Harvey Weinstein accusers share stories of his alleged advances

Juls Bindi, Paula Williams and many other woman have come forward with explosive allegations of sexual harassment and, in some cases, assault, by the movie mogul.
7:55 | 10/14/17

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Transcript for Harvey Weinstein accusers share stories of his alleged advances
Reporter: It's 1989 in los Angeles. At the premiere of a grunt-breaking indie film called "Sex, lies and videotape." Did you make one of these damn videotapes? Reporter: It marks the arrival of Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein who with his brother heads an upstart studio miramax. "Sex, lies and videotape" made miramax the player, and Harvey was the man at miramax. Reporter: Oscar season, "Sex, lies and videotape" up for best original screenplay. The a party before the big night, 20-year-old Paula Williams says she meets the rising mogul. She's a model looking to break into the business. I was very excited to meet him. He said he was having a dinner party with a lot of people that I should probably meet. Reporter: Paula says a week later, Weinstein sends her a car to bring her to that suppose TD dinner party at his home in the Hollywood hills. I walk in and it's just Harvey. And he immediately starts massaging my neck. I heard him open a bottle of champagne. And I don't even think I had a sip, and he exposed himself. Reporter: Paula says she escapes before anything happens. She ends up quitting the business. But the Harvey Weinstein story is still in its opening act. The next 25 years will see him generate a remarkable string of hits. More than $8 billion at the U.S. Box office. Nearly 350 Oscar nominations for his company's films. 80 wins. ??? All that jazz ??? Reporter: And now a new metric. At least 35 women accusing Weinstein of sexual misconduct. If Weinstein sends up in handcuffs, it will be in large part due to the work of rope 9 pharaoh. His expose in this week's "New Yorker" includes statements from a stunning 13 different women. The accusers include two actresses who appeared in miramax film in the mid-'90s. Count to three. Ready? Reporter: Roseanne that Arquette seen here in "Pulp fiction." Mira sore Reno who won an Oscar for her role in "Mighty aphrodite." She had an encounter with Harvey Weinstein, what happened? Mira sorvino told me Harvey began to massage her shoulders, tried to get more physical in other ways -- Reporter: A few weeks later when she is back home in new York she says Weinstein calls her after midnight. Then showing up at her doorstep, and she'd talked about not being able to breathe, she was so terrified of his physical presence, of his power to affect her career. Reporter: It's now January of 1997. Hollywood descends on park city, Utah, for the annual sundance film festival. Naturally, Weinstein is there. In his element. And so is actress rose Mcgowan, who previously starred in Weinstein's blockbuster "Scream." What the hell are you doing? Reporter: Mcgowan claims she found herself alone with Weinstein in a hotel room. According to "The New York Times," Harvey Weinstein paid rose Mcgowan $100,000 settlement because of something that happened in Harvey Weinstein's hotel room. The settlement says that it is not to B construed as an admission that something untoward happened. Reporter: That would be one of eight reported settlements Weinstein would pay out over the years. But Harvey Weinstein's ambitions and appetite seem limitless. As his power grows, so too do his alleged aggressions. To include, according to "The new Yorker," allegations of rape. There are assaults in there. And over and over again there's activity that is highly criminal. Reporter: By 2005, Harvey Weinstein had left miramax and launched the Weinstein company. But the old magic seems to be missing. There's a series of films it seems no one wants to see. I left the coffee pot on again, didn't I. Reporter: It's not all bad. In 2007 Weinstein marries Georgine that Chapman, a former model and actress who was launching a new fashion wine. And he's found success on TV with a fashion reality show "Project runway." None of you should feel safe. Reporter: The same year, back in Los Angeles, Jules bindi, massage therapist to the stars, says Weinstein arranged for a session in his suite at the montage hotel. Oh my god, your massage is so good, it's an art form that your doing, you should write about this. Reporter: She says Weinstein starts texting her constantly about a book deal. But when Weinstein returned for a second massage, bindi says he wanted something more. He gets up and he just says, how big is my penis? And I was like, excuse me? Then he followed me into the bathroom. He shut the door. Reporter: Then bindi says he proceeds to pleasure himself. "This is not appropriate, I do not feel comfortable, no, do not do this in front of me, this is not okay." He grabbed me and started groping on my chest. And I pushed him away. I was stunned. Reporter: Meanwhile, Weinstein's career is entering a new, enchanted phase. Because I have a right and I have a voice! The king's speech garners 12 Oscar nominations, winning four, including best picture and best actor. "The king's speech." Reporter: In 2012, the documentary "Bully" gives Weinstein a chance to strut his social conscience. I always hated injustice. I might be tough, but I hate injustice. Reporter: In 2015, Weinstein will find himself in the crosshairs of the NYPD's special victims unit. Please come in. On everything, I'm a famous guy -- I'm feeling very uncomfortable right now. Please come in now. Reporter: 22-year-old ambra Gutierrez, a model from Italy, says she was groped by Weinstein. She agrees to meet again and with the help of the NYPD, this time makes a recording to try and prove it. It was obtained by "The new Yorker." Why yesterday you touch my breast? I'm sorry, please come in I'm used to that -- You're used to that? Yes, come in -- This is a man admitting to a sexual assault, also describing it as a pattern of behavior. Reporter: Weinstein was brought into the nyp dmt for questioning. When the news became public, Gutierrez became tabloid fodder. Soon she stops cooperating with the authorities and leaves the country. But in the end, the district attorney drops the case against Weinstein saying his prosecutors just didn't have enough evidence to convict. Our sex crimes prosecutors made a determination that this was not going to be a provable case. Reporter: Since both the "New York Times" and the new Yorker published their stories, Weinstein, through a spokesperson, issues a statement. "Any allegations of nonconsensual sex are unequivocally denied by Mr. Weinstein." Since the initial reports, his wife George Jean Chapman announced she's leaving him. Even his own brother and partner Bob Weinstein calling him a very sick man. This was not someone we placed great love and affection for who fell. He was feared. He was admired. And some ways it's the kind of thing that only happens in the movies. Reporter: Now the question is whether Harvey Weinstein will be just another tawdry milestone for Hollywood, or a possible breaking point. This is a movement. I don't want the next generation to do this. I don't want this to be swept under the carpet. We're better than that. Reporter: For "Nightline," I'm Elizabeth vargas in new York.

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{"duration":"7:55","description":"Juls Bindi, Paula Williams and many other woman have come forward with explosive allegations of sexual harassment and, in some cases, assault, by the movie mogul. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"50477954","title":"Harvey Weinstein accusers share stories of his alleged advances","url":"/Nightline/video/harvey-weinstein-accusers-share-stories-alleged-advances-50477954"}