Kim Kardashian's App Game Turns Out to Be Gold Mine

'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' quickly became one of the most popular apps soon after its release.
3:14 | 08/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kim Kardashian's App Game Turns Out to Be Gold Mine
Crazed fans are opening wallets for an addictive new app expected to rake in $85 million. The source behind it may surprise you. Here's ABC's nick watt. Reporter: Think of someone, anyone, you'd like to see grab an $85 million windfall. Yeah. I bet you weren't thinking Kim Kardashian. She's already a model/actress/entrepreneur /reality doyenne/married to a rich husband. She could now earn $85 million from an iPhone app. "Kim Kardashian's Hollywood." It's an escapist fantasy into the world of Kim Kardashian which we've all seen on TV for so long, it's this crazy life where there are no problems except for whether or not your selfie in Rome looks nice. Okay, so you can make yourself a boy. Reporter: Erin, an intern, plays the game. She is my guide. I don't understand. I really don't understand this. You're basically -- you have to work your way up. Reporter: From a nobody to an a-list celeb like Kim. Which you achieve by unlocking certain goals like putting on a nicer outfit, choosing the right shoes, impressing gentlemen. This is super cute. Reporter: It's the angry birds, the candy crush of totally right now. It even has addicts like Tracy. I have to spend 14 k-stars to stop him from breaking up with me which is really expensive but I'll do it. Reporter: She spent hundreds of dollars on her kkh habit. There's a part that really taps into this addictive part of your brain. Sort of the way that like sugar would or any kind of drug. It's kind of something that you can't even explain until you've tried it. Reporter: The money-making genius of this game, like so many others, is in the in-app purchases. Extra energy and so-called k-stars that speed progress. It just doesn't really feel real until you get the bill later. Reporter: But real human beings like Tracy Morrissey are spending real money to buy their avatar's way into Kim's virtual inner circle. Which of course has spawned an online torrent of bile from the parents who foot the bill. I would call it a guilty pleasure. It's interesting. You're an intelligent person. Thank you. Reporter: We all love to mock Kim for being famous for just being famous but this is actually a concrete achievement. She was, say the makers, heavily involved in every aspect. And their revenue rose 50% last quarter as a result. What it says about our society is saddening. To play a game in which your charm and your looks are prized above all and we put celebrity on a pedestal, a reflection of the state of our times. Why didn't I think of a game like that? Because you're not a Kardashian. Reporter: No, nick watt, total z-list. For "Nightline" in Los Angeles.

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{"id":24842747,"title":"Kim Kardashian's App Game Turns Out to Be Gold Mine","duration":"3:14","description":"'Kim Kardashian: Hollywood' quickly became one of the most popular apps soon after its release.","url":"/Nightline/video/kim-kardashians-app-game-turns-gold-mine-24842747","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}