Jason Derulo: 'I Wasn't The Most Popular Kid in High School'

Singer, who has sold more than 20 million singles in the US, talks about adjusting to new-found fame.
2:55 | 08/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jason Derulo: 'I Wasn't The Most Popular Kid in High School'
While we're between Hamburg from. Could pollute and -- decaying taxis from Kingston. He has so you get this glimpse into this world and who. What did you see. If you like what you -- yeah I was jealous I was jealous of all these people because I mean I wanted to have my entire life you know from that I -- Since tells -- warriors and it was like right there you know is actually work with them you know her notes on right now knows. I know these things which was awesome at the same time -- -- so you know sixteen Izzo put. I still didn't have my big break. I was always disclose what -- that experience teach you about fame in terms of what you want it and what you didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- At that time I wanted everything that they had -- -- not dreamed of -- -- a car service pick me up and dropped me off somewhere and you know his stuff but that is like since. Everyday life now but -- -- it is as simple as that was wrong. Only be -- you know if you know to walk in the room and people who knew who was equally well would there be light and what is a lake to be famous he discredit me I wasn't the most popular student high school. So I didn't know what that felt like to not be able to. Kind of Disco to a club yourself. Companies cut the strings. You know I mean come on 24 is on -- mean that's coming is known he'd call -- -- -- You know pick. Picks and girls out of pic pic of bio whatever you want to do that you can go by its if you wanted to go. Debt that part is he -- kind of strange to me Simpson. And it's not. It's not that you can't go -- because you're you're scared it's it's for other people's safety. -- -- -- -- This there's times where it. You might sign one autograph would take one picture and that is people start looking and they knows who it is and then. That turns into middle group in the -- group turns a bigger bigger bigger. In on -- for -- -- in Barcelona. John Lilly turned into -- -- of in my life. You know could -- three heroes and their egos and in the six from the Nazis from the twelve to reassure -- that amateur. So learns. That it -- tomorrow at that point you know we've been operating -- thirty -- and they think -- now. So you know this is anonymous -- -- -- -- but for the safety as well also you know. My security -- -- weekends I would -- -- if we wouldn't be really you know worked out there who's -- -- hopefully. Yeah it's. It's -- strange I don't think it's something that you can really get used to.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Singer, who has sold more than 20 million singles in the US, talks about adjusting to new-found fame.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"24903624","title":"Jason Derulo: 'I Wasn't The Most Popular Kid in High School'","url":"/Nightline/video/jason-derulo-popular-kid-high-school-24903624"}