Feed Frenzy: Area 51 - It Does Exist!

But newly released declassified documents from the CIA finally acknowledge Area 51's existence.
2:05 | 08/17/13

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Transcript for Feed Frenzy: Area 51 - It Does Exist!
The hidden history behind the flashing lights that caught our eyes. And captured our imaginations. In tonight's -- frenzy. Plus no. For decades the government denied its very existence bombing a rash of conspiracy theories of alien invaders. But today declassified CIA documents revealed for the first time. What -- observers already knew or thought they knew. This area 51 the secret air force base in Nevada actually exists agent Mulder knew it in the X-Files. The proof that we suspect that the government will hold on our hands that. That proof is here it was the -- the worst kept secret even the president in Independence Day got clued in. Regardless of what you may have read there's no area 51. And there's no recovered spaceship. Excuse me. It's not. We -- suspected. So what the government hiding all these years hidden history the US have been flying spy planes over the Soviet Union but they couldn't -- -- -- -- normal altitudes so the air force began to develop planes that could -- much much higher at 90000. Feet. And they found the perfect high altitude based at home. In the deserts of Nevada. Conspiracy seat and you -- folks this was supposed to be -- force tightly guarded secret. But it's no surprise that people in the area and then around the country began to the fact. That that was more than just sand in the middle of the Mohammed. I think you also. Maybe reverse engineering. UFO's. Truth revealed now actual government proof including maps of the secret site. Though no mention of alien autopsy is. According to these bland documents area 51 was used to test U2 spy planes which were responsible for those flashing lights in the sky -- so many mistook. For US photos. But for your true conspiracy theorist this revelation means nothing. After all some parts of the report --

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"But newly released declassified documents from the CIA finally acknowledge Area 51's existence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19988673","title":"Feed Frenzy: Area 51 - It Does Exist!","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-area-51-exist-19988673"}