Germaphobes on "The Lookout"

Part 2: Find out what the germiest part of your family vacation is.
5:11 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Germaphobes on "The Lookout"
ABC's the -- continues and now there. -- Yeah. It'd been a couple of weeks since my journey filled road trip with the bulls back. He left. Some of the great to let me for a movie night -- New York. We knew of it was time to find out where the germs were lurking in our vacation. -- Harmon at eight. Dangerous. Back making racial I'm glad -- hear you enjoyed your trip but now. He can -- prove. The sermons. Your friend from wondered what led to his thing with annual hands now -- From. Full blown away millions he and he said and now. And more bacteria and promote the night by an average toilets have been surprisingly as we were -- -- a lot of things -- -- and -- Why you wrote -- -- I'd be surprised were the least a century was actually toilet seats. No worry about but borne diseases but what -- -- -- -- and rates this week. We didn't measure up against the one she -- -- carefully. You basically had about a number of bacteria she didn't. At least you were here grades. Unfortunately. Nick there was another surprising results mean you'll hotel through MR Hussein was detected on you'll -- out. And as. A semifinal MRSA its origins -- Aren't saying sometimes -- super bug and sometimes -- difficult to treat infections. Few action being counted it six times on -- -- But most studies have cards that MRSA. How and wants is okay. Rachel and I -- vivid memories of that rank we've sort SeaWorld. Are cared rate it's awful racket he -- Twenty times more -- -- -- -- -- In response SeaWorld said they would look into doctor -- is -- correct many -- Safety and hygiene standards content they have received. Regular health inspect -- That the well being of most gifts and animals. -- three countdown. It was the moment we had been dreading the -- is places on the. Number three and -- it comes to -- -- about the same number of bacteria Aaron gripped the unrest in dental offices or maybe even more -- you are the -- bacteria lead behind. Number two did face great this was a real -- hot spot on your vacation in. Highest vacuum it counts -- any object on a college. 37 million bacteria on long -- you kids -- -- you surprised. As a real concerned because of the potential for disease transmission instincts had been right it does this mean kids play areas should be the only news and -- saying don't let your children used these areas but certainly if they do -- -- keep your. Fingers their face. And now. Why does his thing on an old whole -- -- Why he's -- hands. But the best friend is injured -- -- -- Charles. Did all that and sanitizing elite Q any. -- good job racial because he dropped to number of bacteria from millions. Just -- the few thousand. So it's true and sanitize -- can. Make all the difference as we sold space center Houston has placed dozens of and sanitize there's throughout their facility they also told us they have been steadfast in their leading efforts. Including monitoring pathogens levels. Accordingly they plan to include additional disinfect days. Became a portable grotesque that they take very seriously -- And safety of visitors and employees saying when you have 20000. Daily visitors. Can't safeguard against -- -- people carried. But that their practices are sanitary safe. -- -- did not think any of our results indicated the average costs and would get sick from the areas tested. -- you think I'm so. Happy enhanced it -- it could trick. It goes into an agreement between the other thing though we haven't -- with all of this -- Syria -- -- -- -- -- Nick can Rachel even know you came across a -- bacterial on your trip doesn't mean that you should be afraid of Hastings -- primrose. --

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{"id":19387683,"title":"Germaphobes on \"The Lookout\"","duration":"5:11","description":"Part 2: Find out what the germiest part of your family vacation is. ","url":"/Nightline/video/germaphobes-lookout-19387683","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}