New Harvey Weinstein accusers coming forward

Model Cara Delevingne joins a chorus of other women with allegations against the Hollywood producer, who denies all wrongdoing.
7:04 | 10/12/17

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Transcript for New Harvey Weinstein accusers coming forward
Reporter: It's the fall from grace that toppled a titan. And shook an entire industry. Bombshell allegations against Harvey Weinstein -- Scandal swirling around disgraced movie mogul -- Now apparent sexual predator Harvey Weinstein -- Reporter: New women coming forward with more allegations against Harvey Weinstein, joining the earlier accusations of sexual harassment and assault, including rape. Model CARA delevingne sharing her story on Instagram of an encounter with Weinstein, alleging he asked her to kiss another woman and tried to kiss me on the lips writing she's relieved to share her story saying there's strength in numbers. Harvey Weinstein now is one of a series of men who people thought were too big to confront. We're starting to see support for being able to speak up and speak out. Reporter: It was this bombshell audio, first uncovered by "The new Yorker" and verified by ABC, that opened this case up for prosecution. I'm telling you right now -- What do we have to do here? Nothing, I'm going to take a shower, you sit here and have a drink. Water. I don't drink. Reporter: The recording of an encounter clean model Anna Gutierrez and Weinstein, from a 2015 New York City police sting operation. The misdemeanor sexual abuse case was never prosecuted. The d.a.'s office saying the audio was insufficient to prove a crime under New York law. Today the D.A. Defending their decision not to open a case. It's obviously sick, but at the end of the day we operate in a courtroom of law, not the court of public opinion. I certainly think that it is unusual that after those charges weren't brought, that Harvey Weinstein's attorney gave $10,000 to the d.a.'s campaign. That seems improper. Reporter: Another accuser, rose Mcgowan, who reached a $100,000 settlement with Weinstein in 1997 according to "The New York Times," speaking out again following a tweet from Ben Affleck. The actor writing he is saddened and angry by the allegations, implying he knew nothing. Mcgowan firing back that Affleck was absolutely aware of Weinstein's transgressions. Affleck blasted on Twitter, from those who recall an incident where he wrote a trl host, hilarie Burton, captured on camera. Affleck apologized on Twitter. Meanwhile comedian Seth Mcfarlane tweeting this blistering joke at the oscars -- Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein. Reporter: It came from a place of loathing and anger and was in support of his friend Jessica Barth, who shared her allegations with "The new Yorker." Weinstein's spokesperson responded to "The new Yorker" saying, any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein. These abuses aren't just a Hollywood problem. This kind of leverage exists anywhere where you see a disproportionate amount of power in the hands of men who decide that that makes them entitled to women's bodies. Reporter: Last summer before his death, the powerful CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, was forced to resign in the fallout after former anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against Ailes. It allegations he sabotaged her career after she refused his sexual advances. You fear that it's going to be your fault, you're not going to be believed, you're going to lose your job. Reporter: And in silicon valley, a management shakeup at Uber amid allegations of sexual harassment against and within the company. How many of you haveharassed over the course of your career? We spoke to working women from across multiple industries late last year, so many sharing this shocking confession. How many of you filed an hr request against your harasser? According to a 2016 report by the U.S. Equal employment opportunity commission, nearly 70% of those who experience harassment at work never even talk to a supervisor or a manager about it. And only a tiny sliver of the harassed, just 6% to 13%, actually file a formal complaint. Women are afraid to come forward when they've been sexually assaulted. Because society blames the victim so often. Even when the perpetrator doesn't have the level of power and leverage that an industry titan like Harvey Weinstein might have. Reporter: Something we heard from these women as well. Who here was worried about retaliation? And your job? In the case of sexual harassment? I sort of silenced myself. I felt in that moment -- I felt like there's an erasure of yourself. I really have to think about my values and what's important to me and weigh them against my career. I think that it's -- unfortunately a pros and cons kind of weighing and balancing and I'm concerned with not only being branded but also concerned with somehow coming off as a crybaby. Reporter: In fact, one study cited by the eeoc finds that 75% of those who do come forward actually face retaliation. Actress Roseanne that Arquette told "The new Yorker" after turning down Weinstein's alleged sexual advances her career suffered. Last night the Weinstein company releasing a statement expressing shock and dismay at the allegations of extreme sexual misconduct by Weinstein saying, "These alleged actions are antithetical to human decency. These allegations come as an utter surprise to the board. Any suggestion that the board had knowledge of this conduct is false." I can't imagine that no one knew. Some people say it was one of the worst-kept secrets, both at the company and in Hollywood. If they didn't know, they certainly should have known. And that's a legal standard as well. Reporter: Many within the company have signed confidentiality agreements precluding them from discussing the matter. Can the states get around these nondisclosure agreements? I am hopeful that there is a work-around here. Certainly when it comes to criminal charges, those ndas won't be applicable. Reporter: The bystanders, anyone who's seen or heard something and speaks out, are the unsung heroes of any case like this. When I hear about actors standing up on behalf of the women who have been harassed, I think that takes a lot of courage and strength too and I'm glad to see more men speaking out. Reporter: And for a woman who's experiencing any kind of harassment, she says remember, you are not as powerless as you may feel. The first most important thing is safety. Write down, document exactly what happened. Document, document, document. We can't keep supporting the silence, because that protects the people who are committing the abuse, not the people who are being abused. Jarvis in New York.

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{"id":50430747,"title":"New Harvey Weinstein accusers coming forward","duration":"7:04","description":"Model Cara Delevingne joins a chorus of other women with allegations against the Hollywood producer, who denies all wrongdoing.","url":"/Nightline/video/harvey-weinstein-accusers-coming-forward-50430747","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}