Having a Child Before a Relationship

Meet a woman who prized friendship over love in her search for a co-parent.
4:14 | 07/27/13

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Transcript for Having a Child Before a Relationship
These days women have more choices than ever on how and when to start a family and -- And some -- putting love on the back burner in just placing having a child front and center. How does that work can it work tonight we welcome ABC's -- -- Nightline with the story of a woman her gay best friend. And their new nuclear family. Nina Davenport is about to do something unusual. She's going to ask her best friend to have a baby with her. -- -- -- -- Well she says she always wanted to be a mom that desire became an all consuming during her thirties I think I've been -- him for almost ten years. When I woke up 1 morning and realized that I was nearing 41 and a half. I I started to panic and I am I really -- it was now -- never. So -- made the boldest decision of her life as I have to before I don't know it reminds firmness. You know. The -- yields earned single motherhood -- choice is becoming a common reality for many women and Hollywood is catching on. You know what I'm gonna do this I want to have a kid and I -- in the market. Four -- Even. Have sex I just -- my baby to. Now there's a whole industry devoted to matching men and women who are looking for a co parent but not a spouse. Social networks linking up people wanted to have children or potential parents meet. That each other. And if they agree how the child Eric finally agreed to donate his sperm to Nina no strings attached. I'm -- reliable and her try -- money out of you are turning did you change diapers. I'm trying to figure out where we're -- good -- Left him -- -- my ass is the film is titled first comes love. Pong team is how can really. -- -- little. Let me let the game. -- -- He didn't he. -- encountered mixed reactions from her family. Here -- single mother with a fatherless -- begins to sound like. The -- one thing that. Struck me in the movie is. How you really went to family members to seek out their approval I think because I come from such a conventional family it was harder for mean to. Embark on an unconventional road. And so I think I was sort of just looking for them to say it's okay you can do this and some of them did say that and others. We're not so encouraging like her -- including my -- As nontraditional arrangements become more popular there's a concern that the unclear nature parental roles could be detrimental to the well being of the child. Marriage is a fundamental building block of our civilization. Sites -- the fiber that keeps our civilization so strong -- certainly it's the ideal model. From which we raise children and. Were you worried at all about -- having an important male figure in his life because -- weren't sure how. Involved Eric was going to be you know I -- I don't think that that's necessary I think -- -- If you have it but I I this idea that has to be a man and a -- -- It's signs of the work -- that I think it's more about are there people who love this child. It isn't the family she envisioned when she was twenty -- -- incidents but Nina says she wouldn't change anything that letter to motherhood. Do you think they're going to be able to be a better parent to Jasper because -- are 42 when -- -- I I do think. But there's a lot to -- -- for. Being mature feeling like you've lived your life and you're not sort of wishing you were going Allen and missing things and I was so ready for -- that I was ready to give him everything. For her first came love then a family and perhaps some day. Marriage. For Nightline -- -- York.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Meet a woman who prized friendship over love in her search for a co-parent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"19789887","title":"Having a Child Before a Relationship","url":"/Nightline/video/friends-kids-19789887"}