The Google Diet: Search Giant's Revamped Eating Habits

Google overhauled its eating options to "nudge" its employees toward healthier choices.
5:04 | 01/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Google Diet: Search Giant's Revamped Eating Habits
Fortune magazine is just -- Google the best company to work for in America and -- batting. But some of that has to do -- all the free food their breakfast lunch and dinner but you may not know. That -- legendary cafeterias are as optimize as the search engine itself from color -- foods to subliminal cues. They've developed a special system for keeping their employees fit and healthy ABC's juju Chang got an inside -- It's lunchtime at the -- office in Manhattan a place that defines free food all you can eat. When we sent him and I didn't I -- a cat Ashley milk is a happy Googlers who wants to show me around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't get it. Like everything Google the cafeteria has been -- analyzed and re engineered. Which means it's loaded with nudges to literally nudge people toward healthy choices when we come right in the engine plane over here have a feeling -- fifty feet of Fallon -- earth. If you're starting like me you'll go for the first thing you see exactly. Research shows people sent a pileup on the first thing they seat. -- the salad bar now occupies prime realistic exotic different color coded and your family up there obviously everything in our skies more relaxed smiling and pretty happy it wasn't always this way the healthy nudges began when you started complaining that they would. We're packing on the pounds. Some people may gain fifteen -- from the start working because -- it's a great. -- so basically it's your fault. A -- place. -- -- -- is the executive shafted Google's Manhattan office. He says the unlimited food -- originally designed to maximize productivity and loyalty. -- and desired side effect. -- -- -- A lot of people don't just about -- So now smaller plates and takeout containers nudge you to take smaller portions no one wants to be seen too much on their planes. I'm only half points of -- station and likely. Nodding -- -- take it away they're just placed blame in the back scarlet labels shout out that these calories count. But -- offered in small bite sized servings enough to satisfy -- -- Not -- -- -- -- -- design with a certain size and calorie are like count in mind yet. -- try to keep it small. Let him have that beautiful delicious dessert. But not gorge on its. Behavioral economics decision science. -- koskie had the department at Google called people analytics. He crunched the numbers and -- health food was presented these micro -- are famous for attempting junk food dispensers this evidence used to be. And you can imagine you come up here you pull this handle. And you get. Yet just swapping out cereal for the chocolate. Need a huge impact we found that -- -- moved the Eminem's. From this gravity bends to these containers to take my. Everything so there. In seven weeks here -- consumed. One million fewer calories. Yes three point one million fewer calories from Eminem's. Just because you have to look for them. People like to know their numbers -- Google -- bit of the data driven company. They say it Google you're never more than a 150 feet away from some sort of food we're busy. Everyone -- we're trying to get them and so you have to think a lot about what it is different -- -- -- So let's make this thing that people default to the healthiest one possible. The drinks election was also writes for behavior modification thirst so this year but it's not -- -- -- what you see at eye level right here is the water. And you have to hunt for the so we put all the water bottles up and we found that -- to 47% more water. When the bottles -- right -- that keeps rabbit so feel bushman gained more than the Google fifteenth. The candy was very alluring and very -- and free flowing naturally free flowing you know we have these from -- and -- and dangerous. Now like most -- she says she's grateful for the -- Once they -- the evidence -- -- less and then absolutely. I list can be pay less. You know sort of chips -- of the salty snacks. The fruit is more on display -- I think everybody really enjoy natural healthy food. We just -- easy. And we grabbed one of his right in front of us she's trim down thanks to in house exercise classes and healthier food choices if -- can manipulate. Because the environment is structured to make them behave in a certain way and how -- I feel. Manipulated I'm being encouraged to be healthy you know if anything I'm grateful that a company that essentially needs needed. Do you productive work to help them feel bad that business. Actually kids to help me be healthier in -- I can't complain if anybody he does is perhaps misguided you don't have to work. For Google to -- nudge here -- there to help you make healthy choices even when he's on a weird that -- For Nightline I'm juju Chang --

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{"id":18321039,"title":"The Google Diet: Search Giant's Revamped Eating Habits","duration":"5:04","description":"Google overhauled its eating options to \"nudge\" its employees toward healthier choices.","url":"/Nightline/video/google-diet-search-giants-revamped-eating-habits-18321039","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}