'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' cast on getting into character, being parents

Chris Pratt, Kurt Russell and Zoe Saldano star as a band of misfit superheroes saving the universe in the new Marvel film.
6:57 | 05/05/17

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Transcript for 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' cast on getting into character, being parents
A few years ago, both Chris Pratt and the "Guardians of the galaxy" comic book series were relatively unknown. Now Pratt is one of the biggest movie stars in the galaxy and the franchise has grossed more than $700 million. This weekend the guardians are back and they've got a new Hollywood mega star in their orbit. Here's ABC's Nick watt. The beast's hide is too thick to be pierced from the outside, I must cut through it on the inside! Huh? No, no! Reporter: If you're not a superhero movie person company, not change channels, believe me. You might really like this movie. The same level of thickness from the inside as the outside -- I realize that. There's 94 out-loud laughs in this than most comedies. Don't call me a raccoon! I'm sorry, I took it too far. I meant trash panda. Watch it purely for the soundtrack. Good. And maybe should? ??? When you're making a movie that's cosmic, that's outside of birth, to be able to have touchstones, something to bring you back, some sense of familiarity. The music itself really brings it back. Makes it an earthly story. Reporter: It's a sequel. I've made many mistakes. Reporter: Kurt Russell comes in to play Chris Pratt's long-lost dad. Perfectly cast. You're called ego in this film. Can't deny it. Hot hell are you? Reporter: There's that complicated father/son dynamic. Zoe Saldana's issues. All you do is yell at each other. You're not friends. Reporter: And a mission by this band of misdid its to save the universe that I'm not going to spoil. This is weird, a sovereign fleet approaching from the rear. Why would they do that? Probably rocket stole their batteries. You're not expecting superheroes so be so clumsy and rude. What were you thinking? They were easy to steal. They're so human. Flawed and everything. Hey, Zoe's talking, that's it. None of you are mum but it's a human story. They're orphans, runaways, they come from broken families, they're grieving. These are topics that are universal. Reporter: The first "Guardians of the galaxy" movie came out in 2014. Many saw it as a risk. People are like, why guardians? Yeah. "Iron man," we get it. "Spider-man," we get it. Captain America, everybody knows him. I don't know who the guardians of the galaxy is, no one does. Reporter: The 1996 marvel comic book brought to the movie by marvel, owned by our parent company Disney. Despite lack of name recognition -- There's one other name you might know me by. Star lord. Who? Star lord, man. The legendary outlaw. Guys? Forget it. Reporter: Volume 1 was a smash. It cost $170 million to make, raked in nearly $775 million at the global box office and scored a 90-plus rating from rotten tomatoes. They call themselves the guardians of the galaxy. What a bunch of a-holes. Reporter: It made such a star out of Chris Pratt, he just landed a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. All on social media thanks to his wife Anna Faris, and he has a massive following for his snack critiques. ??? What's my snack ??? Reporter: On Instagram. A lot of people ask me what I had to give up to maintain this level of physical fitness. Turns out it's my personality. And what I'm left with on Instagram is talking about the I eat. We kid ourselves into thinking that we're satisfied with the crap that we have to eat if we want to stay skin skinny. At the end of the day, don't do it. If you don't have a reason to be skinny, don't do it. Reporter: He has to because he's a superhero on the screen. In real life, a dad to jack. He's 4 1/2. He was able to come to set, tour the ship, he's seen "Guardians 1." He has an idea that I'm an actor and play these parts. Does he think you have special powers in real life? Yeah, I'm going to let him think so as long as I can, yeah. My boys think that I'm related to the hulk. It's so funny. Because you're green? At first I thought they'd find it cool their mom was green. I saw -- I saw the thinking trail in their eyes. They were just like, mama? Gomora? Hulk? I was like, okay, go with it. Yes, I know the hulk, you have to eat your vegetables, pick up after yourself, go peepee in the potty. Reporter: Volume 2 will make them even bigger, though they say it's all about writer/director James Gunn. He earned their trust on the first movie so they'd give him carte Blanche to make movie he always wanted to make, that's what this is. Were you nervous about the sequel? I was a little nervous. Sequels are meant to supersede their first movies. I can tell you what you don't want to do coming into something very successful, you don't want to be responsible for wrecking it. You hadn't seen the first one? No, I'm not a big moviegoer. Reporter: The star from "Escape from New York." "Overboard." That sup comes out -- Reporter: The hateful 8." I'm taking this woman into red rock to hang. Reporter: Not a big moviegoer? A little cgi and makeup takes us back to '80s Kurt in this movie. He got excited. They don't let you take pictures. I did. I took a picture and sent to it Goldy and the kids. And they said, oh my god. Kind of will they, won't they but do they, don't they? It will cost you 13 bucks to find out. Reporter: There's talk of a volume 3 all but confirmed. I can't say who's back for the third one. Kevin bacon. Kevin bacon? You're making that up. No. Reporter: I've become a fanboy. I'm not really a superhero movie guy. It doesn't matter, you don't have to be for this. Remember, neither is Kurt. I've seen "Iron man." I've seen "Spider-man" I guess or something. I don't know which ones I've seen. This one's -- look, this lives in its own little universe. I think it transcends genre. It's a very complete and even film. I really think it's a masterpiece. I do like how you can say these lines and not break a smile. Saying that the film's a masterpiece? No, just any line. I'm not entirely sure if you're serious. I'm not entirely sure if you're joking. But you don't break. That's just saying they got the right guy for the job. Reporter: Yes, Kurt Russell, that's exactly what I'm saying. I'm Nick watt for "Nightline" in

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{"id":47223766,"title":"'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' cast on getting into character, being parents","duration":"6:57","description":"Chris Pratt, Kurt Russell and Zoe Saldano star as a band of misfit superheroes saving the universe in the new Marvel film.","url":"/Nightline/video/guardians-galaxy-vol-cast-character-parents-47223766","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}