How Jackie Evancho's, her sister's lives changed after inauguration performance

The teenager sparked controversy when she performed at Donald Trump's inauguration and again when she stood up for her sister's life-altering decision.
7:40 | 08/09/17

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Transcript for How Jackie Evancho's, her sister's lives changed after inauguration performance
young woman who defied critics, performing at president trump's inauguration. Jackie Evancho just 17 years old now sharing an intimate look at her life post-inauguration. From her growing career to supporting her transgender sister in the face of policy reversals from the white house. Here's ABC's Deborah Roberts. ??? Oh, say can you see ??? ??? by the dawn's early light ??? Reporter: It should have been a crowning career moment. Jackie Evancho singing the national anthem at a president's inauguration. ??? Through the perilous fight ??? then 16 years old the classical singer taking on one of the biggest stages in her career. ??? A the rockets' red glare ??? one that began when she was just 10 on "America's got talent." ??? but her decision to take the inaugural stage has left her career in jeopardy. Evancho is under intense pressure. Reporter: Some critics calling it career suicide. She faced lots of backlash for performing. Are you still proud that you did it? I am still proud because I now get to tell myself my name goes down on that long historical list of people who sang at the inauguration. It was a huge honor and just an experience I'm never going to forget. ??? And the home of the brave ??? Reporter: Many of her fans won't forget either, some vowing not to forgive. Do you think the backlash has affected your singing career? I think that it has affected certain things like my fan base because of where I stand politically. Do you solemnly swear -- Reporter: The criticism even got personal. Much of it stemming from the trump administration's early record on gay rights. ??? Stay the night ??? which some argue puts the teenager at odds with her own transgender sister, Juliet. It got really mean. People were saying that I was a word I can't say live because I chose president trump over family supposedly because of the whole lgbtq controversy. Reporter: People were that vicious. Yes. Well, seeing my sister go through all of the hate mail, it broke my heart because the way Jackie looked at it it was nothing political. Reporter: That backlash documented on tlc's new special about the family, "Growing up Evancho." Dear Jackie, I really admire your angelic voice but I'm deeply troubled by your associations. She's got to be careful. You can't not stand up for what you believe in because you're afraid you're not going to sell another album. No. Reporter: It's an up close look at a thoroughly modern family, spotlighting Jackie's singing career. Standing on stage, it's definitely an escape. Reporter: And Juliet's transition. Ever since I was little, I've always known that I was a girl. The only problem was my body didn't match my brain. Reporter: Two teen girls finding their way. You're 17. You're 19. Starting to get personal. Are we dating? Do we have boyfriends? We have boyfriends. We have boyfriends. I didn't think I would ever be in a good relationship, and I never thought that a boy would see me for who I really am. A lot of people always come up to ask her, are you gay, are you straight, are you bi, or what are you? And I have finally just deemed the term julietsexual. So it basically kind of means I'm with Juliet. You can take that at its worth, and I don't care what you think about that. So you do all your recording in here, right? Yeah. When we last met the Evancho family, my colleague juju Chang met up with both sisters. That's "Dream with me." So these are singles? Just days before Jackie took the stage. The storm of controversy already brewing. I am doing this for my country. I support my sister 100%, and I think it's a shame that this has people questioning that. Reporter: Her sister Juliet was preparing for her own milestone. Normally, we'd go out and support Jackie. But this is a big moment for Juliet. We're just going to have her srs procedures done, sex reassignment surgery. Reporter: Mom Lisa would be with Juliet at the hospital. ??? And the rockets' red glare ??? while dad Mike and the two younger children would go to D.C. To cheer on Jackie. Ever since she first came out I've always been really excited for this day for her. So I guess we both just wish we could be there for each other. You're getting teary-eyed. Yeah. Why? Because I love her. She's my sister. And I'm happy. You're happy for her. Yeah. Reporter: A lot has changed in six months. Jackie has since released an album. Juliet is an activist. But politics still seem to get in the way. I'm actually really excited to meet senator Casey. Yeah. I mean, it's going to be such a big deal because we're going to like help people. I don't know if I'm going to do it yet. I haven't made my decision completely. Are you kidding? No. I just need more time to think. It would help a lot of people. I know, Juliet. That's why I want to do it. But I have to take other things into consideration. Do you worry about being political? There are things that I have to worry about because my singing is like my family business. And as much as I wish I didn't have to, I do have to just consider what I say because some people can take it the wrong way and turn it into something it isn't. Reporter: But what they do agree on, standing up against president trump's recent transgender military ban. Candidate trump said he was supportive of lgbtq rights, and now president trump has tried to remove protections for transgender people for bathrooms and for military service. What do you make of this? I try my best not to think about it too much even though I -- I mean, I have to. Because it's personal for you. Exactly. I want everyone to just be happy and feel equal. Going through the lawsuits with my school district, it was heartbreaking. Knowing that people still don't see me and so many other people in my community as Normal people who can fight just as hard in the military, who are just going to the bathroom. They make it this big issue. And there's no reason for it. You both said that you wanted to speak with president trump about transgender children, people. What do you want to say to him? We really just need to fix it. Things need to be equal for everybody. You can't exactly be comfortable and happy in your own skin when you have all of these restrictions on things everybody should have. Your rivalry kind of comes out. Reporter: They are sisters who have each other's back but who re mind us that in the end -- I think the best part about our family is we're not afraid to be who we are. Reporter: They are simply just another family. When you talk about your fan base, you know, you lost some, you've gained some, what do you want your fans to know about your life? Everything that I do I take seriously. And there are reasons that I have that they're not always going to understand. And I will never turn my back on my family no matter what. They're number one for me. I would give up my career in a heartbeat for them. Reporter: For "Nightline" I'm Deborah Roberts in New York.

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{"duration":"7:40","description":"The teenager sparked controversy when she performed at Donald Trump's inauguration and again when she stood up for her sister's life-altering decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"49106211","title":"How Jackie Evancho's, her sister's lives changed after inauguration performance","url":"/Nightline/video/jackie-evancho-sisters-lives-changed-inauguration-performance-49106211"}