Jason Derulo: Girlfriend Jordin Sparks Is The One

Pop singer says he wrote the song "Marry Me" to let her know "it will happen... when the time is right."
2:10 | 08/08/14

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Transcript for Jason Derulo: Girlfriend Jordin Sparks Is The One
This song that you rain. -- mean you only get this from everybody -- when you gonna get married when you're gaming commissions even ask that question millions and in seventh. How you write a song saying -- me with her in the video and not expect everybody to ask that question. Because that's the reason Margaret -- in the first place. Because I want you to know that when time is -- then -- to happen not to be the most amazing time. When did you tunnel on the -- can be -- -- most amazing experiences of my life but when time is right this is thicker. What does it her she's exactly like your mother and I realized that -- -- -- -- everyday somewhat scary at this point like this but it's really scary. My mother doesn't like really have a filter -- -- she's really a sweet sweet sweet moment. Election Oates who tell you how it is now she walked into because how how is that we have an alien and -- the house is like. Only. It's still all affectionate with your -- That. I think -- -- and pay attention or is that we didn't think. You know as the Bruins have been the best in the Al when got a problem is that the same period. So that's doing is the exact same -- -- -- just doesn't have bet that they'll tell us almost that as it like -- like. Like one of those kids -- -- that doesn't go that route from the gonna hurt their payments. But some things. When -- But like in turn might just. Like the sweetest you know and just always thinking -- others before. -- thinks about itself. Super charitable. Spins. Most of her time you know that they can about what the next Terry is or how they're giving -- money for this monument -- that. Where -- in the schools in and and in and likely not Haiti. -- so you know open an open yet to new things. We're such opposites. You know that just pull -- -- and I think that's that's what works.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Pop singer says he wrote the song \"Marry Me\" to let her know \"it will happen... when the time is right.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24903333","title":"Jason Derulo: Girlfriend Jordin Sparks Is The One","url":"/Nightline/video/jason-derulo-girlfriend-jordin-sparks-24903333"}