Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper discuss working together in 'A Star Is Born'

"We had instant chemistry when I met him," Lady Gaga said of Cooper, who made his directorial debut with the film.
7:19 | 09/11/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper discuss working together in 'A Star Is Born'
It's a timeless take O a passionate romance heartache and hard knocks. An aspirin singer trying to make it big and an established supersr W sees her talent. A star is Adley cooper his director jal debut lady gaga in R first starring rol andt's beingalled a breakthro the Gramm winner. ?????? ??? Youide an interview that lady gaga is revelation. Whatmean? It's one thing to tent and to harness ttalent. I'm G H the talent and he C her. That's quite a vsel to go through. It's really what me something, boy ?????? aren't you tired T fill that void ?????? It's anintense, bold th critics praise a ny persdpekt Just read thatnow? Yeah. It's pretty good the com of this movie was really just a love story and two people honestly in lov and WHA th means. And vulnera and cooper rises is co's soaring vocals. ?????? ?????? Kee up with her star. People questd is Thi movie magic and they going to have said will? To house it was like aou hungry? We are both itali from the St coast and I was heating up leftovers for H a we we eating together and hanted to sing with me. As soo as I started pla pianondsang I stopped de in my tracks. I said oh, my god, yourice. U can sing ?????? ?????? Cooper took voice train for a year and a half and was coached six more M to lower hind like E stardened yech Jackso, bro. He's at the height of his er, spiraling downward addictedorugs and alcohol. I you we going do something that you wld be already this is the first time wor Abt you. Late gaga's alley struggles F V a her confce. Almost every person I have in intact with in thecustry sai nose is too big and won't make it. In some waysali I are coletelyfferent. Sh does not believe in here at the beginning and doesn'tbelieve S isbeautiful. She doesn't think Canak it and is jaded by theic indu. When I start and decided I wanted to be singer, hit the groundng and bangi on doors. I see a lot of in Jackson's character.when I go one, it's music an cheinfans. It's so loud. So much happin all of sudden you go back to yourg room and it's tally si. Lady gaga has been open Abo the tripulations of ve wit her Mance. ?????? ?????? She broug the authenticit to theamthat everyng be performed life. Cooperanted nothing less than that invery scene. Lines, but really the storyhat you a tellin what you to sa he wants nothing me than the authentic I don't like to rehearse at all and I don't lik rearse lines.all we arerying to D iot act. That's all we are try to do Hey. What? I wanted to look atou The maker oth film took the fourth incarnat of S isorn that hit the sver scrn 1937. Whoe C wesa this it all us. Each veion, a love story, poetic and tragic. Mic is essentially 12 1 notes a the octave repeats. It's told overnd over. Seehe 12 note The actor,amelliott, veteran of a film said this is unlike anything he done before. I neverad an exp like I never havbee near someone LE this that's as huge as she is O a W level and somebody that'salas she is. Ievetnyone like Bradley I he been in th business. Come out thother sidereally feeling lik brher. I'm just reall Fortuna to betting here.that's thetruth. I see the tears in your eye. I see emotio The ring. There is that. It's E each mberf the cast. For Anthony Ramos who had key roles in hamln broadway.e were a of people toer by someing way bigger than us.d these of a star I born causes him to where heame from and H school drama teacher. Shesaid know, you are more than what your environnt tells up in the ojects. Virtually I had N. I had this woman say I'm notng upn you.. Even wn you give U yolf's a blessing T H people who care. Fy has a rar rating with high expectatis R ard season. Are you excited a the oar bu It's way ea We are far from T shallow no ??? ex here what'she B

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{"id":57739889,"title":"Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper discuss working together in 'A Star Is Born'","duration":"7:19","description":"\"We had instant chemistry when I met him,\" Lady Gaga said of Cooper, who made his directorial debut with the film.","url":"/Nightline/video/lady-gaga-bradley-cooper-discuss-working-star-born-57739889","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}