Flashpoint: Refugees In America (Part 1)

An extraordinary, year long journey with Syrian refugees who now call America home.
7:05 | 09/21/16

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Transcript for Flashpoint: Refugees In America (Part 1)
This journey begins when you rebuild the first day of school in one American talent. And produce new first grader at nervous pull back. Chrysler elementary school Modesto California back. And the will have they been practicing in the main office. Under the New England. It'll really help. Two sisters signing in their passports on the counter. Oh. Public is six years old her home back in Syria is no burned to the ground. Welcome how and on her first gray door here in America can you read them a sign in Arabic. This is. I can't lock hot flash is a very special because she is not from America this is race theory yet and he. If our cameras roll as the children became US simple questions about the brutal mean Hala. What happens Siri. Syrian there's lots of good things happening right here in theory that an accurate analysis safe place for the heat. Okay. And no one could have predicted what was bound to happen in towns across America. Would tear strikes around you. You're letting individual that can potentially hurt aren't good. This idea the whole. And all of it comes after this that haunting picture of the Syrian boy. These body washing up on the beach to humanitarian crisis exploded yeah. With the Syrian refugee. Just weeks after that searing image last September. We were there when Hollis family arrived on that flight to America. A crash course some like that America. Vaccination record six. From cool relief I think aren't resettlement agencies. How nothing to put the dishwasher. How to use a washer and dryer and how to get won't. We noticed the smile when she discovers a familiar spikes and Anders Hala. Who was taking Italy and it's funny like how. At a bus stop just stop like this. Yeah every bus has a number. And there they sit on the journey in their new country. And we were about to check in how are they now doing on the room. Though they have the power area here via. Then down the short hallway two bedrooms shared by the children as eight and hollows older sister fallen for pretty proud to shall meet her school notebook. Oh geography Syria. Do you miss home. You missed this is your room and where do you sleep. And we noticed something it is a fiscal picture. At elect papers are handout here. First sign of confidence. That's older sisters are now tested walking into high school in America. We're gonna test then there English ability to outline. Then happy. Refugees from the Middle East arrived without even hopefully the ability turn right I schoolteacher in deeper ones the language institute embracing young refugees. And fan club and he found I'm from Yemen and from the now so Maryann is that also from Syria as Maria would be a lifeline. But who sisters who skeet war. I'm not confident allowed him that and I think you know. It best in harm's class. They yelled out the sun yellow cake they yellow. Yellow and red. The disconnect is daunting there weren't feeling warnings that she she cried probably different than an hour and a half. Palma lost in her new world. With her father still remembers when Hubble was hurt in Syria. And there was no help to be found in the mountains of Ford it is what to block and alarmed follows. Do you feel safe in America Jews. It's. But 45 d.'s deputy arrive in the US and its. The attacks in Paris. One of the attackers using a fake Syrian passport. Posing as a refugee. This has got to stop. They don't want to be Americans the political pressure mounts the way the mayor did this was under handle. And can I think we have to thank noted that instantly and at 32 governors announced they will hold Syrian refugees and that Syrian family in Modesto. Is listening. Listen they could be ices I don't know if I win. They're going back to going back. Propelling. It going back. Indeed Boise Idaho we bleakness of flash doesn't. State Department doesn't RC yeah. Protesters angry over president Obama's plan to accept 101000 Syrian refugees they're not race it. The other side of the street we welcome refugees. And you. The protesters asking how could we be sure. We're living in we'd better watch our backs like Donald Trump or we needed today. Where's Donald. Living indexing talent Osman el who claim the Syrian refugee a mother. Whose husband was kidnapped in Syria never to be seen again she is now sensing danger here. I thought to see people acting differently I can really lock the doors locked and windows because somebody kind of got just because we are within board. Because we are sending in. And then her son is attacked gals if they are more than armor and listened and he says yes and more often than. That Macon guy he punish him and his face. And he said if fuel if I were feeling downtown I'll kill you. Special state of Idaho. Vs Christopher loves the 25 year old is charged with a hate crime and pleads guilty to lesser charge obviously mr. Sentenced to 68 days in jail. Hate crimes against Muslims are now at their highest level since 9/11. What we come back we traveled to LaMont Jordan. The crush its Syrian families waiting to come to America but who is betting bill what kind of documentation that they have to thank. Back in Modesto the community suddenly. Closing here keep or count ended cheerful teacher defending. I do not seen that he didn't hear. Should he did nothing and we are as Americans.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"An extraordinary, year long journey with Syrian refugees who now call America home. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"42240898","title":"Flashpoint: Refugees In America (Part 1)","url":"/Nightline/video/flashpoint-refugees-america-part-42240898"}