The Island Where People Live 'Forever'

Does Ikaria, Greece, hold the secret to a long, healthy life?
1:55 | 07/26/13

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Transcript for The Island Where People Live 'Forever'
-- it's better. Forgotten quietly but as you'll see it it slowly creeps up -- by the time it's time to go you don't want to -- This silent had ten times more siblings over ninety anyplace else in the world. They have a very strange. Routine and intend to wake up late the work in the morning and eat lunch about wondered to -- -- -- and in the summer. People stay up to 2:3 in the morning. That's my kind of see if you -- -- title again. Let's -- it sounds like a New York hipster. All we know for sure is that people are living eight to ten years longer without dementia. They do so without depression without heart disease and cancer be killers in America they don't have any special genes there -- some combination. Between the way they live and their environments. That is yielding extraordinary longevity. This isn't -- They burned 1000 calories and it just doing everyday chores -- breads and gardening walking to their friends house I think that's a big secret for America. Nobody here tried to -- -- hundred -- didn't go on the centenary diet they didn't try to exercise that way to help join a gym. Right take a supplement. It happened it was a result of their environment you don't want to live 200 -- the last twenty years your life you're disabled. In a -- here they -- a very long time. They tended died peacefully in their sleep. And occasionally after sacks so in other words of living a long time in -- -- again are going hand in hand.

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{"id":19786282,"title":"The Island Where People Live 'Forever'","duration":"1:55","description":"Does Ikaria, Greece, hold the secret to a long, healthy life?","url":"/Nightline/video/island-people-live-forever-19786282","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}