Going under the knife to look like Meghan Markle

Two women open up about undergoing plastic surgery to appear more like the Duchess of Sussex.
7:35 | 02/26/19

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Transcript for Going under the knife to look like Meghan Markle
A party fit for a duchess. Even though she is not in attendance, her presence looms large. Meghan Markle, the former American actress turned royal family member. Sochi Greer and romita Williams have spent months transforming themselves with plastic surgery to look like the duchess of and today they're revealing their new looks. We first met Sochi at her home in Houston. I think she is a beautiful and as I'm changing the features that I have, I want those features to more resemble Meghan. I feel like I'm more box right now. So I want to have that little hourglass figure. This 36-year-old lawyer and single mother of three is getting plastic surgery in the hopes it will turn her life around. My body has changed since having another child. My self-esteem was just lower because the way things went with the father of my child. I'm hoping that this will give me something that I need to get back out there. Reporter: Ultimately she is hoping a new confidence on the outside will boost her inner sense of self. I had a very hard time talking to men in a nonfriendship manner. The plastic surgery just helps to give me more self-confidence on my outward appearance while I'm fixing my inward appearance, you know, privately. Through therapy and things. Reporter: The day before surgery, Sochi meets with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin rose. How are you? We're just going to soften the it's a pretty nose. Lipo, lipo, lipo. You've got a lot of fat right here. We're going fix that. Okay. Do you think that Meghan Markle is the latest trend? She is one of the new it Do you undergo any kind of psycho analysis or any kind of evaluation when somebody comes in and they say I want to change my look entirely? I've examined maybe 30,000 patients over this surgical career of mine. So you can tell very quickly who is a stable patient or patients who have unrealistic expectations. Reporter: Sochi will undergo three procedure, liposuction, fat grafting to her buttocks and cheeks and rhinoplasty city. The total cost, $30,000 minus a discount from the doctor for appearing on TV. We meet up with Sochi just moments before she gets wheeled into the O.R. This is the end game, right? This is what we're trying to get as close to as possible. She is in surgery seven hours. Then quickly starts a recovery. I can already see some changes. I'm really, really excited to see the results once the swelling goes down. Reporter: Sochi is not the only woman going under the knife to look like Meghan Markle. Just across town in the very same city -- We have the living room. Reporter: 33-year-old real estate agent Renita Williams is also undergoing a transformation to look like Meghan. I do side by side with her, and everyone says I look like her. Do you want to look like her? Ia. That's the whole point. She is gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to look like You're gorgeous. Yeah, but there are certain things that I don't like. So I'm just like if I can get that fixed. Reporter: With her husband Anthony, the couple has a blended family of six children, three each. I have an infatuation a little bit with Meghan Markle. I want to look like her. I want to have the body that I've always wanted. I mean, ten years later after having kids and three c-sections, you're just not comfortable anymore. Reporter: She showed us what she considers her aspirational I would never wear anything like this right now because most of my dresses that I wear have pockets on them, as you can see. Even the one that I'm wearing now. And I do that to hide the stomach. Renita's 12-year-old daughter says she loves her mother just the way she is. I see beauty. Don't make me cry. Her infection. I see an awesome lady. I wish I could look like her all the time. Especially at school when people say that your mom's really pretty. Can I kiss you? I didn't know you had all those thoughts in you. Reporter: What is it about her that you -- Her style. She is graceful. She is intelligent, the way she gives it back to the community. Reporter: But it's one thing to say this person is my role model, but not I aspire to look just like them to the point I want to have surgery. I know that I'm not going to look just like her. But at the same time she has a lot of features that I admire and I would like them on me. Reporter: Like what? Her jaw. Her cheekbones. Reporter: We're at Renita's preop appointment with her plastic surgeon, also Dr. Rose. Dr. Rose will be with you in a few moments. Thank you. Thank you. What we're going to do is start with a little lipo. And then with the breasts we're going lift, lift, lift. And we'll just refine the nose ever so much. She is a little bit angular, a little bit pointy. Is she going to look Meghan Markle like or is she going to look like Meghan Markle? Sometimes there is a misconception in plastic surgery that you can take your face, for example, and make it into somebody completely else's face, which you cannot. Reporter: It's the morning of Renita's surgery. See you when this new body is banging. Reporter: Renita is getting five procedures, liposuction, fat grafting to her buttocks, breast lift with implant, a rhinoplasty city and tummy tuck. Her colt toss, $42,000, minus a discount for appearing on TV. 11 hours later, she overnights at the hospital. That feels great. I think the pain is starting to kick in everywhere. My butt is hurting like hell. Reporter: After months of recovery for both women, Sochi and Renita are getting to finally debut their transformations. At a party arranged by their doctor. The women have never met until now. Wow. You look gorgeous! By round of applause who thinks that Sochi just looks like the duchess? And over here for Renata as you see the resemblance? You feel like you look more like Meghan Markle? Actually, I do. You feel like you're going to be able to save this hourglass figure? The goal is for life. I don't want to go back. Reporter: What are you feeling? Just happy. I didn't realize how down I was until I realized how happy I am and excited. I get out of bed happy. I'm very, very happy with the results. Reporter: Do you look at yourself and see Meghan Markle? There are certain features that resemble Meghan now. I look at the mirror and see me, just a better version of me. Reporter: Has it improved your dating life? It has helped me confidence wise to feel ready to go out. I used to get ready and look in the mirror and go why even you don't look good. I was very hard on myself. Now I'm wanting to look nice when I go out and present myself to the world. Where is mommy? Reporter: Whether or not the physical resemblance to Meghan Markle is actually there, these women say just feeling that they look more like her makes them feel better about themselves. For "Nightline," I'm linsey Davis in Houston, Texas.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"Two women open up about undergoing plastic surgery to appear more like the Duchess of Sussex.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"61319655","title":"Going under the knife to look like Meghan Markle","url":"/Nightline/video/knife-meghan-markle-61319655"}