Filling in the Diamond?

Part 2: How upfront are jewelers about the diamonds they?re selling?
7:45 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for Filling in the Diamond?
After going undercover to buy engagement rings, we had laboratory proof that we had been sold not one but two diamonds with glass filled cracks. Got the rock. They were sold with very impressive appraisals but what were they really worth? We're here for a second opinion. Well, this stone has been fracture filled. Turns out for stones like this he automatically deducts value. First up the one from it is sales woman, jenny. They have an $8500 value which is absurd. His estimate $2800. Almost six grand less than the appraisal we were given at the store. Remember they charged us $3500 a fair price for af clarity enhanced diamond. So we didn't overpay but we didn't necessarily know what we were buying? Right. Next up, the stone from that sales guy, alex, with its whopping $9700 appraisal. Value is about $3,000. That's about what we paid but almost 7 grand less than the original appraisal we were given. First thing I tell my clients is to go back to the seller and say I didn't know what clarity enhanced was I want my money back. By now if I was actually a bachelor I have been shocked and surprised to learn the truth about these diamonds. We have some tough questions to ask. We do. Should we get changed? I hate to put this ugly wig back on but, okay. Time to go back to the store in disguise to see what they have to say and reveal who we are. First we go see alex, the guy who told us clarity enhancement was just polishing. We took it to independent appraisers and they said clarity enhancement is filling the crack with glass that is based on led. All right. Is that not the case with this stone? I've never heard someone tell me that. You don't know what clarity enhancement is. I know it's a polishing. It's time to tell these guys who we really are. Remember when I was here the last time you kept asking me about this mustache. You're right. It was totally fake and this is not my mom. This is a gem expert and we had this looked at by experts and it is fracture filled. You did not explain that to me when I was here. You asked me about it? I asked you what is clarity enhancement. I said it's a polishing process. That's not true. No one even told me. You don't know? I know it's a polishing process. Sounds like maybe you don't understand what you are selling. From what I know it just covers up inclusions. Polishing is the external part of the stone. This is work done on the internal. It's the same thing. It's polish on the inside. Now you're saying it's polish on the inside. That's different. I did say it was polish. This is one of the most emotional purchases a man will make in his life. Don't you have a responsibility to tell me everything about the stone? Many people know they're buying an enhanced stone -- then the owner joins in. I clearly didn't know it was enhanced. I asked you and you didn't explain to me. You have it on camera before? A matter of fact, I do after we show the video we tells us about the ring. I went to get the thing refitted and they used a lot of heat on it it would melt. They put direct heat to it. Yes. But I was never warned. You want your money back, you're welcome to get your money back. Write you a check, no problem. We're n doing anything to misrespect you. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. When I ask if the sale was deceptive he gets angry that our cameras are rolling. Don't take my picture. Take to my like a man. I need the property back. It's your property. If you want us to leave, we'll leave. You came in good faith. We're trying to be in good faith. Will you explain going forward? I'll tell them. If the end he offers our money back and offers to help us find a new diamond. You see, we're all still friends. Sorry about the -- thank you. I'm happy to beid of the mustache. Did you get it? Was it stuck on your shoe? Somehow I managed to lose my fake mustache. So without facial hair I soldier on. Is it possible to polish something from the inside? They're not polishing those fractures. They're filling them with led glass. Next up we head to jenny, remember she glossed over the answer when I asked her about clarity enhancement. She's here and we head downstairs. So I did some research into the stone and you didn't say when I bought it that it's actually filled with cracks that have been treated with glass. That's correct. Yes. You mean clarity? Yes. Yes. That's the ce part. Now she tells us. Remember I explained to you this is what they do to make the stones better. That's not telling me it's got cracks in it. Now it's time to tell her who we really are. My name is dan harris from abc news and she's an expert in gems. We've been recording this whole thing. When I asked you about it you said it had to do with the prongs of the diamond. You said basically it's not the way it was born. They make it beautiful. That's how they do it. It is a diamond. I'm not saying it's not a diamond. Don't you think you should have told me it actually had cracks in it. I did tell you they do work to it to make it beautiful. That's basically why they're less expensive. You didn't tell me that. After chatting we decide it's time to go upstairs and see jenny's boss. I don't want this. You want to talk, put the cameras down. Off camera she apologizes and says jenny should have given us more information and that she simply made a bad decision that day. Jenny's first response was it was a real diamond that I sold you, legit? That's not the issue. The issue is this is a real diamond but it has been treated in a manner that severely affects the price. Throughout our journey she did remind us that there are jewelers who sell enhanced diamonds with full disclosure. On our initial shopping run we did find one jeweler like that. I'm laura. Hi, laura. We met laura at a shop called mr. Diamond usa and she brought up enhanced diamonds right away. We have enhanced diamonds or treated stones. I'd rather go natural and have imperfections in the stones and you know what you are buying. At the end of the day we wanted to pay her another visit, too. I feel in the long run I want to put my head on the pillow at night and sleep comfortable and that I said exactly what they're getting. Thank you. It's nice to have a positive

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"Part 2: How upfront are jewelers about the diamonds they?re selling? ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19633819","title":"Filling in the Diamond?","url":"/Nightline/video/filling-diamond-19633819"}