Inside 'American Hustle'

The cast of the film opens up about the '70s corruption tale and transforming for their roles.
3:00 | 12/10/13

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Transcript for Inside 'American Hustle'
If you're going bring a spectacular scandal to life on the big screen, you might as well do it right. This a list cast knew they would have to go for it but this even surprised them. Here is chris connolly. Whoa! Another fire. In the gleeful chaos of david russel's latest film, american hustle, a couple of busted con artists must work their rough match ij for an fbi agent who is looking to capture corruption on tape. Each conning their way to happiness and what these characters must all confront is the universal truth that nothing and no one is what or who they appear to be. You see it? People believe what they want to believe. Life was so good that it's real to everybody. Before american hustle's intoxicating array could entertain audiences, actors went through big transformations arer he has a comb over that was rather elaborate. Christian bale shaved part of his head in pursue of this over the top comb other. You seem a few months away from any bacon sandwiches. My cholesterol is lowering but it was a couple of months of just eating crap. It's a lot of fun for about two weeks and your body starts to say please, please, don't do this to me any more. Amy adams decided her character would say yes to the dress. These dresses are beautiful. And no to pretty much anything beneath it. She uses her wardrobe. It becomes her arsenal of manipulation. Your posture has to change to keep everything in place. It's not until I see the posters that I think that's kind of revealing. And working with david, he did a little something to his hair to play a g man. I said to david, what if he has curly hair? We wanted him to look different. I didn't know it would be three hours in the make-up trailer every morning. I'm thinking big. We're doing video surveillance. From the feet up. American hustle bases its story as loosely as bradley cooper's perm on a scandal from THE 1970s. Involves possibly bribery and more. Members of congress are taking money and bale learns the art of deception. You believe what you believe as you're doing it otherwise no one else is ever going to. To be a con man you have got to have a big set of balls. I would assume that is important. A good line of bull and a big set of balls. You don't know it, all right? That's an art of becoming somebody that people can pin their beliefs and dreams on. In love and in ka hoots, bale and adams characters are frozen. Play your part. You play your part. Before they are caught and forced to team with cooper's fbi agent to catch some powerful politicians. You have got to do this because you have no choice. You work for me. You keep changing the rules. Jennifer lawrence plays bale's spouse. . Don't repeat that. But yeah. She gets in on the action as her husband seeks to ensnare new jersey mayor via a night on the time. He wants the best for his city? He is not a naive idiot. It's just something that he really wanted. We have to invest in our community. It's falling apart. I believe you should treat people the way you want to be treated. Always take a favor over money m money. It is a launch pad for american hustle's characters working at hyper speed. Can me and the man talk about business here? Teamed with actors who worked with him on the fighter and play book and grew familiar with his improvising style. What are you on? Me? None. I have only been on two of his sets but both have the exact same energy which is very alive. Anything can happen. And you had better have slept eight hours. 24 hours a day david's texting you. You are really committed. You don't ever turn it off? I can't. Yes. You never know when you're on or off camera nor does it matter. You're just doing stuff. You could defend every comma or word choice but you do it the opposite. You encourage improv? Yes. I believe about two-thirds would stay the same, roughly. And one third is open to improvement. Actors like to be very controlled and know exactly what's happening and I'm not that kind of actor. I like it to be very spontane spontaneous. I don't mine saying it's chaot chaotic. I think that you strike gold when you have that attitude. There are dances at a cross park avenue, part of what the what might happen attitude that helped american hustle win top honors as the movie award season becons. I think the challenge is to make sure that all the magical moments that were shot can live in the movie and have that be the movie. The actors, I think, put their hearts on the screen. And I think surprise audiences. Night line in new york city.

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{"id":21158074,"title":"Inside 'American Hustle'","duration":"3:00","description":"The cast of the film opens up about the '70s corruption tale and transforming for their roles. ","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-american-hustle-21158074","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}