Fast Food Revolution: Taco Bell's Secret to Success

Taco Bell's transformation of the traditional taco with Doritos shells has proven very successful.
3:00 | 04/02/13

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Transcript for Fast Food Revolution: Taco Bell's Secret to Success
Any major thoroughfare and American and be long before you spot a Taco Bell. The fast food mega franchise known for its iconic talking to -- commercials and foray isn't additions as daring as they are delectable. In a country fueled by fast food -- imaginations of classic cuisine ABC's John -- and gets a firsthand look at an American company. Causing quite a -- They could be screening for -- boy band but instead. They're screaming for of all -- a taco. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's right cool ranch to Rita interviews coupled l.'s transformation of the traditional taco and if they have any say in it. The entire fast food industry how did that concept carve out. That's -- that is that's the story everyone's one of the -- outside and was. A few years ago. We we're about to turn fifty so I think you know what I want I want to re invent the talk. Did you think about the talking hasn't trying to fifties. It's corny it's yellow this fall and check the topic there's been innovation in bonds and -- -- and everything else that is -- now integration talkers are said to detain. Let's reinvent the -- But Arenas logos taco a uniquely American delicacies and yet on -- -- -- are selling -- -- Americans. When 54 year old CEO Greg creed -- -- -- twelve years ago. -- boom room what do you think was the perception Taco Bell -- cheap messy. Low quality that was probably the perception twelve years ago. And I think we've done hardly an amazing job literally turned so we let us inside -- a rare look at taco -- headquarters in Irvine California. What do you like what they're talking. That. Everybody -- failing. How I don't worry I'm good he's try to make the place feel more -- -- dot com start -- to Andrew -- -- -- Kim. And a six point eight billion dollar year fast food giant. Glen bell hence the name Taco Bell. Probably never imagined the neon orange taco shell when he built the first Taco Bell restaurant. In the early 1960s. Back then few Americans had heard of tacos you didn't today at the top ten fast food chains. Taco -- as the only one selling Mexican cuisine. One million to -- -- -- -- per day. How do you do -- hundred million in the first quarter and I have a 400 million sort of fall so you do it because it's a very simple idea to -- -- on the outside. Both classic thanks for talk of on the inside. Did you do it because no one else can do it. Frito-Lay the makers of Doritos even announced this week that they now have a to -- chip inspired by the taco. But as Taco Bell has risen to be the sixth largest fast food chain in America. It faces a familiar criticism that -- contributing to the nation's obesity problem. How much fat is and it -- how we. -- -- -- well the count the calorie counting talkers is quite law I think it's like listen 200 houses in the top -- But the great thing about talk of bush you've got choice right we have barely conscious about giving people choice and that it's up to the people -- -- choice. For them to make it I can't force them to eat whatever -- -- -- me. We've taken a million and a half pounds of Saudi. Out of their parked in the lot -- and we -- told notably. And the reason we've told nobody is -- people worry that you take said he announcement replaces. Cutting backed -- ten or 15%. There's almost inconsequential. To the flavor pro -- the problem there -- excellence in general Michael lost the author of the new book salt sugar fat. Spent years researching the big food companies. He knows firsthand how -- companies work to make a product that will make you crave more -- it happens in Houston were the product. There's the fat and sugar and cross marks while they're reducing salt they sure haven't reduced the shirt removed from former stool. More orange who snack foods that are -- -- -- -- Sugar. Domestic issue when it comes through when it comes to -- do but create insists Taco Bell isn't ignoring the growing obese. Epidemic -- should -- young -- -- these beautiful ingredients for the world you know we introduced the cantina bell we worked with Lorena Garcia who is an amazing woman and amazing chef. And she sort of has -- us to create the cantina bell -- and that was you know -- black beings and that's want to why draw ice core purpose also. Taco Bell isn't alone in pursuing healthier options McDonald's and Burger King now offers salads and wraps and even -- KFC. They now offer grilled chicken alongside the famous deep fried version. The cantina life that totally different than what you tell little war. The roll -- of each new menu item now comes on the side of social media marketing hugely sites like FaceBook and Twitter to create a -- -- -- the tiny town of Bethel Alaska was tricked into thinking Taco Bell would finally open up there. Just for the town wouldn't be disappointed -- -- -- and a truck of taco. And now the taco tycoon says they have the burger giant. -- -- -- I think in the next ten years they gonna have to part of -- 100000 people. -- talk about. Just because of this -- not just because it has been this talk of it creates grow arthritis so we that we think we can build -- the 2000 restaurant next ten years ago for success in the right now we think we can double the size of Taco Bell. Doubled from about seven billion to a forty billion dollar -- A part of that growth is customer service welcome the Taco Bell could take you order. Employees are expected to fill orders he orders -- play in under 65 seconds these ones they already have my home. Five minutes to and I do -- oh. Not -- not there will look at despite my shortcomings. I managed to feed some hungry customers. A gap -- email but today. -- the -- you -- your work your full time. Believe -- -- -- -- areas with -- actually where I never would have thought of that before -- -- actually really get and that's that's genuine affection for hitting -- pretty good indeed you're thinking outside the -- For Nightline and John -- in -- -- Irvine California.

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{"id":18867327,"title":"Fast Food Revolution: Taco Bell's Secret to Success","duration":"3:00","description":"Taco Bell's transformation of the traditional taco with Doritos shells has proven very successful.","url":"/Nightline/video/fast-food-revolution-taco-bell-18867327","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}