When Heroes Intervene

Part 3: How Cleveland victims and neighbors defeated their captors and escaped.
3:00 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for When Heroes Intervene
300000. Times in newspaper articles and on TV an alarming reminder from authorities that the first 48 hours. Of missing persons investigation are the most important. After that it becomes all the more likely the vanished. Will be gone forever unless of course the stars aligned. And a hero intervenes. A story confront us with the mystery. -- it's -- instead. I know she's -- to be -- -- We look at suspects aerial Castro and his Brothers Pedro and O'Neal and we wonder what darkness lurks in the human soul. But so often in this and in so many stories. There is also the mystery of good. I mean that McDonald's. Come outside. -- is durable and notes. Trying to get a house Charles Ramsey the man who would not turn away from a cry for help thought it was a problem did you used to just open a door. If he's -- -- -- got it locked so we had to kick open the bottom look at that goes aluminum was -- These planned out -- -- daughter. Charles Ramsey washes dishes that Hodges restaurant and Cleveland they have already made -- T shirt honoring him he says he'll donate all the proceeds to the families of the kidnapped young women. What he did his basic decency. And his irrepressible spirit that made us mind with gratitude. When yeah. -- -- -- -- -- He became an instant Internet sensation auto tuned overnight yeah. It's happened before the everyday miracle of compassion rescuing. The lost and missing that one of the main things with me as a concern for the for the girls from another standpoint. They weren't giving me any kind of sign that they were in trouble but yet I felt. That they work Jaycee Dugard kidnapped and imprisoned for eighteen years was spotted by former University of California police officer Allison Jacobs and her partner went Phillip garrido the man who took Jason spoke to them they -- a background check on them and discovered he was a sex -- He's on parole -- huge. And he's got this records us this violent record. This is not going to be her mother's intuition and her professionalism rescued JC -- -- from her nightmare. And there was just Yuriko the owner of a deli in the keys port Pennsylvania whose call to 911 rescued -- Koch held for ten years. In his so important and -- television becomes there's people like -- -- -- Elizabeth Smart Shawne horn back. Me and now these three girls. Don't ever give -- -- All the child whose keepers and we know as John Walsh whose only six year old son was taken from a man murdered. And it turned his pain into the crusade -- became America's Most Wanted to put it last night -- night. The public wants to help they don't -- -- help they have the guts to help -- text 12100 bad guys and recover sixty missing children. There are hundreds of thousands of missing children right now so many just one glimpse away from rescue if you see something say something because there -- the real -- Fighting for life for freedom calling to us I'm here. Do you have any -- the -- -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah.

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{"id":19130235,"title":"When Heroes Intervene","duration":"3:00","description":"Part 3: How Cleveland victims and neighbors defeated their captors and escaped.","url":"/Nightline/video/kidnap-victim-amanda-berry-hailed-hero-19130235","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}