'He's the evil': Kidnap victim faces off with captor in court

In letters to a journalist, Todd Kohlhepp, who was convicted of seven murders in 2017, claimed he had many more victims.
7:06 | 07/14/18

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Transcript for 'He's the evil': Kidnap victim faces off with captor in court
I would say it is one O those horror STO tt you breed in booksr see in movies. In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine. I had N idea what we were going into that day. These are Kala browirst moments of freedom in 6 days. We're going to get youutf there. Captured on video by police after being held prisoner by a madman. From that momentovember 2016 -- Ifwaveryone out there, I don't think I W be here toy. To this. O D ago. Kala brown powerfully defiantly, face everything her cammor I courtroom. The case rived the nation. To woman missing for Mo, discovered andrescued. The for South Carolina real estate broke claiming more victims. A killer among us. The unsealedf Todd Kohlhepp It began as aissing report as the woman and her boyfriend disappeared South Carolina in late 2016. They went missing. After the first few days it ca aoss as any other missing persons case. As the days went on, S things didn't piece up right. Polic and families began ring ery possible lead for the vanished couple. Itigators sed king is that everything.th looking into creditcard records, surveillance videos. And the days dragdon, growing concern that this CAS S something Mo there were certain Thi attart to come outt did gi me more of an urgency AUT the case. Investirsced a cell ph ping fro her phone twonths dwroerl a sprawling area, owned by acessful real estateagent, Todd kohlpp. E investigators came upon this metaltorage container. Don't Mo Tves W among the first oicers on case. We defily did not spect a movie script to be played out right in front of us. Hearing tho officers outside, B rnded by knocking back from inside the shippingta where they discovered she was chained up like a do We werezed to their knocks back. The conditions were horrible. Think we all saw it THA D and it will stay with us Sheked at me and she said ank you smuch for finding me. Nce inside, Kala made startlin revela. Do you know wheour buddy is? He shot him. Todd Kepp shot him, put him ia bucket of the Trac walked me down here and I NER him agai Pice then aesting dumped in shallowgrave. Ian tell youne of the charges will be kidnappi it could be mu it ce a num of th. Thexclusive interview. Would rap me twice a day every day. Last yearhe recounted the saga on the. Phil show. Did you think youe going to die? At time Take me through the moment when you realized they've come for me. I was . Because what it waeally somebody coming for me? For stigators, the horrific Overy, Kala a Charlie works open a Paa's box. What was placing Americans report quickly morphednt serial killings. We saw a girl chain up in a box, multiple Rd a huge mysterious prop, a serial kill here Hass larger than life personality. In addition 'S boyfriend E, police would find twoore bodies on the property. In he was accused of rdering 17 people over the years, including two other Boes found on body. Four people from grisly 2003 shooting at a Spartanburg county motoycle shop. I went around him. Speakingo investigators, Hepp delivering proud confessions. Walked outside. I locked her tside. What gun did youhoot her with? Kohlhepp wasonvicted of seven murderrges a kidnapping and sexual ass of Kala bro despite his new life bend he has not stayed quiet.in an eight- letter sent to the spartanbu herald Jr., he had claims there are even more victims. There are more seven. I tried to tell investigators and did I tell FBI. Daniel gross was the reporter Kopp sent hisanifesto to. That the fourth letter, I believe, I received. Hen't ry offer that any specifics. In hiime many prison he has continued to communicate th gross saying he doesn't see the value off details to police. He apparently claimed to have killemany as 100 people. The FBI tells ABC news further investigation into glams more victims is still pending. Aler wholaims he has vms but gives no specifics to corroborate THAs playing games. This doctor I a forensic psycgi I would describe hims a narcissistic, entitled man who beli that the world owed M somein when he didn't get it, people would be punished Abo it. Her workxplores how the mind of a serial killer operates. They don process emotions verydy. They do think thaty're entitled to do what they're doing. Think the vic are in theirorld and so they ar owned by them. Two years after her kidnappi Kala brown now ING K seeking more than $263 million in pive damages. She wants compensatn for medical bills and health treatment. Kohlhepp is representing himself inhe case. For ka brow this is hopefullinal chapter O her nightmare. Bu for investigators, it may B juhe beginning. It is really toughoay what'snext. Have aal killeraiming so more than meets the surface becauses in prison now, I don't think the Stor over.

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"In letters to a journalist, Todd Kohlhepp, who was convicted of seven murders in 2017, claimed he had many more victims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"56583332","title":"'He's the evil': Kidnap victim faces off with captor in court","url":"/Nightline/video/hes-evil-kidnap-victim-faces-off-captor-court-56583332"}