Friend of woman allegedly killed by husband on why something 'didn't seem right'

Nickole Atkinson was a close friend of Shanann Watts, the woman who was found dead along with her two young daughters, Celeste and Bella.
7:14 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for Friend of woman allegedly killed by husband on why something 'didn't seem right'
His afternoon my offic D former charges against Christophe Lee Watts. Repter: Tonight a bombshell isin the case against Christopher Watts accused of killing hregnant wife and two a newly red affidavit Watts saying it was his now deceased wifehanann who murdered 3-year-old Celeste and ar-old Bella. It is a new twist I Thi type O caseor the accused to sort of start spinning plates as fa as what happened Reporter: Devealing that Watts claimed to have talk wife about merit separation that morning and later fou her actively ranging one of their daughters while the O laid sprawled out oner bed and blue. The affidavit claims then went into a rage anltimately strangled shananno death. If the story windo up being true, obsly a jury is going to loo very favorably and probably a judge too as to what happen Rorter: This news coming after alew of charge against the coloradousband and fa. At any point didou consider the death penalty? Way early to havehat conversation. Reporter: They seeme like the picture suburban bliss. He kids. Have fun. They're sitting there png with daddy. Orter: In facook video Watts pla the part O a loving hnd and doting father. ??? He reads me books ??? ??? he ties my shoes ??? but bind the smiles per difft story. Those S documents now revealing that chr was actively involved in an affair with a co-worker, something he ha previously denied. But according to shanann's friend Nicole Atkinson, the last friend to see halive, there igns the couple's marriage was strainin He wasn't beiloving Chris that he normally was. He wasn'touching or hug or dointuff like that. D he wasn't being a atttive to the girls ase normally is. Did she suspect heht have been cheating? There was spation, but she did want to bieve that either. So. Reporter: All of ts a far cry from the portrait of a happy wife onebook gushing about her srtive husband.e stuck around, and hetuck around because he was the one for me. D he isamazing. And I can't tl you how wonderful he is. Reporter: Atkinson had see shanann THA morning around 2:00 A.M., she says, doing her off at home after return fm an own business ip. Sheent inside, turned sound and waved at me,nd shut the door. Rter: But several hours the 34-year-old mother of two isn't answering H P. She misses a doctor's appointm shanann was 15 wee pregnant. She was going get toear herby's artbeat and seeow or she was doing. Orter: Growing worried, atki says she went over to their house. Things weot how I would thk that they were supposed T be, I guess. The front door was Locke differently THA it normally was. I had son look in the gage to ifer car was there, and was there, which was really peculiar because shanann doesn't go places wit Carly because both of the G are in car seats. Reporter: Kinson called shanann's husband, who she says tells her the last time he saw his wife and kids was that G around when he lef for work. S he tells you everything's Normal, she'sn aydate. Yes. And you didn't B that? No. Because snn -- like in my mind couldn't figure O why she'd G on a playate whout her car. Reporter: Atkinson says she tells W's calling the police for a welfare checknd that he says he'll meet E couple's home. Youw even then his story was not adding up. Reporter: It wasn't making sense to me. Eporter: Ie the H auorities find shanann's purse, and keys but noer signs of life Reporter: Gi bed wasn't made. Shn was very OCD. Everythi in her house had a place. Everything waslabele if something was the ordinarywas really out of the oinary for her. Reporter: Sti hopeful shanann and H girls a alive, the entire community jumpsnto action. Tonight, police issued a miss enered alert. Pant woman and her two daugs missing from Frederick. Reportey Tuesday after Chris Watts talking to local TV stations. Shanann,bella, Celeste, if you're out there, just - just come back. Likef some has her, just pleaseng her ck. Reporter: Interviews T first sympathy but on closer examination suion. Watts revealing he and his wife exchanged words the morning she vaed. It wasn't lik argument. We had emotion convtion, but -- I'll leave it a that. But it's -- I want T back. His cords are in my view icted. Es with a and stress. Orter: Forme agent and ABC newsonsultant Brad Garrett ps to Watts' body lage in thoseinterviews. When people sort of cross their arms, sofock their body andometimes start rocking back and forth,t's a dense mechanism. At in combination with a mber of other things I Thi is potential telling that he's no telling the truth. Does these interviews on tuesda did you think of his demeanor ovl? Yeah, it was very odd.he just was sitting there waiting F something to happen thlast time I talked to him he said, I just want tocry. And I looked him and said, why aren't Reporter: On wedne everythi changed. Aheartbreakingoutcome T the story we have beencking all week. The confession of a father. I didn't know W to S or do. I don't . I sat on our Bedor I don't even know how long and did move. Becae I -- I didn't want to think that they weren'ting back. Reporter: Late Wednesday nights is arrested. By Thursday police were at the oil fields where Watts used to work, and within hours found three Bo. Court documents reveal they discovered shanann's body I shallow grave, the bods of Bella aeleste found submerged for days I oil tanks. You have the righto un you stand? Yes, sir. Reporter: I an inter th authorities wattsling in the blanks,ccording to an affidavit loaded allhree bodies the back seatf his truck and took T to an L work site. If your wife murdersr ildren and then Youn a fit of rage murder her,ould a logical person then secrete the bodies iuch way and you take them to wo? So ain, we'll have to see. But it's a story that has on T surface in my view some implausibility. It's B ag week for the Frederick police department, ously for shanann'sfamily. 'S been a long week. Reporter: Tonit, Nin arges against Watts announced press conference, including E counts of first murder and for unlawful terminatn of pregnancy. Shanann's father emotional as he thd the community for their supp And keep the prayers com for our mily. Reporter: Watts is due back court tomw morning. I mean,ou Thi back a like the barbecues that youhad, the timesour kids played the, the times that you witthem. The places you went with . Like any little thing that would have even remotel giv you ideahatt was evepossible. I mean, everyouples or families have T ISS but not to where it justifies what was done. Repr: For "Nightline" I'm ton Sandell in Frederick, Colorado.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"Nickole Atkinson was a close friend of Shanann Watts, the woman who was found dead along with her two young daughters, Celeste and Bella.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"57302054","title":"Friend of woman allegedly killed by husband on why something 'didn't seem right'","url":"/Nightline/video/friend-woman-allegedly-killed-husband-didnt-57302054"}