Experts compare Jacob Blake’s violent arrest to Kyle Rittenhouse’s release on bail

San Francisco Police Department Captain Yulanda Williams, ABC News contributor and columnist LZ Granderson and attorney Brian Buckmire discuss how the two cases compare.
5:22 | 01/15/21

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Transcript for Experts compare Jacob Blake’s violent arrest to Kyle Rittenhouse’s release on bail
For more on the shooting, arrest, and unrest that shook Kenosha, Wisconsin, earlier I spoke with ABC news contributor Elsie Granderson, ABC news contributor and attorney Brian buckmire, and the president of officers for justice, captain Yolanda Williams. Captain, I'll start with you. As police departments across the country look to change their practices, how could de-escalation have changed the outcome of this situation? Well, I think de-escalation could have come into play because we could have had a utilization of perhaps some of the community members or neighbors that may have been in the area. We could have also considered contacting some mental health professionals to back up these officers. Or some other officers that may have been trained in crisis intervention or mental health training and development. So these are some of the things that we are now employing at SFPD, and we're finding these resources have been extremely helpful to us in quelling down situations that could escalate and spin out of control. The Kenosha county district attorney has declined to press charges against the officer that shot Jacob Blake, saying the officer followed his training. Why is it so rare for officers to be charged in these incidents? It's rare because the law supports officers, for the most part, when it comes to situations like this. An officer following his training, that makes sense from a civil standpoint. But the question here is whether or not use of force was appropriate or self-defense is appropriate. I don't see that applying, I think the district attorney got it wrong. Kyle Rittenhouse killed two, wounded another in a protest following Blake's shooting. How common is it for someone to be charged with a double murder to be out free on bond? Being charged with a double murder is very rare. If you want to look at the ahmaud arbery case where remand was imposed, meaning they couldn't pay any amount of bail, that's typically more common of what we see of homicide cases, especially double homicide. The fact that he got bond I think is pretty peculiar. Elsie, a study in contrasts. When police officers respond to the incident involving Jacob Blake, he was shot seven times. Yet when Kyle Rittenhouse was walking around the protest killing people, he was able to walk away from the crime scene, pass police officers, and drive home before he was detained. How does this illustrate, in your mind, the different ways black and white people are viewed by law enforcement? I think you eloquently laid out the differences right there. The officers in Kenosha were in a hostile situation, and there's literally someone walking by them with a gun, and they didn't respond to him the way they would have if that person was African-American. Lz, Jacob Blake is not like the George Floyd case. This is a case with lots of gray. How much of this do you think is training or race or a combination thereof? I think it is a combination. I've been on the police beat for newspapers around this country, I've gone on ride-alongs, I'm friends with police officers. I know it's a dangerous job, we all do. But that doesn't mean you get to be judge and jury even if you feel you are being threatened. You still need to follow the law, because that's a human life that you may be taking. Lz, a final question to you. You and I have talked about this over the years off camera, two men of color who raised, our parents gave us the talk. I know you have a son. What does the talk look like for you in light of the Jacob Blake case and all the other cases? Because of the pandemic, my 24-year-old son has been with me much of the past 10 months. Every single time there is a video that comes out, we have the talk. He respects, he listens, because it's always good to be reminded. Which is unfortunate commentary, because we're talking generation after generation, which means the issue has been following us generation after generation. And captain, Brian, final thoughts about this notion. You all, this is your business, but personally how do you engage family and friends about these issues? First you, captain. Personally, I have several grandsons. And I speak to them on a daily basis about how to have an encounter with law enforcement and walk away successfully. And also to my fellow officers. I speak with them about the need for us T conversations surrounding uniformity in our training and the way we police, in such a manner that everyone walks away safely. Brian, we'll give you the last word. Yeah, so I have a younger brother who's 20 years old. I'm literally his legal guardian. On my wrist I have tattooed "I am my brother's keeper." After George Floyd he called me crying, asking, how do I not be a hashtag? I taught my brother how to shave, I literally potty trained my brother, and it's heartbreaking that I don't have this answer, as a homicide public defender, how he can not become a hashtag. We try to practice safe practices of de-escalation, knowing your rights but trying to come home safe. Come home safe, amen. Thanks to all of you. We'll see you down theroad. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Coming up, the act of

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{"duration":"5:22","description":"San Francisco Police Department Captain Yulanda Williams, ABC News contributor and columnist LZ Granderson and attorney Brian Buckmire discuss how the two cases compare.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"75269032","title":"Experts compare Jacob Blake’s violent arrest to Kyle Rittenhouse’s release on bail","url":"/Nightline/video/experts-compare-jacob-blakes-violent-arrest-kyle-rittenhouses-75269032"}