'Ice Bear' Sets Out on His Own

Nat Geo follows a three-year-old polar bear as he teaches himself to survive alone.
4:06 | 03/30/13

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Transcript for 'Ice Bear' Sets Out on His Own
Whether toting bottles of -- -- holiday commercials -- nestled in wash form the -- -- I'm of the doting child. Polar bears are universally loved powerful hunters who because of their -- look. And won a special spot in our hearts but as our global climate changes ABC's -- -- follows one bears' quest. For survival. Polar bears are among the Earth's most magnificent creek. High of the artist -- -- There are only a handful of truly iconic species on the afternoon pulled her and one -- and they are absolutely extraordinary. -- what they do. Hunt and kill. But times are tough -- ferocious rulers of the I'd yeah. I staring at three years old he's a teenager and polar bear years. Setting out on his first summer alone. Along with the the real look independence comes the challenge of survival pack. As the ground beneath -- melts away. Last year the extent of sea ice -- lost during the summer was the greatest ever ever recorded how could his -- possibly have prepared him. For such -- drastic change in his apartment. Ice -- needs to eat at. He's forty seals to make it through the long summer months. One polar bears go -- a state of semi hibernation. And a few generations ago he would have had another month of spring to hunt. -- is -- very strictly tied to the ice. Their main food is ringed seal the -- still goes away -- -- -- they're facing -- base closing. Nearly 2000 bears live in Canada's Hudson Bay each year when the ice melts some heads out swimming -- 300 miles to find a summer home. Along the way. The center of the walrus is. -- -- -- But taking on -- -- creature more adept in the water means coming away with only a bloody nose. Hi there continues climbing and reaching land after ten straight days without sleeping or eating. Unfortunately. It's -- 382. Degrees. -- or misery. -- -- -- -- finally catches a break hurt them walrus exhausted from binging on land. He moves in and takes off and maybe it will last in per day. He follows this heard for the rest of the summer. As the temperatures finally begin to drop ice bear encounters a pack of dogs and something -- main thing happen. Instead of attacking his known and -- PC to seek their company. Very long time. Has been struggling to survive if it looks like he's really -- -- measure of comfort in the company of these sled dogs. Finally in December -- meat -- meet winter has returned. Ice bear has survived the long hot summer on land one of the longest on record. The pulled her serve as the -- credit for their confidence to. Balance that system so as the polar bear populations become stressed and it's kind of an indication that the system itself and stressed. Scientists project within thirty years -- -- them all polar bears would be gone. That's a wonderful thing about life for -- now that gives you hope. That we're on to these dire circumstances that holders to confined only a problem is that forcing him to do with and generation. Here's hoping that light ice there his grandfather's. Will find their way. I'm -- ribeiro for Nightline in New York. -- -- airs this Sunday march 31 on Nat geo wild.

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{"id":18844900,"title":"'Ice Bear' Sets Out on His Own","duration":"4:06","description":"Nat Geo follows a three-year-old polar bear as he teaches himself to survive alone.","url":"/Nightline/video/ice-bear-sets-18844900","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}