt and tonight that crisis in that nation of 85 million people has deepened the democratically elected president and his supporters. Have been rounded up by the military the constitution suspended. The streets of Cairo still filled with people and now the country bracing for new protest called for tomorrow by the president's furious Islamist supporters. ABC's Alexander -- -- has been covering this amazing story right from the start in Cairo and he joins us now. Out his first tell us what it feels like two day is this -- country on edge on the edge of civil war perhaps. Good evening Terry and it certainly does feel like that they're really -- Egypt's right now the one that you're seeing right behind me. Down here on top -- square which as you know. His -- birthplace of the revolution two and a half years ago there's been absolute jubilation since. President -- he stepped down 24 hours ago it feels something like our own Independence Day. Fireworks going off horns blaring they've got these laser pointers. President -- is still commands a huge level of support among the population of people who aren't out here on top -- -- swear the more conservative Muslims. Who live out on the country side. And today a top Muslim Brotherhood official said that this military who they're calling -- military coup. Would invite violence in the coming days and tomorrow the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies are planning. Counter protest against the military. That they are calling a Friday of rejection they say they want to keep it peaceful but -- -- so tense here that any small spark. Could set things off. The military has taken over. So what are they doing now to try to clamp down on the violence well -- he appearances it looks like they're trying to decapitate. The leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood which is former president foresees party it also issued arrest warrants for some 300 a Muslim Brotherhood members -- Be sure that the brotherhood won't take this lying down they will come back with some sort of response we get the impression that they're trying to regroup now and waiting to see what their reaction will be. -- Alex as you know Egypt is such a critical country in that region and for the United States a key. Ally in some ways in keeping whatever is left -- stability in the Middle East is there anything the US can do it all -- we just gonna stand by and watch this happen. -- at the very sensitive issue for the US the US has expressed concern they have stayed away from calling it a military coup. Like the Muslim -- -- -- because that has certain implications it would cut off funding to Egypt now Egypt gets one of the biggest amount of funding. From the US second only to Israel they get one point six billion dollars a year one point three of which. Goes the military Egyptian military is going out of its way to make it look like it at that carried out -- -- Today we saw it -- wearing an interim president. He is the top constitutional judge. Here in Egypt but everyone knows where the real power lies and that's with the military. All right Alex stay safe I know you'll be on the story for us all day -- ABC news is gonna have continuing coverage of the crisis in Egypt. On all of our broadcasts and on line.

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{"id":19583401,"title":"Egypt: Nation on the Brink","duration":"3:06","description":"Another day of crisis and crackdowns in Cairo, as Egypt braces for more massive protests.","url":"/Nightline/video/egypt-nation-brink-19583401","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}