Did HGTV Cancel House Flippers' Show Over Controversial Comments?

David and Jason Benham say their show was canceled over David's past anti-gay comments.
4:23 | 05/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Did HGTV Cancel House Flippers' Show Over Controversial Comments?
When two handsome former athletes who also happen to be identical twin brothers lost their new TV show before they could become reality stars it set off a firestorm of controversy. Why? Because they say their highly conservative personal beliefs are the reason the network pulled the plug now. A country founded on freedom of religion and freedom of speech faces fundamental question as but what happens when public and private lives collide. Reporter: In the wild wacky world of reality television it seems nothing crosses the line. From the Jersey shore. Are you kidding me? To Beverly hills where the real housewives hang out. Dedicated reality fans are used to cat fights, foul language, you better Take that back right now, and loudmouth strong opinions. But radio clips like this one from the line of fire with Dr. Michael brown may hatch cost these would-be reality stars their shot at fame. The homosexual agenda is next. We are going to start taking these jents dogiants down we are not afraid. David and his brother made a fortune with real estate. On the verge living their dreams with an HGTV series on flipping houses. Our shou ww was going to be "Flip it forward" we would help individuals or families, wouldn't know how to flip a house we'd teach them to flip a house. Reporter: It wasn't the reality show, right-wing watch, post aid scathing profile and David protesting at this abortion clinic. The church is coming out to the Gates of hell. We understand there are all kind of ways to fight this battle. We cannot allow this to be, to not have any witness in front of it. Their father an outspoken evangelical came under fire. They will call that which is evil, homosexuality good. The twins say their beliefs cost them the show. Hgtv offered this tweet saying they decided not to move forward with the series. Hgtv, they vetted us, of course had to do a background check, scoured the internet. Found a few things. They wanted to know our stand. We met with them in person. Got an opportunity to share our hearts with them. We let them know that we love Jesus and we love people. And we love real else state. They knew we would be a great fit for the network. That's where we were. Media critics argue the turn of eve vepts nts is not surprising. You are free to say whatever you want in this country. That will never change. That also means you will be held responsible for what you say. Reporter: It has sparked debate. Should a reality show's stars, beliefs, controversial ones cost them their show. What's happening today in America, folks are creating their own narratives and putting that out as truth. With this article that came out from right-wing watch, the things they said about me put word in my mouth I never said. They're saying statements like god hates muslims and all these others things that is just untrue. Unreliable. I can't tell you how many people I have told, all ready, that if those statements are true, then I hate him and I hate myself. And I never said a word. Hgtv saw the writing on the wall. They didn't want this to turn into another duck dynasty controversy that seems to go on for days and days and days. They made their position clear. And they will move beyond this. As for the twins, they say they plan to finish what they started. Jason and I are going to finish the project. A thumbs up to HGTV. They are a stand-up comedy. They are helping the final budgets for the construction projects. They're not leaving any one hanging. So, but Jason and I are going to help these families flip these houses. Would we go back if they asked us, of course, why not, we would go back with open arms. I think they would welcome us back. A crazy hashtag on Twitter, flip this decision. Pretty cool. To see people supporting us. Our hearts go out to HGTV. We love those guys. When folks say are you mad at HGTV, upset with what they did? No.

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{"id":23666330,"title":"Did HGTV Cancel House Flippers' Show Over Controversial Comments?","duration":"4:23","description":"David and Jason Benham say their show was canceled over David's past anti-gay comments.","url":"/Nightline/video/hgtv-cancel-house-flippers-show-controversial-comments-23666330","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}