This Entrepreneur Turned His Tumblr Into a Social Media Empire

Elliot Tebele and his team have turned his wildly popular Instagram account ****Jerry into a booming business.
6:18 | 09/07/16

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Transcript for This Entrepreneur Turned His Tumblr Into a Social Media Empire
If I told you a group of men in their late 20s were spending their days posting jokes on instagram you'd probably think they should get jobs. But for this social media branding team that is their job. Here's ABC's chief business technology and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis with another installment of "Social stars." Let's do it. Meme this. Reporter: We're with three of the top meme masters on instagram. Putting them to the test. How would they help this picture of Donald Trump become a meme sensation? Don't worry, I got this. Reporter: And the likely winner? When your stepdad comes and drags you out of the party. Reporter: Making memes is what 25-year-old Elliot does for a living. He created the now-famous instagram account, that four-letter word we can't say. I like to post things people normally wouldn't say out loud. You read it and it's super stamplly relatable. Reporter: Like, when you're feeling fat after a long weekend. Or, when you're at work checking the time. All those posts heard round the internet got their viral start here. In five years, his instagram account has amassed nearly 10 million followers, which has helped turn his memes into money with those corporate-sponsored posts. He says it's all about relatable content. Like the post I just posted today . When you flip the pillow over to the colder side. It's like the owl having an orgasm. In one minute we had 2,079 likes. Pretty good. That's not really something you say out loud but everybody does it. It's the best feeling. Stuff like that. Reporter: What's even better, some super-famous followers. Bieber, the rock, Kendall, Khloe, K. Perry, these are people that are Elliot's most active followers. Based on like who has the most followers and who likes and interacts with his posts the most. Reporter: Ben Kaplan is director of business for the growing meme empire. Three to five units, can you do that? Reporter: Ideas come from all over. Sometimes fans weigh in. This poor girl sends us e-mails. Took another photo! Thought you might want to post it! Reporter: Their office is tailor-made for fun. And plenty of those iconic party cups. How many posts do you put in a day? Sometimes I don't post any, sometimes I post like six. Three is the sweet spot. This has the most likes in the past couple of months, quit

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{"duration":"6:18","description":"Elliot Tebele and his team have turned his wildly popular Instagram account ****Jerry into a booming business.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"41912543","title":"This Entrepreneur Turned His Tumblr Into a Social Media Empire","url":"/Nightline/video/entrepreneur-turned-tumblr-social-media-empire-41912543"}