'Friday Night Tykes' Coach Suspensions Spark Debate

Two coaches accused of pushing dangerous play have some asking if pee-wee football has gone too far.
3:00 | 02/06/14

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Transcript for 'Friday Night Tykes' Coach Suspensions Spark Debate
You're about to enter a world of pea wee sports that's far more intense than you might expect. In fact, some of these moves aren't even allowed in the NFL. Two coaches have just been suspended after new video raised serious questions about parenting, safety and what's okay in the name of victory. Many parents think their kids are getting good life skills this way, but when do they cross that proverbial line? It's called Friday night tights a pea wee reality show that's a little too real. Don't give me that soft crap. Pint sized players encouraged by players and coaches to toughen up, play like pros. These are third grader, 8 and 9 years old. Quit crying. There's no reason to cry, dude. It's hard watching the show. It feels like you're watching child abuse. The show has caused a firestorm because of behavior like this. A coach cursing. Another coach pushing his players to do things the NFL has banned. I want you put it in his helmet. You understand? I don't care if you don't get up. Let's go. The coaches were both suspended. The question now, is this kind of coaching and sideline parenting just tough love? Parents should definitely step up to a coach who is doing the wrong thing. It only takes a few bad coaches to cause some emotional, physical challendamage to a child. It has to do with a child wanting to compete than grooming the next entertainers and athletes. Kids don't need con B tact at that level. They don't need to be banging heads. They need to be solving problems with their hands and their feet. And they can be introduced to contact in a more thoughtful kind of way. The question of how hard to push the youngest of players is as old as the game. And not just the game of football. This is from an old peter Jennings report about little league baseball. You let me down. You did. I don't give a What you do, you let me down. I don't care if you play 100%. I'll get you, buddy. More recently, we've seen controversial coaching in youth basketball in the documentary "Little ballers." The next time you throw a temper tantrum, take off your uniform and go back to the hotel and stay there. That full throated passion part of the cowl chur of sports in this country, lampooned in movies like "Kicking and screaming." And celebrated by the original hockey mom herself, Sarah Palin in 2008. They say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull -- lipstick. These third graders are being coached to drive men any monster trucks. Even learning to ride bulls. So the full contact coaching and Friday night tights are in good company. Abusive behavior cost a Rutgers basketball coach his job. Encouraging brutal hits led to the suspension of one of the coaches of the New Orleans saints. Some of the parents depend the coaches on the show, saying they're not just sugar coating it for the kids. Sometimes the coaches can be rough and they're trying to bring out the best in the kids. They see the potential. They know when to push and when to pat on the back or the shoulder. And they've got great relationships working with the boys and with other coaches. Then again, that same mom can be seen on the show demonstrating some pretty tough love herself. You can do this. You're stronger than this. Don't you stop. I would be very concerned with what parents are doing and what the coaches are doing, because in some ways, it is bullying. There are situations where kids don't want to do some of these things that they're being told to do and don't know any better. And here are the coaches, here are the parents push them to do things that may be unethical or mean or aggressive. And that's going to translate into bull piing behaviors on the part of these children when they are in another arena, a more social arena away from the athletics. The two coaches, now benched, admit they were over the line. I'm definitely apologetic for that. It was a bone head moment, a bad decision on my part but it was part of the passion that I have for the game. Lacking back on what happened and what was recorded, it was not good. You don't realize what you say sometimes in the heat of the passion of what you're trying to pass on. And it's tough to bring words back after they're recorded and displayed. Don't stop! In other words, they got carried away. I guarantee you I'll bury you if you do it. I guarantee it! In the wide world of sports these days is par for the course. I'm David Wright for night Lieng in New York.

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{"id":22387327,"title":"'Friday Night Tykes' Coach Suspensions Spark Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Two coaches accused of pushing dangerous play have some asking if pee-wee football has gone too far.","url":"/Nightline/video/friday-night-tykes-coach-suspensions-spark-debate-22387327","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}