Inside Baby George's Adorable Royal Playdate

William and Kate spent time with first-time parents in New Zealand as their infant son played.
2:38 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Inside Baby George's Adorable Royal Playdate
Today on a vvisit to new Zealand, his royal chubbiness may have had the most watched play date in the history of man kind. So many pressing questions what toys does prince George like, can he make friend, does he know where his nose is? ABC's Cecelia Vega is on the story. Reporter: It was a play date unlike any other. An 8-month-old prince and his royal subjects minus the crowns and jewels, just a bunch of toys and crying babies. For this first official order of business on their royal tour down under, will, Kate, and baby George are breaking the royal mold. This play date a modern version of the royal crawl about from Williams inaugural trip here more than three decades ago. But this is a new generation in the house of Windsor, an air to the throne mingling with the common folk, the future queen on the floor like a regular mom? For starters there will be no tiaras during this trip. And the duke and duchess, yes, traveling with an entourage, that include a royal nanny. But a smaller group. Royal watchers call this a royal revolution. This is much more downsized than would, really be on, on a senior level. Reporter: Times are tough at the palace? They look to do things themselves. They don't need as many, flunkies, servants around them. The future king mostly interested in his mom's hair, not so interested in blocks. And he has some work to do when it comes to the ladies. This little girl, burst into tears when George tried to hold hand. She might regret that one day. Prince William told the other first-time parents in the room that baby George is now teething and that he is the one to give George a bottle every night and put him to bed. His parents said the ten especially selected New Zealand babies, all Georges age, made for the most kids the little prince had ever played with at once. They don't know that they can wander into a play group and everything that prince does will be exposed right away. They're careful to make sure they don't expose him to Normal families in the way a baby might be because he is special. He is going to be future king. Reporter: Like father, like son. Two tears to the throne who look like they know exactly what nay want. For now that seems to be a toy that belongs to another baby. For "Nightline," Cecelia Vega inxd Wellington, New Zealand.

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{"id":23268119,"title":"Inside Baby George's Adorable Royal Playdate ","duration":"2:38","description":"William and Kate spent time with first-time parents in New Zealand as their infant son played.","url":"/Nightline/video/inside-baby-georges-adorable-royal-playdate-23268119","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}