John McAfee: Belize Police Searching for Antivirus Pioneer

McAfee is a "person of interest" in a homicide investigation in the Caribbean county.
3:00 | 11/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John McAfee: Belize Police Searching for Antivirus Pioneer
So we turn now to the strange tale of an american tech mogul at the center of an international murder mystery. A man whose name is synonymous WITH SECURITY, john McAfee, he built a fortune creating anti-virus software that protects come puputers around the world. Now he is being chased by police across a tiny country in central america. And matt guttman reports from belize. Reporter: John mcafee, a software savant, synonymous with security is synonymous with drugs, paranoia, and the murder OF, McAFEE'S MURDER HERE IN Belize. Tonight, 48 hours after his neighbor was shot point-blank in THE BACK OF THE HEAD, McAFEE IS On the run, telling wired magazine he drastically changed his appearance. Police tell abc news the 67-year-old is a person of interest and is now being hunted by police even american officials still investigating the scene of the crime. When the police arrived at his property he saw them coming and he hid. He in fact says he dug himself into the sand and put a cardboard box over his head. He is convinced if the police catch him, the police will kill him. Reporter: The island, in the emerald caribbean, accessible by tiny puddle jumpers, so intimate, everybody knows everybody. WE TRAVELED to McAfee's beach front compound. Hello. Any body home. Where we found his guard. HAVE YOU HEARD FROM MR. McAFEE? No, nothing. Reporter: Do you think he is okay? Guess so. Reporter: As "nightline" learned, fall was an american also living down the beach from McAFEE. Shane mccann was one of the first on the scene. He had a gunshot wound to the back of his head. He was laying face up. Reporter: Fall had lived here for years a place where americans come to find quiet and anonymity. ACCORDING TO THE REALTOR, McAFEE Stood out. He said he is paranoid. I wonder if you have seen evidence of that? Certainly. Any of us who live here on the island know whnotice when heap is moving about town, he is not alone. He has security person fell with him Reporter: They were armed with shot guns. But it could be this photo, snapped for a feature about john McAFEE IN "WIRED" WHICH TELLS The story of a genius whose paranoia may be eating away at his sanity. I hid for almost 18 hours. I have buried myself in sand. I have slept on roofs the I will do whatever it takes. Reporter: During the RECESSION, McAFEE LOST NEARLY 100 million. But enough was left to buy this compound. McAFEE,000 TELLS WIRED HE Believes the country of belize is out to get him. That they don't like him. That they either want him to leave the country or want him dead. Reporter: Mcafee told "wired" police poisoned his dog and they killed his neighbor insisting he had nothing to do with fall's death. He's dead, yeah, they killed him. So it, it spooked me out. I thought my god. They mistook him for me. Reporter: Police and fall's family tell abc news a different story. THEY say McAfee had become unhinged even violent. Something his motor reporter, witnessed firsthand recently. He traveled to belize to in the view McAfee and filmed this footage while there. I started to realize the PUBLIC PERSONA of McAfee was different than private. Appeared to be using a drug that was hallucinogenic and could cause psychosis. Reporter: The controversial, not illegal drug, called bath salts on a message board calling it super perv powder. Abc news has not been able to verify the post. McAFEE KEPT RUNNING AFOUL OF Police. I seriously entertained doubts if I would get out of his house alive. Reporter: A bizarre downfall for one of high tech's early pioneers and a self-made millionaire. It's been report you'd were worth about $100 million. It may have been true. Reporter: "Nightline" profiled him as he auctioned off possessions in 2009 before moving to belize where he thought he sought the more simple life, free of material possessions. National security spokesman, rafael martinez says police now wonder about his sanity. I do not know the reason why he should be well, not, coming forward to speak with the police. I mean, not coming forward, mean that you are wanted for questioning. I mean, it begs the question exactly the state of mind, of course. Reporter: According to one in COMMUNICATION with McAe is on the move and committed to staying in beloved belize. He things a wonderful place, most beautiful on the planet. Why would he want to leave? He leaves behind a community, REELING AND FEARFUL with McAfee on the lam. Are you scared? This is isle bonita. Paradise. Things like this don't happen down here. Another weird story there, thanks to matt guttman for that.

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{"id":17713107,"title":"John McAfee: Belize Police Searching for Antivirus Pioneer","duration":"3:00","description":"McAfee is a \"person of interest\" in a homicide investigation in the Caribbean county.","url":"/Nightline/video/john-mcafee-belize-police-searching-antivirus-pioneer-17713107","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}