Jodi Arias Trial: Shocking Web of Lies

Arizona woman, 32, is charged with stabbing, shooting and slashing her one-time boyfriend.
3:00 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias Trial: Shocking Web of Lies
Gonna bring you latest in a twisted tale of love turned deadly centering -- on a young woman. Accused of stabbing and shooting and slashing her one time boyfriend. There's a gruesome details of this crime have been exposed in court the bizarre -- just keep on coming including. Explosive testimony from the other man in her life ABC's Ryan Owens. Brings us the latest from Phoenix Arizona. They admitted killer -- areas has sobbed -- every day she's been on trial for the murder of her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander. But prosecutors say tears it shouldn't be enough to save her life. They say the petite soft spoken 32 year old. Deserves to die because Alexander's death. What's so heinous. He was found butchered in the shower of his Mesa, Arizona home in June of 2008. He's been stabbed 27 times. His throat was slit so deep he was almost decapitated. And he was shot in the head. About the case -- how he got the testimony of Ryan burns this week may have made her look even worse. He was a romantic interest of -- areas who she -- -- Utah less than 24 hours after she committed the crime. What was her demeanor not. She was fine she was laughing since the little things just like any other person she was I never once felt there's anything. -- Burns told the jury right after killing one man. She was kissing another at. Some -- I mean we're talking and and then we just. And that this kissing continue or just stop what kids. And then -- distant problem -- many times every time we we started kissing. -- -- would. His testimony is especially damaging because -- area says she killed Travis Alexander in self defense the couple only dated a few months after meeting -- -- work convention in Las Vegas. But her attorneys claim the thirty year old successful businessman and develop Mormon. Was actually a sexual deviant who controlled and abused areas long after they broke up. But burns testified she wasn't the least bit distraught when she showed up at his place we were kissing. And what else. She got on top of mean. Pretty aggressively and then we're just. -- sat down with ABC news to discuss their relationship while we're watching the movie how we -- a few times. Things that we never had act. But -- certainly wasn't acting like. She had something -- owner. In -- also told the jury -- she acted normal she looked different her blond hair was dark she had cuts on her hands. She told him she broke -- glass -- bar tending at a restaurant called Margarita bill back in northern California where she lived prosecutors believe Jody was. Lying in a wide area is -- -- Business establishment of bar restaurant by the -- Margarita I don't -- -- So there is no -- by the -- -- you mentioned. That's one of many lies -- areas has told and in her Travis. I would never -- -- in a series of jailhouse interviews she first denied being at Travis his house the night of the murder. I would be shaking in my -- right now I think if I had -- for such heinous crime. Two weeks later she had a new story. Telling the show inside edition she was there but didn't do it. I witnessed. Travis being attacked. By a two other individuals. Who. I don't know who they where I couldn't -- them out -- a police lineup. She also lied to the lead detective investigating Alexander's murder. The day after his body was found she told him she hadn't seen her ex -- months. That was around April the Q. -- -- -- evidence that it counts. -- -- -- When things with a mountain of forensic evidence. Areas finally admitted she was the killer but as she did it to protect yourself. It just those who minutes. -- had -- make -- choice. She would either live. Achievement that. Prosecutors say it's nonsense that -- areas stalked her victim. Long after they broke up that she flew into a jealous rage when she -- out he was dating other women. They say she snapped these pictures of Travis Alexander posing in the shower then pulled out a knife and attacked him. When you say anywhere opportunity. Today phones that disease that -- -- there -- did the nightly continued past did your goal and stopped by the. It's the medical examiner testified Alexander's body was covered in stab wounds 27 in all. Nine in the back he told the jury that some of the wounds that -- defensive that he was fighting for his life. If you have injuries to the the backs of the forearm is working with palms -- accident hands it's consistent with someone trying to either grab the night before. Fend off rooms for kind of injury there's -- -- that mr. Alexander was a lot of time that these injuries -- what I believe he was. Prosecutors have introduced what seems like an on ending parade of gruesome photos and bloody items from Alexander's bathroom. Where they say area slit his throat and then shot him in the head. There's different colors and -- but I don't know us Alexander sisters often cry and cover their eyes in court. They sit in the front row to honor their brother but at least once they've had to leave the courtroom the graphic pictures of their brother just too much to bear. There is one picture in particular which may sealed -- areas his fate. After she took -- shots of Travis Alexander in the shower she dropped the camera and inadvertently snapped a couple of photos. One shows her. Actually moving his bloody body. Police recovered those images from the memory card of this camera they found inside Alexander's washing machine. They believe areas was literally trying to wash -- the evidence but like so much in this case that too caught up whether. -- -- -- -- areas one a Christmas caroling contest behind bars but she may have a tougher time winning over this jury. Most expect she will take the stand to try to justify why she killed. If she can't Judy areas may soon have a lot more to cry -- -- I'm Ryan Owens for Nightline in Phoenix.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Arizona woman, 32, is charged with stabbing, shooting and slashing her one-time boyfriend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"18186608","title":"Jodi Arias Trial: Shocking Web of Lies","url":"/Nightline/video/jodi-arias-trial-shocking-web-lies-18186608"}