'It's fashion with protection': Bulletproof wear demand is rising, say designers

From bulletproof bespoke suits to backpacks to Bibles, body armor makers see untapped potential in the U.S. market.
8:51 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for 'It's fashion with protection': Bulletproof wear demand is rising, say designers
Reporter: A test not even eir most sacred wedding vows prared tm for. Designer Miguel Cao aiming a loaded gun hisbeloved wife Carolina and pulling the trigger. All to prove the point, that their latest product S. As you can see my husband just shot . And, this is the bullet. Everything is perfect. Reporter: MC ar designs hindulletproof clothing with looks for the entire family. It'sfashion, fashion with prti Jackets. Purposes accessories, even a childr line. And business at their Miami showroom and floridaun stores are hotter than a pistol. Reporter: HEC to open in the U.S. Et, why? We tho it was the moment. The U.S. Have a lot of GU of course. And it's part O culture. We want to save lives. As soons we see something as a shooting, massive ting, we need how to be there. Repr: The body a I a $465illion industry in the U.S. A expected to hit ov $5 billion globally in the N years. Theidrowth fueled by fears over an incasing number of mass shootings from Las Vegas to parkland,florida. At this gun store in Miami, MC armor's versi of the ballistic t-sh front and center. The price $500. Gun store owner David Johns says ballisticccessories hav been selling out. Have a full ectrum, lawyers, doctors, we have a lot of realtors, that goo B neighborhood. Landlords that haveff to collect rent. En also, this is south a, home of road rage. People look to keep I in T car in case. Repor once perceived as pructs for the highly Ted fer tohe public. Theny started offering the product T diplomats, you had rnment contacts. But after a bit civilians. So what K of civilians would buy yourprodt? We have for exampl Uber driver Rorter: Uber drivers? Here in the U.S.? Yes, yes. Reporter: The Colombian company into T business in 1992 their native countryavaged by ime and murder. Drug lord, Pablo est his peak, and government corruption rampan anything to make citizens feel safe about that, little bit, ve beginning products? Yes we, have done for example the E. For a priest. Reporter: A bulletproof bible fo pr. He had the biblell T time in the front. He can use it as the a shield. Reporteheir fashion Lin evolving asemand fro diplomats, executives an bold-faced names grew. No for princess in thaila Reporter: Bulletproof kimono. First for ray into the U.S. Rket after unspeakable tragedy. 20 children murdered at sandy hook element Newtown, Connecticut. Shee toign the first bulletproof, children's backpacks, for the U.S. The cost, $500. So this she children's backpack, yeah. Yes. Eporter: Tell me a this. Hold it, not tooheavy. No, just look a Reporter: Wow. Okay. They W it how? Like a Normal backpack? Yes, O as a shield. You will take I use its a shield. Reporter: When the parent buys the back T have explain this is what you do in an emergency? Exactly. I'm motor of the 17-year-old son. Outraged by the idea, a bulletproof backpack is going toprotect him from thisdemic of mass school shootings in our country. Eporter:ha Walts anti-gun violence advocate she says marketing to the general pu is not a solution. 'S the technology that is the the materials are important F member the police force and try. The ISS is that American civis are seeking them out, because our lawma areot doing their jobs, not passing la so itctually sm the flow of gun vnce in country. Unfortunately, S says fear and anxietys bring in new customers. Already sold out. Reporter: S out? Yes. Reporteft parkland shooting youold Yes. Reporter: Youpared for the backlash. There W be one. People will say this is a company making a lotf money off O fear? But it is not about fear. It is, it its abouotection. Reporter: Only a few products this $299 pur claim T protect customers from caliber weapons. Like an ar 15iautomatic rifle. Nobody would bli an E at this. O it. B sides. Okay. Open it. You will have the full action. It is already bulloof. Right there. Here you a level four plate. Put this into your neck.orter: Okay. Fits easily overthere. You canact. Reporter: I can move. Th some protection. Protection. Level four. Levelfour. Ar-15, problem. No problem. Eporter: Currently, there are0 milli guns in the U.S. Icen way to a Greg market oeople king protection. They saw the opportunity so they started a first cny in the U.S. To offer ballistic future. In the time since the doors end here in thetore has the profile of who is walking in off the St changed? Yes, I wouldinitely say so. We get a lot more celebrities, liticians. Reporter: Suits costing from $5,000 to $9,000. This cut is moreitalian. Eporter: It is gorgeous. Gorgeous. And the Tie, the shirt. Reporter: The and material as the unique as the produce Some of the fabrics a the same brand that go, high end ands, ysl, Versace, on custom side offg itn ballistic. Reporter: They invite us in the factory in south Flor This is our first fay, E all the magic happens. Thiss the pattern right? Thing for ballc suits aswell. Reporter: Each of the sheets E seere, this is, this is Mo you guys? This is theroduct that saves lives. Reporter: . This creates the bestha fo their life being saved. They hav let us in because they want us tee they test their product up government standard. Rter: Withhe touch of a button. Alet odd into the product. Orter: You barely heard it? Absolute here we have, where the penetrn was. What kind ofbullet? 9 MM. Common bullet people need ection from. It is, yeah. Go ahw the panel. No break. Theullet didn't get penetration. Here I the front again. Reporter: It went . The back side. Backe. No penetration. Although most of their clients work for T U.S. Government they say moremore, everyday amers, are willing to rge. Like H Ross, a former marine, norking in the security industry. It is going to you perfectly.cu ballistic undershirt. Reporter: Despite expertise he sees the shirt as a ck form of defense for the expected. Reporter: This is several hundd dollar,hye th Same reason you buy a first kit. Don't buy it because you want to use it. You buy it iu didn't have it when Y youeed it you're out of luck. Reporter: So ne C how do you know the suitsre the right one? W take akground check of each person inquiring ballistic pr. Couldell to anyone. Few statdone in person. We take it a steher. We want to make sure it Getz into the right hand. Repor have yoever come up against a conflict? We, have. We have turnedwa sever people. Who were even willing T fly into the local airport on their private es. Reporter: Background checks are notre by law for ballisticclothing. However, it isegor convicted felons to buy them. Take seriously. First thing I see, rre approve bkground check. The armored ind just in the beginning stages. Carolina says, she hes her team will soon be theiggest market. Women a yourt market now? Women the U.S., specifical Yes.actly. Orter: Whys that? Why? Women are learning abut guns. Lrning about safety. Andsecurity. So they to know how to carry their family, the ones they love. So, they're, beginning to use a lotproduct. ?????? Next, trouble iad

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{"id":56558400,"title":"'It's fashion with protection': Bulletproof wear demand is rising, say designers ","duration":"8:51","description":"From bulletproof bespoke suits to backpacks to Bibles, body armor makers see untapped potential in the U.S. market.","url":"/Nightline/video/fashion-protection-bulletproof-wear-demand-rising-designers-56558400","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}