Feed Frenzy: Royal Baby Name Betting Craze

Tens of thousands of royal gamblers are still waiting to see if they picked the right name.
2:02 | 07/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Feed Frenzy: Royal Baby Name Betting Craze
George Zimmermann is roadside assistance and the frenzied -- it. Over naming the -- all in tonight's -- friends. Name that baby. Now that prince William and Catherine have welcomed a baby boy English bettors who wagered on a boy are celebrating even more than the average Brit. But other royal gamblers are waiting to find out that they correctly picked the name of the eight pound six sound scared of the British throne. Book -- -- Brooks took in 50000. Bets alone after Kate went into labor. Never underestimate the British public's obsession with the royal family said a company spokesman. Most popular names for the little friends include James and -- war. Roadside assistance. George Zimmermann is out of court but back in the news. Today abcnews.com. Broke the story that just days after being acquitted of all charges in the shooting death that trade on -- Zimmerman apparently helped the family of four -- SUV overturned off off highway in Sanford Florida. Witnesses -- -- called 911 describing the scene. It looks like six or this is what we are right now there's a bunch of people would stop -- record try to get the car. Zimmerman himself didn't place the call he left the crash site after speaking with police -- traffic jam. Imagine having the honor of driving the -- around on a trip to Brazil. And now imagine making -- won't turn in front of thousands of followers and fans what happens. Exactly what you'd expect his security team has a papal meltdown. As his car is surrounded by well wishers. Both Francis who passed on the typical Pope mobile opting instead for a small car simply -- down the window and waved happily to the crowd. Guess those thousands yes thousands of security guards weren't really need for --

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{"id":19743385,"title":"Feed Frenzy: Royal Baby Name Betting Craze","duration":"2:02","description":"Tens of thousands of royal gamblers are still waiting to see if they picked the right name.","url":"/Nightline/video/feed-frenzy-royal-baby-betting-craze-19743385","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}