Latinx music legend Romeo Santos talks defining his career on his own terms

“Nightline” joined the self-proclaimed “King of Bachata” for his sold-out concert at MetLife Stadium and in his New York studio to discuss his over two-decade career and trailblazing collaborations.
7:33 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for Latinx music legend Romeo Santos talks defining his career on his own terms
Should known as the fans across the globe the Spanish lyrics by one star have helped them heal from heartbreak and loss. Tonight one on one with the Bronx born same general mail Santos whose trailblazing moves are redefining what it means to sing from a heart. Here's ABC's Stephanie around us. 60000. Fans packed into one stadium. Here for one of the biggest names in music. Okay. He may not be on your platelets puts on those is an American pop. Whose group declined to the music industry. Only students' Spanish. You do everything you wanted to sing in English or you knew that hey I'm and saying in Spanish I knew from day one that. You know my child I was went NN that house and definitely. Me singing this my honest. The 38 year old one of the highest paid musicians of 23. Making more money than Keith Urban and fellow leninist musician. What goes through your mind. Knowing that there are tens of thousands of people. It's a crazy German citizen whose responsibility and it doesn't matter and the amount can be. 80000 and can be a thousand people like I just can't my best shot. How one can Hinton who would listen I'd feel like it's one of the muscles to. Never witness. And each concert star studded event. Tonight bringing one of his biggest fans on seats court EB. Something that they. Stadium that's unhappy. Do you donate thousands of their lives stadium mean Rendell will. Will be would be then I cried we did bee can't we thank you. You didn't. With a love yeah I can't talk to you didn't think paying the did you Milan ahead stadium bill unopened. Nichols' home. CNN. And it's Hollywood artists are increasingly collaborating across cultures like that bunny intrigues them young. Eight. And heated seats and as soon as happy down deep and he's worked with stars like usher. Here is before it was trendy and instead I'm. Brink English language artist into his job. Talk a little bit about the your studio here is that it had to have has the capsule design and what was up. I hadn't been broken in the months of the king of a child of a few years now so I figured in his named as the castle. And kind of I would their concert. In this you know following some those over the years defining his own cool reader. On his jurors sometimes Latin artists. Who sing in span social struggle to be given the same platform. As a went missing in English why do you think that is here in the US when Latinos Ari big part of this country where it started. When music. It was a lot worse liked. They would not. Content such as successful. Alone in racket that's doesn't change in. I remember when I began. Putting on music as a solo artists. Are really had that vision that concept. Collaborated when aren't as an usher injuring would bring in the minutes in my world. When you're talking about remain at Santos. We're talking about probably one of the ten best singers. Working in all American pop right now. Ultimately revolutionizing and modernizing the genre of the chopped up by turning to listen heritage. It's a startled music originating from the Dominican Republic most of the lyrics deeply romantic and astrology. The Dominican community in New York. Really embrace but jock always. And what happened in early two thousands is some young people decided they wanted to update. Some close together with his cousin and friends formed a band called Alvin Buddha and brought eat fresh urban appeal to the genre. What on her came out it sounded like nothing else he's the. Yeah and it. Basically fundamentally. Altered the course of what but chocolate sounded like but also what American pop music broadly construed could embrace. We kind of lagged. You know change the sound bites sad because we had the sounds from Haywood Grover let's and it's a rock music. Head household total hip hop beats in the much make a run a few Asians. By the age of 21 after years of writing music and performing wherever they could. Palin did their first hit with hopes to seal. There's just a slang that we have. What's again that I want some poignant moment is when when the Power Rangers and you know. After a decade of worldwide success sun closed launched a solo career. At this time in an era where Latin music is more popular than EBM or country music. Right here in the US. That's when we finger crossover working here by the nineties concept were vehement 2000 concept. In 2019 moving into the 2020s when the seamlessly as a social media crossing over to an outdated concept. According to Spotify their V the Latino playlist. Is growing five times faster than any other playlist in their top 1000. Look at the generation SARS we'll get got Botti. What did get out. The couple filed. Look opposing. These are people who are that concerned. English sump those introducing English language artists to his world long before the industry fully embraced it. At first they can get it when I say then that amounts for him at times but just like that industry. And was very different want to program. Was a much Tata. How swoon and angle radio stations. That's not the case tell you you know you hear songs and Carnegie endo money's I liked him and entangled radio. He's sold out Madison square garden and Yankee Stadium twice. Joining the ranks of Madonna and sir Paul McCartney. And now MetLife stadium one of the largest unions in the country the fact that. Romeo can sellout all these venues should tell you some. It should tell you not that this is a Washington patent. Now campuses. Cheesy LeBron thing to tell you that this is music that has power. Devoted fan it's an isn't going. I think I'm. Very lucky to have so many fads that. Who loved me and support me and specially in all. After so many years I've been doing this for nearly twenty years you won't hold my old Thomas assault on. Then I was also enjoying the performance because they're just children like him and the stages in this and some. If time and again as an analyst tells. Equals inspire inmates was it was beautiful and I felt. And for those of you wondering whether you're late to the Romeo Santos and club all you got an upon warm sounds. It is now learning from your movements for Nightline I'm Stephanie rob looks.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"“Nightline” joined the self-proclaimed “King of Bachata” for his sold-out concert at MetLife Stadium and in his New York studio to discuss his over two-decade career and trailblazing collaborations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Nightline","id":"67454380","title":"Latinx music legend Romeo Santos talks defining his career on his own terms","url":"/Nightline/video/latinx-music-legend-romeo-santos-talks-defining-career-67454380"}