Imagine Dragons lead singer on his Mormon faith and supporting LGBTQ community

Dan Reynolds created LoveLoud, an annual festival in Salt Lake City to celebrate the LGBTQ community.
7:50 | 08/08/18

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Transcript for Imagine Dragons lead singer on his Mormon faith and supporting LGBTQ community
??? I was lightning before thder ??? Reporte knownor monster hits like "Thunder." Er tnderhunder ??? Reporter: And the anthemic "Whateveit takes."??? whert S take Mo top I'm ready Reporter:gine dns the massively sucful band that sold mor than 10 million albums in.s. Alone. But frontman Reynolds has taken a surprising cause. Love the rolling stones. Thanks, N. Colful rolling stones. The restrictive religio community that raised him. There'sblem here. And I have bee -- I about a privileged as you GE I'm a white man who is heterosexual, raised I a midd-class Hom who is Noa rock star. So I like, I don't know that there's more O that you cou B given from birth. Reporter: And shat's why he started the love loud festival. A celebrate oe lgbtq community right herenalt lake CI Utah. The Mecca ofmormis is oppo to homexual behavior and same-semage. Is the grt get the far right out Beuse the like, I'll come to the music thing rightstival? Oh, man, I'm N surebo tt but'll come to the G. They I and we're like, lock the Gates! Then we have people get upn STE and sharthe. You knowhat your sexuality pure. Reporter: Sprinkled in Een big acts liked aying "Clarity." ???Hy my clarity ??? Reporterestigious and aspirational speaker LE apple Tim stand before you tonight as an uncle, a sports nut, a lover of the beautiful Utah outdoors,nd a proud G amican! Hese kids need to hear R day is, you broken. You are flawed. If youon't Chang th,ou're not going to have the spirit with U. Reporter: T mission, a far cry frothe one O his youth. At 18,ey snt two years on a Mormon proselytingssion in Nebraska. You're given handbook. When someone asks Y a qution, he an answer former why are we here? Ld on on sec here becaod sent us here, this is our St, -- I don't want to tell my mom his miionary guy, he mission man who has all the ans, at ? On my mission. And that's something I'm going to have H forhe rest of life. Lookt's led you. Yeah, you know -- I think the reason I S passiote abouts nows enough parents who have lost their sui becse we gay aha religious guilt. Reporter: Accng CDC report from 2015, theouth suicide rate in Utah was mor thanouble T national average. Danlds believes strict Mormon moral code coue O of theactors driving UT to thebrink. Itasn't until his hit song "It's time" -- ??? I'mever changinho I a Reporter: Was"g THA H felt motivated to act. Would getetrom fans saying, you kn you're Mormon, I know that mmo don't supporgb rights and equal marriage th was artbreaking for me. What was that itade you sa io do something think fro a young age my mom taught me, yound U F os are underprileged andtigmatized.and at-risk. Reporter: "Love loud" I in its second year. The genesisf lt ar's festival chronicled in the HBO documentary "Believer." Reynolds sayse will holdhe festival every year for thee kids Savannah caste Wn I cameou I was 12 years old. Reporter: When shn front of hernegation to give her testimony- Testimonys lik aof when you're trying T what youieve in you religion. So this is T is. I want to mys and not el me of being me -- How hashehurcheaed Tu still? I am- I do consider myself a Mormon accepted in neirhood Dver F alone? DI you er feel lo? Oh, definitely. Always taught being gay wn. And that I was not Normal. And thy want to be here Forse that do el alone. Reporter: That sentiment was Ed throught Al. Nice thave like thing where you can go to to celebrate being yourself, and like B and proud without worrying about it. Love that they E givg this night to truth. Ror half of twin lesbianindy pop duo Teigen ansarah,wnor songs like "Back inr ad I just want back in your head ??? loud! Let's hear you! Rteook to the STA with Reynolds. S means so much to me. Here.d you're awesome F doing it. Seriously. I believe Dan is the Rea deal. We have pride but this is different. Is about bringing R allies together with helping raiseon to give back. It's just a brilant, Sime idea. Reporter: Last year the stival bro in less than $10,0. Turnout and is donating 10 of the ground charities. Lance Lori is lloud's executive director. A yea didn't H a venue. We didn't havesponso. We didn't have anything. E year tee Weare. We've already don loudand we're in a sold-out ium. It'ske, if you crazy enou think you can change two you just might be able to it'eo begin it ??? Reporter: At the end hey,ma T the STE to pfo???er changinwho I am eporter: Reynolds was ovcootion while addressing the audience. On our lgbtq youth -- stay th us. Every day. Weeed you. Love you. We accept you. I'm fired upnd fired all the wa things have en reporter: Ateadfast believer THA fundament C is due and can come. ??? Youade me Y made me a beer believe???

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{"id":57102725,"title":"Imagine Dragons lead singer on his Mormon faith and supporting LGBTQ community","duration":"7:50","description":"Dan Reynolds created LoveLoud, an annual festival in Salt Lake City to celebrate the LGBTQ community.","url":"/Nightline/video/imagine-dragons-lead-singer-mormon-faith-supporting-lgbtq-57102725","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}